Dads Change Nappies Too

Every parent knows that shopping with a baby isn’t easy and when it comes to changing your baby’s nappy, it’s  particularly tricky for dads. Baby Changing Rooms Campaign

Not having access to the baby changing facilities because they are located in the ladies’ loo or they are simply not there is a common frustrating occurrence.

Ashton Kutcher took to social media this year to vent his angst about this issue and highlighted a very good point: dads change nappies too. Thousands of dads across the country agreed and championed Kutcher’s campaign to improve baby changing room facilities.

Sudocrem Care & Protect have been encouraging retailers to improve their baby changing rooms for a few years already and this September, Sudocrem Care & Protect will launch the third ‘Baby Changing Room Awards’ where the public can vote for who they believe provides the best baby changing room facilities. Last year saw Sainsbury’s in Wandsworth, London crowned the winner.

Sudocrem logo“It’s often simple things like good baby changing facilities that make life better for parents in the First 1,000 Days”, says father-of-three Nick Wilkie and CEO of NCT, “That’s why the Baby Changing Room Awards are such a great idea and why NCT is so pleased to be involved.”

And it’s not just shopping which creates nappy-changing challenges, many motorway services aren’t very baby friendly! That’s why this year’s awards include a new category – Best Service Station – along with Best Retailer and Best Independent Retailer.

Sudocrem Care & Protect has 5 Star Reviews on TheBabyWebsite and is a unique nappy rash ointment which acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin against the chemicals found in urine and poo. It conditions the skin with Vitamin E and pro Vitamin B5, which helps to protect your baby’s skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised. Finally a protective barrier guards against infection.

Not only does this changing bag essential provide triple protection against the cause of nappy rash but it’s also been developed with the practical considerations of parents in mind as it has a hinged flip-top lid which gives quick, mess-free access to the ointment using just one hand; a must when nappy changing demands speed and efficiency!

“Every year we get more and more entries for our award, which just goes to show that retailers recognise the importance of being baby friendly,” says Nick Lang, Senior Brand Manager for Sudocrem.Sudocrem Care and Protect

Baby Changing Rooms Awards

The Baby Changing Room Awards coincides with the launch of the Babychange app by NCT sponsored by Sudocrem Care & Protect.

If you would like to nominate a changing room for the award, then let us know which baby changing room, why you want to nominate them and preferably post a photo on Facebook, on the Sudocrem website or by emailing Entries will be judged by Nick Wilkie and Sudocrem. The closing date for entries is 13th of December 2015 and the winners will be announced in the first week of January 2016.

The winning baby changing rooms will receive a special certificate and use of the Sudocrem Care & Protect Baby Changing Room logo.  Everyone who nominates their favourite changing facilities will also be entered in to a prize draw for the chance to win one of several prizes, including a short break at Knoll House, Britain’s original family friendly hotel*.

*Terms & Conditions apply


….and here’s the usual ‘blurb’……

Sudocrem Care & Protect is a nappy rash ointment – designed specifically for babies – that offers TRIPLE PROTECTION against nappy rash at every nappy change:

  1. Creating a protective barrier that seals in the skin’s natural moisture and protects even the most delicate skin against external irritants.
  2. Conditioning the skin – Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 helps to protect the skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised.
  3. Guarding against infection – As well as sealing in the good stuff, Sudocrem Care & Protect acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin from the bad stuff, like the chemicals in urine and poo, and from chafing and rubbing.

Because Sudocrem Care & Protect is just for your baby, it is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. It is also free from artificial colours and preservatives.

RRP for 30g tube – £3.99, 40g tube – £4.99, 50g tube – £5.99, 100g tube – £9,99. Available in Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Savers, Asda, Morrisons and Independent Pharmacies.

Pampers Wonder Week of Bargains!

Mums and Dads all love a good bargain so we just wanted to let you know between the 1st-7th October, Pampers will be running its first ever online-only Wonder Week of amazing deals.
Pampers Wonder Week
Looking for the best offers is terribly time-consuming and we’d all much rather spend time having fun with our little ones – so Pampers have teamed up with key UK online retailers to host a full week of fantastic deals on the Pampers range, including brand New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants! Stocking up on nappies rather than buying as and when saves time and money, especially when home delivery is included. Hassle-free shopping!
Pampers Wonder Week
Whether its teething, wind, or just excitement that’s disrupting those 12 golden hours of sleep, every parent has their own tried and tested tricks to help encourage a good sleep, but something that might get overlooked is a reliable, comfortable and absorbent nappy. Pampers Wonder Week will see amazing offers on the Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit Nappies, Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies, Pampers New Baby Nappies, Pampers Sensitive Wipes and NEW Pampers Baby Dry Pants, so your little one will have all they need to sleep through the night.

