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Author:  babybrett [ 18 Feb 2008 20:49 ]
Post subject:  games??

what games do your kids like at the minute on their games consoles?

alisha likes to play 'imagine babies' on her nintendo ds lite

the board game we play the most here is yahtzee.we love it :D

Author:  BlondeLou [ 18 Feb 2008 20:53 ]
Post subject: 

Kids are too young for games consoles really but Ste & I like to play the Buzz games on the PS2.

With Kian we usually play jigsaws - he absolutely loves them & I can't believe how quick he can do them :shock: :lol:

Author:  toes10 [ 27 Feb 2008 13:13 ]
Post subject: 

kira is into 'my sims' for the ds - actually she got it because alisha has it :roll:

i like 'big brain academy' coz it makes me feel brainy :lol:

Author:  vickianboyz [ 27 Feb 2008 14:35 ]
Post subject: 

boys love sonic and mario olmpics on nintendo wii

Author:  GillianD [ 27 Feb 2008 14:37 ]
Post subject: 

Ryan is only just into playing computer games and got a ps2 a week befroe Christmas for doing so well and now it makes him try harder in school as we tell him every 10 house points is a new game and it used to take him ages but in 2 weeks he is 2 away from another game :lol:
He loves car racing ones - hotwheels, colin mcrae racing, cars or lorry racing lol

The others play on it but dont do so well lol and they love sitting together on the floor and do a large floor puzzle.

I like yatzee, scrabble, sonic, cars :oops: on my ds....I am looking into buying the card that comes with all the games on them so makes a game worth about 59p so as long as you dont want a box or instructions.

Paul hates computer games and has never played one, thats not true he had a go on Ryans last week for the first time ever.
We play monopoly but he hates loosing so we dont do that or have time to any anymore :lol:

Author:  Beautiful_baby [ 06 Mar 2008 20:56 ]
Post subject: 

Don't have any kids - but I'm addicted to Guitar Hero III on the PS2, Lemings on the PSP and Brain Accademy on the Nintendo DS!!! :lol: xxx

Author:  Jaidynsmum [ 07 Mar 2008 15:02 ]
Post subject: 

Elijah loves HSM on her DS and Sims on PS2 (she has too many Sims games to list!)

Rheiya loves Dogz on GBA and a Dsiney skateboard one (can't remember the naem) on PS2

Lucas loves Spiderman on GBA and Sims on PS2

Boardgame wise, it has to be any Simpsons one in this house! We have Simpsons Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life, Scrabble & plain old Simpsons Board Game!
We also like playing Deal Or No Deal

Author:  J-B [ 03 Jun 2011 00:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: games??

hi my daughter leann likes playing the my baby boy game age rated 3+ on the ds and my son jake likes playing need for speed underground age rated 3+ on the old xbox i also think that the crayola tresure island game and the i did it mum games r really good aswell

Author:  LADYHAWK [ 03 Jun 2011 00:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: games??

Jayden really loves the penguin balance game on wii fit.....he looks so cute leaning left and right as he is only 3 :) gotta love em trying!

Author:  J-B [ 03 Jun 2011 01:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: games??

Jayden really loves the penguin balance game on wii fit.....he looks so cute leaning left and right as he is only 3 :) gotta love em trying!

Lol Leann has just turned 4 and she loves playing on the wii. I thought she would struggle understanding when to press the buttons on the control but she got the hang of it really quickly. Bowling is her fav game. The will board she still struggles with as it dont seam to pick up her movements that well but can get us rolling on the floor watching her have a go

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