Vitamin D For Starters and Sunshine For Main Course?

Vitamin D-inerA pop-up diner has just launched to help parents top-up their children’s vitamin D intake! A retro American-style dining experience for under-fives, with a serious message at its core, has opened for a limited 3 day period at a London shopping centre (23rd – 25th April).

Designed with children in mind, the Vitamin D-iner (Ha ha!) offers a range of tasty meals rich in the D-licious ‘sunshine vitamin’ to make sure little ones are getting all the ‘sunshine vitamin’ they need.

Summertime may have started, but even when the sun does come out to play it can be difficult to ensure our children are getting enough vitamin D. Therefore, it’s important children get a dietary source all year through.

The Vitamin D Mission

The event follows recent research by the Vitamin D Mission, which highlighted Vitamin D-iner 2UK parents remain unaware of the importance of the vitamin and its sources and as a result, the average toddler is only getting 27% of the vitamin D intake they need[1] to support their healthy growth and development.

Brought to you by the Vitamin D Mission, which aims to eradicate vitamin D deficiency in under-5s; the pop-up restaurant offers a range of delectable dishes including egg-rich ham and cheese quiche, wild salmon fish cakes and strawberries coated in Rice Krispies and chocolate for dessert. As children top-up their diets, parents are served up a smorgasbord of information to help educate them on the importance of dietary vitamin D.

Inspired by a 1950s-style diner, the diner is hosted from a classic Airstream trailer and is kitted out with chequered floors and a vintage jukebox, providing a truly retro feel. Little guests will be kept entertained with colouring-in pages while waiting for their complementary meals.

Vitamin D-iner 3Dr Ellie Cannon, family GP says:

“Vitamin D plays a crucial role, particularly in the early years, to ensure healthy growth and development of children’s bones and teeth. Living in the UK, it can be difficult to get all your vitamin D needs from the sun, and worryingly,  lots of parents are unaware of the other ways to provide their child with this essential vitamin.

“Few natural foods contain vitamin D, so parents need to be educated on the types of foods rich in the vitamin. It’s also worthwhile knowing that everyday foods, like some breakfast cereals, growing up milks and yoghurts are fortified. As a mum myself, I understand children can be fussy, which is why knowing ways to prepare vitamin D rich foods in a tasty way for their little one can be helpful. Parents should also offer daily supplementation from six months to five years, as recommended by the Department of Health.”

Whether you’re after brunch, lunch or dinner, the Vitamin D-iner offers six Vitamin-D-iner-3sittings a day from 23rd – 25th April!

For more information and to take the online test to estimate how much vitamin D your child is getting visit

The Vitamin D Mission is a public health awareness campaign, which aims to eradicate vitamin D deficiency in the UK’s under-5s.

Reasons Under-5s are at Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency

1) The Sun In the UK, our skin isn’t able to make vitamin D from winter sunlight  (November to March) as the sunlight hasn’t got enough UVB (ultraviolet B) radiation.Modern internal lifestyles mean children spend a lot of time indoors during the summer months and when they are playing outdoors many parents are concerned about sun safety, therefore putting lots of sunscreen on them, which makes it even harder to synthesise vitamin D. Just ten to fifteen minutes without sunscreen from 11am to 3pm during the summer months (April to October) can help provide a child with the vitamin D they need.
2) Food Not all children receive a varied diet and foods rich in vitamin D, such as oily fish.Many parents are unaware of the foods that are rich in vitamin D. Natural sources of vitamin D include oily fish, eggs and liver. There are also foods that are fortified in vitamin D, including some breakfast cereals and yoghurts and growing up milks.
3) Supplementation Low uptake of vitamin D supplementation is also a factor. In fact, a report from the Vitamin D Mission reveals fewer than one in five (16%) parents provide their child with a daily vitamin D supplement.A range of supplements are available for children, including easy to use oral sprays and droppers. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin; use an oil-based form where possible.