Wonder Week is all about buying in bulk to save money, which our favourite money-saving expert Jasmine Birtles is passionate about as a simple way to save pounds. Jasmine is an internationally recognised finance expert, financial and business commentator, journalist and TV and radio presenter. Jasmine is an expert in all money matters and her mission is de-mystify money by giving practical advice and money saving ideas to help people spend less.

Here, Jasmine shares her top tips to bulk buy successfully:

1. Buying in bulk might seem like a big investment up front, but making a larger one-off payment can reap big rewards over time
2. The best bulk deals can often be found onJasmine Birtlesline & can make shopping much easier! Spend time finding the best online deals and then relax whilst your order gets delivered direct to your door
3. Did you know you can get big discounts bulk-buying nappies and wipes? Several supermarkets have offers on Pampers nappies and wipes if you bulk-buy right now. Find out more at Pampers Wonder Week.
4. When it’s gone it’s gone with most special offers in supermarkets, so keep an eye out for these deals – purchase things like extra bedding for a cot gifts for friends little ones, or anything else and store them for later
5. Try and avoid buying products in bulk you haven’t used before; stick to tried and tested products for your family like Pampers and Fairy!
Pampers logo
Pampers Wonder Week has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible; simply do your weekly shop online and enjoy the convenience of having all your favourite nappies and wipes delivered to your door – freeing up as much time as possible for you and baby. Simply visit the Wonder Week website at, choose your preferred retailer from the list available, pick your product deal and click through to their site to purchase.

Wonder Week’s amazing savings also include Fairy Non Bio! Dermatologically tested and voted #1 laundry brand for sensitive skin, you can trust that Fairy won’t irritate your little ones. Buying larger packs when these great deals are available will save money in the long run too!

Amazon Up to 50% off your first pack when you subscribe and save*
Asda Pampers Baby Dry giga packs are 3 for £39Fairy Non Bio
New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants jumbo packs are 2 for £18
Boots Buy 5 essential packs of Baby Dry or Active Fit for £30
Pampers New Baby jumbo packs are 2 for £14.50
• Ocado Buy 6 essential packs of Active Fit or Baby Dry and get 3 free
Pampers New Baby jumbo packs are 2 for £14
• Morrisons Buy 10 Baby Dry essential packs & save £25
Buy 8 Active Fit large packs and save £30
Buy 2 essential packs of New Baby-Dry Pants for £12
• Tesco Spend £50 on Pampers nappies & wipes & get £10 off your next shop
New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants essential packs are £6
• Waitrose Buy 5 carry packs of Active Fit or Baby Dry for £15 and save £10
Half Price Fairy Non Bio

Information courtesy of Pampers

Seven Messy Play Recipes To Make Playtime Fun

messy play recipesAs any parent will know, keeping young children occupied can be a struggle. Their minds are constantly expanding, forever striving to learn and experience more and more.

Coming up with new ideas can be a struggle, especially during playtime. Luckily help is at hand! The team over at Hope Education have come up with seven messy play recipes, which are designed to give your child some new fun concoctions to play with.

From “moon sand” to the simply named “gloop”, these recipes will keep playtime interesting for months to come. Getting ‘hands-on’ in a messy playtime session can be very beneficial to a child in three key areas…

Social and emotional development – During play, children increase their social competence and emotional maturity. Interaction with other children in different environments also helps them to build confidence.

Physical development – Playtime contributes to a child’s motor development as well as improving their body awareness. Incorporating messy substances helps refine a child’s sense of touch, and introduces them to a plethora of textural experiences, which can help inform their cognitive development.

Creative development – The philosopher Sigmund Freud suggested that every child at play “behaves like a creative writer, in that he creates a world of his own, rearranges the things of his world in a new way which pleases them”. Who are we to argue with Mr Freud?

You can take a look at the messy play recipes below…

Messy Play Recipes for Children
Provided by Hope Education

Kindle For Kids – Fire HD 6 Kids Edition

child KindleI love my Kindle. I fought it for a while, being one of those readers who loves the feel of a book in their hands, but as a multi-reader* it finally made sense for me to try Kindle and I have been a firm adherent ever since. So much so that I bought my mum one. Then my dad. Then my partner. They all love them too. Ergo, it was a bit of a no-brainer when my son’s seventh birthday came around and we had the chance to get one for him.

