Win a Fab ‘Our Baby’s Book’ from Trotters

Trotters Our Baby's BookIf you are thinking of keeping a diary of your baby’s early life then you can’t go far wrong if you buy an ‘Our Baby’s Book’ from Trotters. Before you go off and buy one though, you may as well enter our lovely new competition to Win one of these fantastic journals.

Trotters decided to publish its first ever book to record baby’s special moments after they saw the orginal version of the Our Baby’s Book and kind of fell in love with it. As it was out of print , they decided to re-publish it themselves but preserving the charming, original hand-drawings.

It’s vBaby Book Trottersery much a classic design which parents can fill with memories and photographs from baby’s first years. Because the book comes in a sweetl little gift box, the Our Baby’s Book obviously mkaes a perfect new baby gift too.

Win an Our Baby’s Book from Trotters


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Kathryn Crawford (78 Posts)

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  1. Maxime Goodwin says:

    No ;(

  2. Tracy Hanley says:

    no my mum didnt have a book just a box with a few things

  3. hayley pemberton says:

    yes she did and she still has it in the loft

  4. never heard of the book but looks fab x

  5. jeevon kay says:

    yes, my mum did! she made a beautiful scrapbook of my growth from the day I was born. she gave it to me on my wedding day

  6. paula lane says:

    No my mum never.

  7. claire gray says:

    yeah lol sooo embarasing haha

  8. katrina day-reilly says:

    my grandma did

  9. Tracy Grant says:

    No, nothing has been kept from when I was a baby

  10. Anitha Kuppuswamy says:

    my grandma did!!!!