Children’s Bedrooms

child dressing upChildren’s bedrooms aren’t just a place for them to go to sleep and for their clothes to be stored in – they’re so much more than that.  A child’s bedroom is usually a place to play favourite games, to read books and in a way it’s also their own private kingdom; where they can let their imaginations run away with them and have fun. For many older kids, their bedroom is also where they’ll do their homework, so it helps if you can provide them with the right combination of furniture to fulfil all these different functions.

It’s not always easy to make a multi-purpose room that looks great too. But with so many great kids’ furniture ranges available today, and great storage solutions too, it needn’t take too much effort to create a great bedroom for your child.

You have to start with the essentials, of course, and it depends on the age of your child how you might want to furnish their room. If you have a baby GLTCwho is about to go into a toddler bed, you might want to think further ahead and buy a single bed instead, which could last them all the way through their childhood. However, if they’re going to have a younger sister or brother following them, you could always pass on the toddler bed to the next child and then buy a single bed or bunk bed for the older child when they’re ready.

Depending on the size of the room, you may decide that you’d rather get them a mid or high level sleeper rather than a normal bed so that the space underneath it could be used as a desk or a space to play or store their clothes. There are so many different options when it comes to choosing children’s beds today.

There are some fantastic space-saving ideas for kids’ bedrooms now. For example, take a look at the underbed play table and drawers that you’ll find on It’s a great desk tablesolution for a bedroom that is short on floor space, and can also be a great way to give a messy room a quick tidy-up!

Your child may have their own views on how their room should look, and it’s up to you to decide whether they should make those choices or you should do it for them. Sometimes a good compromise is for you to choose the furniture that is neutral and will fit with any colour scheme and then leave the choice of accessories such as the soft furnishings and bed linen to your child. That way, when their tastes change and they want something different, it won’t cost you a small fortune to replace everything! A great example is those storage units with canvas drawers. The drawers come in a range of colours and designs and just changing these can give a bedroom a totally new look.

Taking a bit of time to think about the space available in your child’s room and how to maximise it will result in you giving them a great bedroom – a space they can have fun in and be proud of, too.

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Win a Luxury Break in Edinburgh For You and Your Mum

Mum and BabyMums are pretty amazing people and your hard work should be acknowledged and celebrated every day, not just one day per year!

But, with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend,  Gala Bingo has come up with a ‘Most Amazing Mums’ Bingo card and is also giving away a great Mother’s Day experience for two, worth £200 in partnership with AOL.  To join in with the celebrations, we thought we’d look in to some of the most amazing mums of last year.

Every year Readers of Tesco Magazine are asked to nominate women, who they know, for the awards below in order to honour women who go ‘above and beyond the call of duty’. 2014 is the tenth year of the award ceremony and is a wonderful way to recognise ordinary mothers (and one celebrity) for the extraordinary things that they do.

  • Supportive Mum of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Community Mum of the Year
  • Charitable Mum of the Year
  • Campaigning Mum of the Year
  • Achieving Mum of the Year

Here are some of the mums’ stories:

Supportive Mum of the Year – Diana Golding

Diana Golding has been recognised for her support of her two daughters who wanted to play football. In doing so, she eventually became chairwoman of the Bury Ladies and Girls Football Club, giving thousands of girls – in addition to her own two – the benefit of what is now twelve years’ experience and an incredible level of support.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner – Pam Clarke

At 86, Pam has recovered from cancer twice – in the form of stomach cancer and throat cancer – and has shown tireless dedication to her community, and to fundraising for charity despite her illness. The judges referred to Pam as a ‘selfless lady with boundless energy’ and her story is indeed inspirational.

Celebrity Mum of the Year – Dame Sarah Storey

Sarah has an achieved an awful lot in her time, having won four gold medals as a cyclist in the London Paralympics in 2012, she gave birth to her daughter in 2013 and six weeks later was back training, as well as fulfilling her charity commitments. Sarah and her husband founded the charity Boot Out Breast Cancer in 2010 and has raised £400,000 for the charity since its launch.