Now Harry is a great reader; ahead in his year when it comes to reading, genuinely interested in books and keen to show off his ‘big-boy’ style when it comes to his little sister. So a Kindle ‘just like dad’s book’ ticked a lot of boxes. However, when push comes to shove Harry is just seven, and more intent on turning anything over 8 inches long into a lightsabre than anything else. I have a sister who likes to claim that she was reading Pride and Prejudice by the time she was three, annotating Ulysses in Year 1 and translating Proust from the original into Urdu by the time she hit Secondary school. This isn’t Harry. He has dog-eared copies of George’s Marvellous Medicine and faithfully carried The Grunts In Trouble across five different counties during the summer holidays; but he isn’t a sit-in-the-corner-sniggering-at-Austin-type. Yet.

Fire HD 6 KidsAnd this is where Amazon’s Kindle for Kids comes in; more specifically the Kindle Fire HD 6 Kids Edition with 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB and Kid-Proof Case. Like all other kindles it doesn’t come cheap but it rolls in at around £119.00 and comes with 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited. This gives your young reader access to thousands of books but also movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games – at no additional cost. As a device to encourage kids to carry their books around with them at all times it really couldn’t be much better. Harry loved it from the moment he opened the box, even though it was not lightsabre shaped.

Effectively what we have is a Kindle e-reader, with all the great storage, connectivity and ease that Kindle offers, but also with a tablet that is safe and controlled. Therefore Harry can ‘surf’ for Ben and Holly, Teenage Mutants, Paddington or games whilst we can be safe in the knowledge that everything he finds has been vetted by Amazon who have hand-picked content that they feel engages, interests and teaches 3-10 year olds. There are none ofthe dangers that can come bubbling to the surface when you let your kids fiddle with your iPad, such as on-line shopping or in-app payments, and the child’s profile does not have access to the web browser or social media features. On top of this there are parental controls that allow us to decide how long Harry can use it as the tablet rather than the Kindle e-reader. We can limit him in terms of time, or even set goals whereby reading time is rewarded with tablet time. In the same vein we can even set the Kindle to turn off at a certain time, content in the knowledge that if he is using it in bed it will shut down for the night at a pre-set time.children playing with Amazon Fire Kids

Whenever I complete one of these reviews I generally try to look at the downside of the product, but in this case I can’t honestly see one. I want to encourage my children to do what I do, which is to have a book (now a Kindle) with me at all times. This is what the Kindle For Kids does. On the day he opened it he found the first two Harry Potter books, Temple Run 2 and Wallace and Gromit, all free from the Amazon content. I’d be lying if I said he spent equal time on all three, but learning to enjoy (and, yes, rely on) books is a gradual awakening, a burgeoning desire to explore new worlds by using your imagination and a recognition that good literature teaches you things you never knew about yourself and the world you inhabit. The fact that he is now inseparable from his Kindle is a firm step in that direction.

The Kindle Fire 6 HD Kids Edition isn’t going to suddenly make your child love books, but it’s the best product I’ve seen to help them gently along the path that will eventually -hopefully- make them life-long readers. Well done Amazon.

*A term I might have just made up but which means I like to have three or four books on the go at any given time.

Are We Doing Enough To Keep Our Children Safe Online?

With health and safety concerns increasing for children who have easy access to the Internet, and with Whatsapp facing a UK ban in a matter of weeks, questions are being raised about the way in which online content is reached which a click of a mouse, or even a tap on your phone. 

Although Internet addiction isn’t considered a clinical diagnosis as of yet, many are wondering if this will come into play soon. Reports state that 71% of 9-17 year olds will visit a social media site at least once a week, whilst over 50% of children will have access to some sort of social network by the age of 10. This poses the question – do you know if your child is safe online? There are a couple of things you can do, as a parent, to put your mind at rest:

Ensure their phone has blocked 18+ sites: You’re able to go through your settings to specifically block certain sites that you believe could be harmful to your child. This could be anything from pornography to desktop versions of social media.

Place the desktop computer in an open area: This could be the kitchen or even the front room, just to put your mind at ease.

Stress that phones are just for emergencies: This is particularly for younger children as handing it over after the school day is a sure fire way to ensure you know they won’t be spending their evening on a harmful platform.

 Edustaff has recently developed an insightful interactive infographic, detailing parents’ concerns over their children’s use of the Internet, covering topics such as Internet bullying, cyber safety and offering specifics on the UK’s top 5 social platforms used by young children and teenagers today.

