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Weaning - Tips and Advice Needed
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Author:  pupsy79 [ 05 Oct 2011 11:50 ]
Post subject:  Weaning - Tips and Advice Needed

I,m going to start weaning my little girl soon and am looking for some tips and advice etc.
Also, can anyone recommend any good weaning books. I've seen a few on the main shopping
sites but they're quite expensive, so if anyone knows of any within a skinflints price range,
I'd be grateful if you could let me know.
Thanks :)

Author:  BlondeLou [ 05 Oct 2011 18:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weaning - Tips and Advice Needed

Hiya & welcome :D

I'm Louise, mommy to 3 boys aged 6, 4 & 2!

With my first, I used Annabel Karmel's Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner. It was great & had some fab recipes in it, but when I got round to weaning my 2nd & 3rd boys I didn't have the time to cook up lots of batches of different food so I just used to give them what we were having & it worked out really well. As long as you divide their portions up before adding salt etc, they can have most things we have (avoid gravy which is very salty & very spicy foods).

All of mine started with Baby rice but soon progressed to pureed fruit & veg (one at a time first then I started mixing flavours once they got used to it). The best thing you could invest in would be a hand blender to get the first foods pureed enough (I bout one from Tesco for about a fiver) & then you can just steam veg or peel fruit & give it a blast & it's ready :D Once they've got the hang of smooth purees then you can start giving finger foods & it's a lot easier from then on because it's just bite size portions of what we have that they can pick up & munch themselves :D

Author:  fiffes [ 05 Oct 2011 20:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weaning - Tips and Advice Needed

I started with Annabel Karmel top 100 purees with Ella and again this time.
To work out volumes I got a weaning guide as a freebie from Hipp. They have stopped doing it now, but found it online:

We follow this to the letter, it's fabby cos it lets you know how much to give them when.

As for food, I will admit to using jars fairly frequently with Ella and prob will with this pair too - am not a great cook and dont always have time to cook everything from scratch. PLus a jar is so much easier when out and about :)
Just enjoy it :)

Author:  jess_r_09 [ 09 Oct 2011 21:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weaning - Tips and Advice Needed

Hiya and welcome to the site. I'm Jess, mammy to a two and a half year old little monster!

I started weaning Lewis early, he was 4 months but not satisfied on even extra hungry milk so it had to be done early lol! I used a lot of annabel Karmel too. Started purely on baby rice alone, and then gradually introduced him to carrot purée. There the easiest to make up and then just portion them and freeze so there always there. We tried everything with him, carrot, butternut squash, potato, turnip, apple, banana (can't freeze banana mind) and then we moved onto mixing them together. Babies have a naturally sweet tooth so are attracted to the carrot and fruit lol :lol:

Good luck, once you've started it comes natural and you come up with all sorts of ideas of things to give them. I also went on a Baby Weaning course at my local children's centre. It was a 6 week course and covered all the dos and don'ts and tells you what you can and can't give baby. At the ed of it we also got goody bags with a hand blender, plastic bowls and spoons, a recipe book, and freezer pots. Maybes worth seeing of anywhere runs one near you?

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