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Babies growing far too fast

Fiona and KidsWell that’s the twins almost a year old!

They are wild 🙂 Both are crawling about the house – and think it hilarious to climb onto marble fireplace and sit like one of my mum’s ornaments. Another favourite activity for them both is to crawl under her coffee table , or under the table and sit there grinning at us, Turn your back for a minute, and either of the girls have disappeared into the kitchen, found trying to climb into the washing machine.

They fight all the time – even if the other has the same toy, they want what the other has. Mum and toddlers is great fun nowadays – one disappears in one direction, and the other heads off in the opposite direction. The only thing that guarantees to bring them back, is food.

I honestly do not remember Ella being like this. They eat all the time – often eat more between them in 1 meal, than I eat throughout most of the day 🙂 And still can eat my dinner. People must think I starve my kids watching how much they eat.