Win a Christmas Stocking

Xmas StockingIf you’d like to Win a Christmas Stocking for your little one, there’s still time.  We’re only running this for 2 days so you’ll have to be quick!

You can even personalise this particular Christmas stocking by placing a pic of your little one into the little pocket on the front. Brilliant.

All you have to do to enter our Fab Xmas Stocking Competition, is Follow @TheBabyWebsite on Twitter & Retweet but if you comment and do any of the other things in the Rafflecopter form below, then you get more entries.

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And the winner is… @MummyToTheMax

Kathryn Crawford (78 Posts)

Kathryn , a graduate from Manchester University , is a director & founder of TheBabyWebsite. After several miscarriages, she eventually had 3 daughters in less than three and a half years - all of whom were breastfed for more than a year. In fact her youngest was breastfed until she was two. TheBabyWebsite was originally seen as a breastfeeding resource but mushroomed into the huge site it is today. Kathryn has worked in journalism, sales and in the years running up to TheBabyWebsite was a teacher in a large church comprehensive school. A big career change but worth it!


  1. Emma Garratt says:

    Thankfully no earlier than 7am! 🙂

  2. katrina day-reilly says:

    me and my brother used to get up at 12 for midnight mass and the 4am to open our stockings. My children have to be woken up to have theirs about 7-8am

  3. Hazel Christopher says:

    Usually about 6 – 7am but he’s only 3 so this is the first year he’s really got excited about it 🙂

  4. Michelle Robson says:

    I think 7 am has been the earliest but might get earlier as my daughter gets older and understands more x

  5. arabella bazley says:

    About two in the morning!!

  6. My little one is still quite good so 6ish

  7. david bernie says:


  8. Danka Bakic says:

    around 8am and thats good for me :0

  9. Roisin McGuckin says:

    Usually between 7am&8 am depends on what time bedtime was at 🙂

  10. Tracy Pritchard says:

    7am. We had to wake them last year at 7.30 because i was getting impatient!! x x

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    Oh this is a lovely stocking. We have lost one of our stockings so this would
    be a great replacement xx I hope it will already be full of goodies 😉
    Thanks for great competitions
    Lisa brown

  12. Veronika Matewu says:

    My little one is really good about sleeping. She knows when daddy and mummy can sleep longer and she sleeps longer too-til 7am :-] then she comes for cuddles and then we go to see the presents :-] xxx