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Knows far too much at 9!
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Author:  fiffes [ 17 Jul 2011 11:45 ]
Post subject:  Knows far too much at 9!

Obviously not my girls :lol: but we had to take Neil's cousin's wee lassie on holidays with us. She is 9 and believe me knows far too much for her age.
Her daddy is in the army, and is just back from Afghan and I know he nearly got killed. But that wee girl could tell me in very graffic detail what happened to him. Stuff that quite frankly I dont think she should know about!
Also knows all about Sex. She regularly told me that her mummy and daddy are going to have a baby boy, and could tell me which night they were going to have sex in September to conceive said boy following the chinese horoscopes!
Another day there was a woman sitting on a rock outside out appartments. We thought she looked like she was doing the toilet, but the bold Jade insisted that she was having sex with a black man, cos his legs were wrapped round her neck and she could see them thrusting. All of this said in front of Ella!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously why does a 9 year old know all that!
She spent most of the holiday wanting me to put her false nails on, and her make up every time she left the house. Also the size of her bikinis - well lets just say even when I was mega skinny I would have worn more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She wants to be a model, and is actually proud of the fact that she wears a size 4-5 clothes!!! Ella at 2 nearly wears the same size :shock: :shock: :shock: She doesn't eat - and is getting quite good at hiding food already. It actually frightened me how aware of not eating she is!
I was worried Ella would pick up on her behaviour - and she has to an extent. But thankfully we can still get Ella to eat.

Author:  audrey1234 [ 17 Jul 2011 13:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Knows far too much at 9!

Christine is very wary about what she eats too. She is so skinny, but still says that she wants no fatty foods. She is innocent though, knows nothing about sex. And hopefully won't for a couple of years, until I tell her about it. She turned 10 on Friday, how long can the innocence last?

Author:  fiffes [ 17 Jul 2011 13:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Knows far too much at 9!

This girl eats very little - turkey dinosaurs (1 of at a time with nothing else), super noodles (2 teaspoonfuls) and 3 crisps out of a packet, a nibble of a cake, 1 bite of a sausage roll etc and she is full after that! Ella eats twice as much for a snack what Jade eats all day. And she wants to stay that way - we even caught her hiding food. She lifted 2 burgers and went for a 3rd. We stopped her and asked if she even intended to eat the 2 she already had on her plate. Wait until you have finished those 2 and if need be get a 3rd then. 2 mins later "nana I need the toilet". and off she went I looked at her plate after she had gone and both burgers were missing and believe me there is no way she ate them before she left the table! I found it very worrying to be truthful :?

I think a lot of it stems from her mum - who apparently used to be a lapdancer. Such a shame a wee girl is exposed to that way of life. As for the army stuff - yeah tell her how lucky her dad is, but spare all the gory details. She doesn't need to know the guy next to him had his leg blown off, and you could see the blood pouring out and see all the bones etc.
Hopefully like you Audrey, Ella, Abbie and Katie will remain innocent for as long as possible in this subject.

Author:  Jaidynsmum [ 18 Jul 2011 07:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Knows far too much at 9!

Flippin' 'eck Fi!!
I'm gobsmacked! (yeah ok, that's a first before any of you say it!!)

Author:  toes10 [ 28 Jul 2011 07:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Knows far too much at 9!

i was thinking it yvonne lol

sounds like the poor girl needs help :-(

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