The nicest thing about Mother’s Day is showing your mum a little appreciation, and whilst nationwide recognition for these mums has been fantastic, it coMum Spa Dayuld be as simple as just giving your mum some time and attention this year. Why not treat her to something special – you could even enter the giveaway with Gala Bingo and AOL above to be in with a chance to take your mum away for a luxury break!

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Win a Keep Calm and Press Delete Mug

Keep Calm and Press Delete MugHere’s a quickie Rafflecopter Competition to Win a Keep Calm and Press Delete Mug!

What’s to say though? It’s cool. It’s purple! You can drink tea, coffee and numerous other drinks from it.

It’s a mug and it’s a great mug!

So, to Win this pretty amazing, mugalicious ‘Keep Calm and Press Delete Mug’, go to the Rafflecopter form below…… We need you to follow @TheBabyWebsite on Twitter and all the usual things. We’ll also love you to bits if you can find a bit of time to comment and tell us your ‘keep calm’ strategies!

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5 Things To Do With The Kids In Birmingham

Gas Street Basin, Birmingham

No matter what time of year you visit Birmingham, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

It’s particularly good for the kids, with a huge variety of attractions that are sure to keep them happy.  Even without leaving the city there’s a whole hub of activity around the canal basins, which is where the city grew up.

  1. The Sea Life Centre is a fantastic day out for children of all ages, with plenty to see, including the scary shark tunnel as well as lots of other ‘hands-on’ stuff.
    National Sea Life Centre

    Sea Life Centre

    It’s right there in the middle of town, right next to the canal, so is dead easy to get to.

  2. No short break to Birmingham would be complete without a visit to Cadbury World.  A short rail journey from Birmingham’s New Street Station gets you to the epicentre of the chocolate industry in Britain for over a century.  The visit takes you through the history of chocolate right through to the present day, with loads of samples dished out at various points along the way.  The cute little bubble buggies driving around add to the fun and there’s lots of outdoor space to sit out on a sunny day to enjoy a picnic on the grass

    Cadbury World

    Cadbury World

  3. Millennium Point houses the ThinkTank Science Museum, with its working models and multitude of hands-on exhibits and the fabulous ‘Giant Screen’ iMax cinema.  There’s also the Digital Planetarium, with its 360 degree dome.  These are great places to consider on a rainy day, with so much under one roof you could make a full day of it.
  4. The Gas Street Basin not only has some lovely walks around the canals and basin, but there are loads of great restaurants, coffee shops and bars to explore.  Or why not take one of the many canal narrow boat trips that are available and see the city from a completely different perspective?

    Millennium Point

    Millennium Point

  5. The newly opened Library of Birmingham isn’t just a place to read books.  With daily activities and exhibitions, there’ll be something of interest for everyone and whatsmore, it’s only a short walk from all of the city centre goings-on.

Don’t think of Britain’s second city as just a big urban sprawl.  Birmingham has some of the most interesting and enjoyable things to do that can be found anywhere in Britain.  Whatever the weather, you’re bound to find something that’s great for parents and kids alike and with a fantastic selection of affordable hotels from Hotel Direct located really close to all the attractions mentioned above it is the perfect place to visit if you want everything centrally located and easy to get to.

Have You Been Distracted When Driving?

baby in car seatA new survey has revealed, not unsurprisingly, that, almost without exception, parents get distracted by their children whilst at the wheel!

A staggering 96% said they had been distracted when driving because their kids were being too noisy or arguing with their siblings. Over 50% of parents answered that they had been distracted by having to deal with the after-effects of children spilling something or vomiting. Two in every ten parents questioned said they had even had to deal with the kids throwing things around the vehicle whilst they were driving.

