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Red Rover Game from Fisher Price

Red_Rover_GameIt’s always good to find family ‘board’ games which even the youngest in the family can join in and play, so I was dead chuffed when I saw this Red Rover Game from the Mattel stable.

This new game featuring Red Rover, a red plastic dog who tells players to ‘bring a blue bone over’ or ‘bring a number 3 bone over’ will certainly get the little ones bending over backwards to please the demanding, if adorable, talking dog.  Why won’t they do the same for parents, I wonder?

It’s a clever idea and one that will provide hours of fun on dark rainy days, until the batteries run out that is!  There are different levels of play depending on age and abilities and the interactivity will keep them wanting ‘MORE!’

It’s a lovely little Christmas present which families should get years of fun playing!