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TheBabyWebsite’s Down aka Passing The Buck

I’m having an ‘Angry Day’ today. Tamping mad I am. Having spent a month or more researching an extremely funny, if a bit daft, story about Silly Names, we duly sent it out to various national and regional newspapers alongside a shed-load of radio and telly people too.

We were over-the-moon this morning to see the ‘story’ had made The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Record, The Sport along with the Telegraph, Sun, Daily Mail and BBC websites. Great news , we think. Lots of new people looking at TheBabyWebsite! Loads more people joining….. Full of sunny optimism we were.

Just as the first phone calls started coming in from journalists wanting a bit more information, the unthinkable happens. TheBabyWebsite goes ‘down’! Crashes or whatever you want to call it? Server problems? Noone knows.

The techie bods start investigating as do the hosting company and the server management people. The words pillar and post come to mind along with several unprintable words which I’m sure you can add in your heads but possibly not with quite as much feeling as me right now.

It’s been 6 hours now and it’s still not ‘sorted’. The various server-involved parties are apparently passing the buck left, right and centre.

ARGHHHH…. this ‘running a website’ malarkey is fraught with all sorts of stress-inducing episodes.

If you’re reading this and TheBabyWebsite is still not up and running then spare a thought for us ……………..

Kathryn Crawford

X Factor – Sob Factor

The third and fourth quarters of the year are upon us again and the time has come to endure another few months of X Factor.

Now we on TheBabyWebsite.com are regular followers of X-Factor, and have been since it started.  However, whether it is something to do with our age, or simply the repetitive nature of things, we are becoming rather Meldrewesque over certain things.

The standards appear to be very high this year – that I can’t deny.  I find myself with even a slight excitement at the potential of the final few live shows, but these Meldrew moments…. well…

OK, I’ll cut to the chase! I’ll spit it out for you!

X Factor?  Flippin Boo-hoo, sob-sob, cry your bl***y eyes out factor I reckon!  What is it with the generations of so-called ‘men’ these days?  Can they not answer a simple question without crying their eyes out? (or is their hair gel getting in their eyes?).

I don’t remember crying that much even when I lost half my teeth as a child to an unmerciful cricket ball doing 70 mph!  I do remember a tear welling up when my oldest was born though, so perhaps I do have just a couple of grams of ‘new man’ in me somewhere.

Come on you bunch of Cissies!  Bite your tongues and get on with it!  Save the crying for when you’re all old enough to receive your own gas bills!

I can’t remember many other occasions when I’ve sat on a Saturday night cussing and grunting at the television screen.  Aaaargh!  Pull yourselves together for heaven’s sake!  You’re driving me nuts!

It’s going to be a hard-fought race I think – If the Nancy boys can stop crying for long enough to perform, that is!  Bunch of wet rags as they are!

Am I alone in my thoughts and feelings? Because if I am, wheel me off to the appropriate psychiatric unit and do what you need to do.  I promise I won’t cry!