Distracted When Driving

Parents all over are quite literally being Driven to Distraction and it’s not just being distracted that’s a problem either as a huge number of mums and dads have had to intervene to stop their kids from doing something decidedly dangerous. 83% of parents have had to stop their children from opening car doors whilst on the move, and little ones leaning out of the car windows and trying to get out of their seats is also an issue. Over 50% of parents say they have caught their child unfastening their seatbelt or safety harness.

crying childHere are the best methods parents have found to pacify their little passengers from tantrums in the car. The leading choice is the use of music or videos with 80% of parents saying it made a difference. Tablet computers and games systems pacified the children in the car of 60% of parents, whilst 40% went for the fail-safe sugary staple – a bag of sweets. Suffering through a game of I-Spy was still favoured by 35% of parents.

On longer car journeys 70% maintain that taking a break within two hours of beginning your trip to stretch the legs, have something to eat or drink, look around the shops or go to the loo is a tried and tested way to prevent the kids from getting bored and causing mayhem

One piece of good news to come out of the survey is that it seems that most parents get to choose the music in the car, with only 20% letting their children take control of the playlist.

What are ebay Collections?

ebay have just launched a fun new feature called Collections and lots of you have been asking, ‘What are ebay Collections?’.

baby-blue-eyesWell in a nutshell, it’s kind of like Pinterest and we suspect it’s going to be incredibly popular. It’s basically creating mood boards that people can buy from! If you want to have your own ‘Collections’ then it’s dead easy. All you have to do is set up a profile page and create groups of products you like, want, or recommend from the over 500 million listed items on ebay. Your profile page will then show all the collections you’ve created, as well as the collections and people you follow. When you’re browsing on eBay, you’ll now see an “Add to collection” link on product pages and whenever anything catches your eye all you have to do is click that link. From there, you can select one of the collections you’ve already created or start a new collection, add a distinctive description of the item, and save it to your collection. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy! ebay-logoAnyway, we had a go at creating some ebay Collections that we thought our regular site users would like . Instead of wading through zillions of gifts suitable for, let’s say, a christening, you could make it easy for yourself and just take a look at the 15 or so products we’ve selected in our Collection of Christening Gifts . Perhaps it’s the big cute teddy and we’re a load of old sofites, who knows, but whatever it is, this is our favourite Collection! Most of the collection of products we’ve put together are pretty self-explanatory. So far, we have: ebay-collections-teddyBaby Books Pre-School & Picture Books Baby Clothes & Shoes Baby Carriers & Slings Baby Toys Pregnancy & Parenting Books Maternity & Pregnancy Outdoor Toys Nursery Furniture & Accessories Car Seats & Accessories Potty Training Feeding Christening Gifts

But if you can think of any other good categories, then we’d love to create a few more ‘collections’. Just let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll have a go!

Sponsored Post: TheBabyWebsite is working in partnership with eBay to promote the new ‘Collections’ feature – #ebayinspires #ebaycollections

Home Working vs Office Working

With so many mums working at home now, we thought this was quite an interesting infographic.

Although we do feel that it fails to mention an awful lot of the distractions which affect productivity when it comes to home working! For example, there’s no mention of biscuits anywhere…….

Home Working Infographic

Now anyone who works at home (and there are a lot of mummy bloggers and daddy bloggers out there trying to make money from their blogs who will recognise this) knows that it is pretty difficult to ignore the call of the biscuit barrel. All those minutes, walking from the laptop to the kitchen in your PJs and slippers to make a coffee can really add up too!

Equally, when you see #jeremykyle trending on Twitter for the umpteenth time, it’s difficult not to turn the telly on.

Update your status on Facebook and you can lose an hour aimlessly browsing through a friend of a friend’s mother’s holiday photos.

Follow a link from Twitter to the Daily Fail and you’ve lost valuable minutes reading about some Z-lister’s most recent wardrobe mishap.  Follow another link to a Funny Animals Video and before you know it, you’ve lost an hour or more to YouTube.

There are pros to working at home, of course there are- not least of which is all the additional time you get to spend with your little ones. You might be missing out on the latest office gossip featuring Jo the Perv from Accounts but do you really care?!