You can see the graphic here:


Brought to you by EduStaff

Win AA Skincare Essentials Natural Skincare Bundle

New natural skincare brand, AA Skincare, has launched AA Skincare Essentials – a new, competitively priced, range of aromatherapy creams, gels, cleansers, moisturising lotions and skincare products formulated using pure essential oils and natural ingredients.
AA Skincare Essentials

From anti-ageing Frankincense and Rose face cream to hydrating Sandalwood & Palmarosa cleansing gel and refreshing Bergamot & Chamomile face lotion, the AA Skincare Essentials range is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and is a must for anyone who prefers naturally effective beauty products. A delicious mix of essential oils, natural extracts and traditional formulations, the AA Skincare Essentials range of carefully created blends is suitable for a host of skincare problems or simply to give your skin a daily treat – ideal for mature or sensitive complexions as well as young, teenage skin.  All products are free of parabens and artificial fragrances and subtly coloured packaging is fully recyclable.

Win AA Skincare Essentials Natural Skincare Bundle


If you’d like to Win the AA Skincare Essentials Natural Skincare Bundle worth over £57, simply:

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The AA Skincare brand was created by Amphora Aromatics – one of the UK’s largest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products.  The AA Skincare Essentials range is made from the best quality ingredients and prices start from just £4.95.  Visit www.aaskincare for more information.

The winner will be announced and notified on September 7th

The winner is @JennaKateKelly

What’s not to love about Pregnancy Pilates?

pregnancy pilates fittamammmaPregnancy fitness experts Fitta Mamma are keen to share the many benefits of Pilates for expectant Mammas.  They say:  ‘Even if your usual exercise routine is more about cardio fitness or gym-based workouts it’s worth including Pilates during pregnancy as the more precise, controlled movements are ideal to help you adapt to the changes in your body, the birth process and your postnatal recovery.

Pregnancy Pilates

‘Pilates has so many benefits, strengthening your deep abdominals, back and pelvic floor muscles without placing undue strain on your other joints.  It’s an ideal way to prepare your body for labour and will encourage a speedier recovery afterwards.  There’s no reason not to enjoy Pilates throughout your pregnancy, adapting your exercise routines as your body changes – indeed Pregnancy Pilatessome women continue right up until their baby is born!’

Joining a class with a certified pregnancy Pilates instructor is a good idea, as well as being a great way to meet other Mammas-to-be too – but if you’re not able to find a suitable class you can practise Pilates exercises at home with minimal equipment.

Why is Pilates so good for pregnant women? Experts agree that all healthy pregnant women should aim for 30 minutes exercise on a least five days a week – FittaMamma share their top ten reasons for adding pregnancy Pilates to your exercise routine.

  1. Pilates is a strong but low impact workout for your entire body
  2. Controlled movements improve your strength, posture and circulation
  3. Strengthening your core tummy muscles reduces the effects of diastasis rectis (abdominal separation)
  4. Pilates encourages you to work your pelvic floor muscles helping to avoid stress incontinence
  5. Keeping your core and pelvic floor muscles strong is hugely beneficial during labour
  6. The hormone relaxin, released during pregnancy makes it easy to over-stretch. The controlled movements of Pilates  improve your flexibility without damage to your ligaments
  7. Learning controlled breathing and relaxation techniques are a great benefit during the birth of your baby
  8. Exercises on your hands and knees take the strain off your back and pelvis and can encourage your baby into the correct birthing position
  9. Strengthening your deep abs will stabilise your back and pelvis, easing niggling backache and joint pain
  10. You can easily adapt your Pilates routine to carry on exercising right up until baby arrives

pregnancy pilates wall slidesIf you’re not sure where to start, then Fitta Mamma has a wealth of information about pregnancy Pilates as well as easy to follow Pilates exercises. And if you’re not sure what to wear, FiittaMamma offer a unique range of supportive maternity fitnesswear that is ideal to wear for Pilates and any other maternity exercise activity.   Their supportive leggings are designed to stretch when you stretch and their tops support your baby bump without riding up when you reach up!

Article supplied by

Free Outdoor Fun For The Family with ParkLives

Family Fun in the ParkTop tips for having fun outside with your family this summer – FOR FREE!

The summer holidays are here so take advantage of the warm weather and get your family down to your local park. The majority of parents (61%) say they struggle to find something the whole family likes doing and nine out of ten wish they had the opportunity to play outdoors together more according to research from ParkLives

Take a look at these top tips from Anna Yusuf a ParkLives coach and Nostalgia Games, Drama and Play instructor on what you can do for free this summer.

