Selective Hearing in Men!

Well it seems that exhaustion in men is just like man flu. Always much much worse than what a woman suffers. 2nd day in a row we have had almost no sleep thanks to the twins. Sunday night Neil had been moaning all day how he was exhausted after having only 4 hours sleep. Actually he has almost 6, but what is a few hours between friends. So Sunday night, I head to my bed about 10.30, but by the time I got jammies on, teeth brushed, taken medication etc it was almost 10.45pm.Katie and Abbie

An hour in the delightful land of nod, and was awoken by Abbie screaming for food. She was downstairs with Neil – would say heard her through closed doors, but exhaustion has caused Neil to loose the ability to shut doors. After feeding the hungry monster, we headed to bed about 1am. Neil fell into a nice deep sleep almost instantly – well that is what he had me believe cos he certainly never heard the twins cry. Within 10 mins, Katie was screaming. having refused to drink much milk she had decided she was no hungry – despite having being screaming louder and longer than Abbie for midnight feed. So up I got to soothe her. 2.30 I managed to crawl back to bed, only to be awoken half an hour later by Ella. 3am and I fell asleep again. Another half hour later both girls were up for next feed. 5am we went back to sleep, with Ella getting up for the day at 6.30 am. Now repeat the same process on Monday night.
But how on earth could Neil sleep through all this. Even Ella heard the girls crying, hence why she was up during the night. So the big question is do men have selective hearing, or do they just plain ignore their children crying?

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