Infographic courtesy of

Who Goes On Holiday Without A Suitcase?!

sandy feetIt’s that time of year, when lots of us are thinking about our Summer Holidays and one of the things we all have to consider is budget.  So when you’re looking at the different websites and working out what you can or can’t afford, it’s worth writing down how much the ‘additional expenses’ will be.

I think it’s absolutely dreadful that most of the holiday companies now charge extra for a suitcase when it’s patently obvious that if you’re going on holidays for a week or a fortnight, you’re going to need one!  I’ve been trying to price up the cost of a family holiday to Kos from Gatwick and the ‘incidental costs’ don’t half add up! Of course we want to sit together. Of course we need more than a cabin bag! Of course we need transfers……. It’s endless!

Gatwick Parking

I’ve also been taking a look at all the different options for Gatwick Parking and without a shadow of a doubt, it’s way better booking in advance than family on beachturning up at a random car-park when you get to the airport a few hours before your flight’s due to take-off. Who wants all that stress when you’re already worried about getting to the airport on time and missing your flight?

To be honest, we generally prefer to do the whole Park & Stay thing where you get an all-in price for a hotel and parking. Sometimes you can end up only paying around the £30 mark extra for a room in a Crowne Plaza the night before your holiday starts and it’s so much better knowing you’re already at the airport and don’t have to worry about delays on the M4/M25 or whatever.  So £60ish for parking for say 8 nights or £90ish for the same parking plus a night in a well-smart hotel – it’s pretty much a no-brainer really.  Sometimes we do the hotel stopover on the last day of our holiday if we arrive back at the airport late in the evening.  There’s nothing worse or more dangerous than driving home in the dark after a long day and a long flight after all.

If you think about it,  you have to park the car anyway and if it’s only a few pounds more to start or end your holiday in comfort, then you may as well do it.

Right then, so back to where I started….. where shall we go and when’s the best time? I’m rubbish at making my mind up!

Making MealTimes Fun

spoonfeeding babyThere’s no underestimating the importance of sitting down as a family to eat a meal together. Not only is it a great chance to spend some quality time together, but it’s also a great way of educating your children about food: where it comes from, its effects on health and its flavours.

If your children are fussy eaters, then planning family meals can sometimes be a struggle. However, there are ways in which you can make lunchtimes both fun and educational, paving the way to a better acceptance and understanding of healthy foods in the future.

Even if they are hungry, it can be hard to drag children away from their toys and games to sit at the table and eat a meal. So why not try and make chcken nuggetslunchtimes just as much fun as their other activities? Include them in the preparation, or cut food into interesting shapes – even a basic sandwich can be more appealing when it looks like something else. You could even play games that involve guessing the ingredients of a dish, with prizes for those who get the answers right. By making lunchtime into a fun occasion rather than a chore, you’ll find it easier to persuade your kids to sit down as a family and eat – and will hopefully find it easier to get them to try new things too.

At weekends, get your children involved when preparing lunch to give them more of an understanding of food. You could even turn your dining room into a “restaurant”, with children taking food orders for other members of coconut rice puddingthe family and helping to prepare their meals. By involving them from start to finish, they’ll learn more about where their food comes from, and will hopefully be more willing to eat it as a result.

Search for recipes with elements that kids will be able to help to prepare, whether it is chopping, peeling, mixing or assembling the final dish. There are plenty of great lunch ideas online that are suitable for all occasions and times of year: consider letting your kids help you to pick the recipes for the week, giving them even more involvement. It’s all about making mealtimes fun really!

If you are trying to liven up packed lunches for school, try moving away from the humble sandwich and give your kids something a little different. Tortilla wraps make a great substitute to plain sliced bread, and pasta or rice salads will give them a meal that is still nutritious, but a little more interesting. If you want to give your child fruit or vegetables, try sticking small chunks on wooden kebab skewers to make them look more appealing – thereby making them more likely to be eaten. Perhaps most importantly, give them a range of different packed lunches throughout the week. Boredom is a surefire way to make sure that they don’t eat all of their lunch, and may even turn them off certain foods.

More Recipes and Meal Ideas