  1. Make a to-do list:
    Get everyone in the family to make a list of activities they’d like to do over the summer holidays and then share those lists with one another. Work out what will be possible to do together as family and vote for your favourite suggestions. A great way to find something that everyone wants to do.
  2. Visit the great outdoors:
    Whether it’s your back garden or the local park, getting everyone outside is a sure fire winner. Getting active outdoors is proven to be good for body and mind alike[1], helping to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.
  3. Try something new:
    Trying a new activity for the first time helps to get the whole family interested, especially as you’ll all be learning together. There are lots of family-friendly sessions being run over the summer to try new sports or activities. For inspiration visit National Trust, ParkLives, National Parks and Love Parks, which all offer suggestions for free and fun activities to do.Park Games
  4. Share your favourite game:
    We all had favourite games growing up but some of these games are being lost over time. In fact, our research showed that just a third (31%) of children play hopscotch today compared to three quarters (71%) of adults who played growing up. Similarly less than a third (32%) of children play rounders and only a quarter (24%) play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ So try teaching your children one of your favourite games growing up.
  5. Travel from A to B:
    Think about the journeys you’re due to make as a family and see if they can be made on foot, roller-skates, bikes or scooters! It could be as simple as a walk to the local shop or taking a bike ride to a friend’s house, but thinking of new ways to get from A to B is a good way to be more active, without even noticing!
  6. Explore what’s on your doorstep:
    There can be a lot of pressure on parents over the holidays to pack each day full of exciting trips and excursions, many of which take time to organised and aren’t cheap.  Find out what’s on in your local area instead. Local Authority websites are a great source of information and list lots of free and fun activities taking place in the local area. If you’ve got local green spaces nearby, then taking the family out to look for insects or on a treasure hunt to spot interesting items and landmarks can be a great way to get everyone out on a walk. ParkLives runs a number of sessions developed especially for families, with a range of activities on offer including hula hoops, skipping, nature trails and lots more.Skipping in the Park
  7. Love your park:
    Nearly three quarters (72%) of parents told us being more active in their local park would make them happier. So what are you waiting for? Check out what events are happening in your area you can go along to.
  8. Get everyone involved:
    Get a big group together at the park and have a game of football or rounders. Use it as an opportunity to bring together family, friends and neighbours and invite them down for some friendly competition. Share the load of the organising by asking everyone to bring a picnic item and make a day of it. You could even set up a family Olympics, with each family member competing in events like hula hooping and skipping.

Anna Yusuf is a ParkLives coach from London. ParkLives from Coca-Cola Great Britain is run in partnership with local authorities and delivers daily free activity sessions throughout the UK. A huge range of activities are on offer from favourites such as tennis, football and rounders alongside more unusual activities including family yoga and Ultimate Frisbee.

Peppa Pig Golden Boots App Competition

Peppa Pig Golden Boots CompetitionTo celebrate the launch of the brand new Peppa Pig Golden Boots app, we’re giving away a free app download, egg and solider set and a key chain.

The new app features much-loved characters and all the fun from eOne and Astley Baker Davies’ award-winning pre-school TV show.

Inspired by the recent 15 minute Peppa Pig special episode Peppa Pig Golden Bootsentitled ‘The Golden Boots’ , this app lets young players join Peppa on a day of adventures across land and into space to find her missing golden boots!”


If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this Fab Peppa Pig Prize of a free app download, egg and solider set and a key chain, then….


Comment on the blog and tell us your little one’s favourite TV show or DVD for an additional entry.

Competition closes on August 3rd.

The Evolution of the Disney Princess – from love-struck girl to brave warrior

Those feisty Frozen sisters have done a lot for turning the traditional Disney princess ideal on its head.

Frozen - Anna and ElsaMums and Dads everywhere know that Disney is no longer making films for our youngsters that portray weak, passive women waiting to be rescued by a handsome prince – once considered the only way to live ‘happily ever after’.

Now Disney is presenting us with the likes of Merida from Brave and Anna from Frozen, who have no time to sit around and wait for happiness to come along in the form of a handsome prince – they have curses to undo and families to protect!

It is increasingly important that young people are exposed to both strong male and female role models in their formative years. Disney characters are for our toddlers and preteens, the celebs Meriva from Braveand movie stars that their older teenage counterparts similarly look up to and try to emulate. Role models children are exposed to before their teenage years are important in helping them understand that both sexes are capable of being heroic and having the strength to overcome obstacles that are placed in their way.

Kid’s online fashion store, Lamaloli has pulled together a great infographic that charts the evolution of the Disney princess – from Snow White in 1939 to Anna (Frozen) in 2013 – and shows how the roles and personalities of female characters have undertaken a massive shift over the decades.

The Evolution of Disney Princesses

An infographic brought to you by LamaLoLi