The Honest Toddler by Bunmi Laditan

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The Honest Toddler

A Child’s Guide to Parenting

The toddler stage can be a real shock for some parents, when your cute, sweet little baby morphs overnight into a mini-monster who seems hell-bent on making even a simple trip to the shops a horrible humiliating experience for all concerned.
The Honest Toddler is a deliciously funny guide to parenting which aims to provide the answers every parent seeks. What are you supposed to do when your little one simply lies himself down on the supermarket floor screaming? Or what do you do when she simply doesn’t want to wear shoes today?

Play-Date Etiquette

Who better to teach parents about the needs of toddlers than a toddler himself? The Honest Toddler covers the big questions – How Can You Prevent Siblings?  Who Does Mummy Belong To?  Sleep and Weaning Your Parents Off It – and is packed full of general advice on play-date etiquette (don’t touch – just don’t!), preferred toddler foods (ice cream and toast), sleep training methods (hint: none) and the proper response to random aggression in the playground (embrace it! The Honest Toddler has everything every parent needs to know to keep their little angel/devil happy.

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The author, Bunmi Laditan lives in Canada and has two young children.  She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Mothering and, where her satirical pieces on parenting and politics often go viral.

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