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Co-sleeping with a mobile baby?
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Author:  mummysgirl [ 19 Jul 2011 11:19 ]
Post subject:  Co-sleeping with a mobile baby?

Hi mummies I wonder if anyone could offer some advice, we co-sleep with our (almost) 8 month old daughter, we usually take her up to bed around 7 settle her down in her bedside cot, which is up against our bed with an open side, then go up later on, this has always worked fine, but she has now become quite mobile, not crawling yet but rolling over and over and over.... So I am really worried she will wake up while we are not there and roll across the bed and onto the floor! Putting the side of the cot up is an option I want to avoid as we have limited space so once its up it would have to stay up (putting it up and down requires moving furniture around) she still feeds during the night so I like having her next to me, it makes it alot easier. As I temporary solution I have started piling the pillows across the open side of the bed, but i also worry about her rolling into the pillows. Do any co-sleeping mummies have any suggestions?

Author:  audrey1234 [ 16 Aug 2011 08:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Co-sleeping with a mobile baby?

Sorry for the delay in posting. This might not suit you, but what I used to do is go to bed. I took my phone and on it, or if it doesn't waken baby, read a book, possibly needing a light on.
My youngest is now 2 years and has just moved into his own bed. Now I can have later nights, time to myself.

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