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PostPosted: 11 Apr 2011 12:01 
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Hi all,
Being new to this forum, I would like to say hi and hope my contribution to this type of matter will be of some help to you all......
My 3rd son 'Troy' is part of the EAT study group, this stands for enquiring about tolerance and is part of a study by the childrens hospital based at St Thomas in London. Feel free to look it up as its a very interesting study.
Basically my 9 month old has been eating 'key' foods since 4 months and this study group gave me some intersting ideas for foods to give my son. Firstly I would be nowhere without my mini blender, this kept everything smooth to start with and is even good now that im keeping food lumpy as I just give it a quick spin to mush the food up a little. keeping things simple is also the best way and making food yourself keeps out nasty hidden additives that can turn into allergies later in life. I started my son on boiled veg then worked him up to a full homemade stew and dumplings. I also think that trying to leave out 'key' foods till later in life can open the door to allergies as the body is not used to it so little tastes on the tongue can be so helpfull when starting out. I hope you all can find a style to work for you and weaning doesnt end up a chore!
Sorry, this wasnt ment to look like a story :)

sorry, I forgot to add- I was worried to be giving my son foods like egg, fish, wheat, peanut butter and sesame paste (tahini) but just trying barely half a teaspoon at a time and about 5 to 10 times a day mixed with any veg possible, I found early weaning was much easier than trying to wait as my son was ravenous for food but didnt know what he liked, dont be worried if your child only wants a pea sized amount to start with, they have to find out what they will and wont like and they get there in the end so try not to stress

Loving being a mum to my 4 boys :)

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