Surprise Some Christmas Heroes

What better way to say thank you to one of your heroes than by a special gift delivered straight to their door.

November saw the launch of the Surprise Surprise campaign, where customers are given a chance to nominate someone who they thought is deserving of a special treat.  This could be for anything from charitable work, staying positive through adversary or even going the extra mile to help others.

The video shows three of the nominated heroes: David Witherington, who was nominated by his daughter-in-law for all the hard work he does volunteering for the Red Cross; Joel Collins, who was nominated by his Mum Alison for his strength in dealing with his diabetes and finally Linzi Gunter, who was nominated by her friend Sarah for for going above and beyond for her as a friend, despite having been through some very difficult Logo

Dan Mountain, CEO of says:

“At Buyagift our aim is to create amazing memories with the gift experiences we provide, and we wanted to give our customers the chance to give something back to someone they know- the unsung heroes, the people that go the extra mile for others without a second thought and people that deserve a treat, by giving them a gift experience that will create special memories as a token of appreciation that others feel for them.

We were truly overwhelmed with the number of nominations we had and we know there are so many people out there that deserve some recognition for what they have been through or what they do for others, and if we can help provide that moment of happiness for them with one of our experiences, we are proud to help.”

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The Nut Job

The Nut JobI think I work pretty damned hard with my kids but I’m always looking for a great reason to spend a portion of Sunday afternoon on the sofa. So with popcorn at the ready we curled up this week to watch The Nut Job dvd which is out on Monday 8th. It started brilliantly with some exciting and hilarious set-pieces and Harry felt an immediate connection with Surly Squirrel the main character. Along with his best mate Buddy, a silent 3 Stooges-type rat, he is banished from the park early doors and his subsequent search for food leads finally to his reformation and salvation for his erstwhile banishers. There are some great slapstick moments, starting with the opening scene where Surly, Buddy, Grayson (a wannabe hero) and Andie (the pretty female squirrel who knows that Surly really has a heart of gold) all set the plot in motion.

There’s flatulence along the way, a surprise baddy in the mould of Lotso from Toy Story 3 and some touching, self-sacrificing moments later on before closing credits which are delivered Gangnam Style! We loved the animal characters and although the human characters are not quite as interesting or as funny there’s a good connection between the two via Precious, a loveable mutt who bridges both worlds. At under 80 minutes this film rattles along and has some really fun laugh-out-loud scenes. The characters are memorable and I could easily see this spawning a sequel in a couple of years. If it does then I’m sure I’ll embrace the opportunity to spend another fun 80 minutes with my feet up on a wet Sunday with the kids giggling madly on either side. Great fun.

You can Win a Blu-ray of ‘The Nut Job’ Here!

Date Expectations

If you’ve ever wondered if when you were born has any impact on what you do with your life, then take a look at the fun infographic below. It would seem that budding J.K.Rowlings are more likely to be born in September and October.

Date Expectations
This fun ‘due dates’ infographic called Date Expectations was born during a coffee break in the BlossomMotherAndChild offices when they were chatting about babies’ due dates and noticed that quite a few famous people shared the same birthday. Did you know, for example, that Elvis has the same birthday as David Bowie? And Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were also born on the same day!

Check it out – the more you look into it, the more fascinating it becomes!


Win a Personalised FROZEN Book

Personalised Frozen BookWe have a Personalised Frozen Book up for grabs in our latest Blog / Twitter Competition!

Frozen is huge and we all know it. There’s probably not a parent out there with children of a certain age who haven’t heard of Frozen. And the song ‘Let It Go’ is an ‘earworm‘ that refuses to go away!

So we know that lots of you will want to win this prize for your little Frozen fan! who are providing the prize sell a variety of books all of which can be personalised throughout with names and other details. Whether it’s an educational book to help your child learn to spell or a fun Disney story, they’ll love seeing their names throughout the story.

personalised nursery rhymesWe all know that a good book will not only encourage your children to read but will make reading it with them much more fun. When a book is made personal and a child’s name appears throughout the story line and he/she is involved in the adventure, they will love to read it and it will become one of their favourite books.

So if you’d like to Win a Personalised Frozen Book from which will be personalised with your little one’s name, then Enter Below …..


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Personalised Word Art

personalised word art from Illustrate My NameI’m going to rave about something now and everyone is going to assume that this is a paid-for post, but it’s not – I promise you!

Illustrate My Name is a company I came across recently when looking for a unique piece of personalised word art for one of my children’s birthdays. I’d seen the company advertising personalised baby gifts and christening gifts and wondered if they covered all ages and all celebrations. Turns out they do – yay!

Illustrate My Name

In other words, you could be looking for a unique gift for a 21st birthday or a New Illustarte My Name personalised jarBaby, a Wedding or a Christmas present and you’d be able to find it at Illustrate My Name. Whatever you choose to have made, it will be very individual, tasteful and timeless and even more unbelievable it won’t break the bank. Or at least from my experience it won’t anyway.

Now I’m not going to share a pic of the framed print that I actually bought as the words and sentiments are very much my daughter’s and for her walls (her friends and family) only. Suffice to say, it’s perfect and she loves it! In fact her sisters love it personalised christmas cardsso much that they want one too so I can see that I’ll be returning to Illustrate My  Name regularly when I’m on the hunt for ‘different gifts’!

I love Illustrate My Name and can genuinely recommend them – great gifts, easy to order from, reasonable prices, excellent service and top quality results! What’s not to like?

What Makes Children So Messy?

children messy handsMud. Sand. Baked Beans. Paint. You name it – if it’s within easy reach and you’re not looking, chances are your little one will have it spread all over the place in seconds. That’s because little kids are inquisitive to learn and desperate to do things for themselves.

Kids want to touch, taste, smell, listen and look at everything and anything and their minds are expanding and developing at a rate of knots. Kids are hungry for information but they’re not exactly top of the class in hand-eye coordination, and their fear levels can be pretty non-existent at times. Which, besides making life extremely fun, can also make it incredibly messy. And, when you’re trying to keep up with everything else that life throws at you, this doesn’t always make for stress-free parenting. Still, there are things you can do to help limit the destruction and keep your house standing…

Isolate the fun

A happy kid is one who can run, jump, and let’s face it, be allowed to go a little bit crazy sometimes. A happy parent is one who doesn’t have to deal with the chaos of this happening all over the house. But going out all the time can be expensive, so if you’ve got a big enough space, it’s a great idea to ‘zone off’ an area of your house where the kids can have a little more freedom. Maybe that’s a section of the dining room, or it could be a patch of garden that you give them as their own. Whatever it is, if you’ve got a handle on it, keeping it contained will be much easier – and cleaning afterwards much quicker.

Get clean clever

According to an article by the Daily Mail, we spend nearly five hours every week cleaning our homes. That’s five hours that could be spent with our feet up, enjoyimessy children bakingng a good film, or indulging in a date night with our partner. We know which we’d prefer! So with this in mind, it makes total sense to get clean clever and invest in something that is versatile, practical, and that delivers outstanding results.

Steam cleaners seem to be the way to go and there are quite a few out there. The Karcher steam cleaner is one which makes light work of household chores. It delivers a deep-down clean that’s chemical-free and effortless. Using nothing but water it can get into all those nooks and crannies in your kitchens and bathrooms, blitzing grease and grime off tiles, and getting rid of everyday dirt from wood and stone floors.

messy child washingThis natty bit of kit is revolutionising the way we clean our homes because it makes the majority of other cleaning tools redundant. And it’s all down to steam that kills 99.9% of bacteria. So that makes it doubly-great in homes with children because not only does it get rid of those nasty germs, but it also uses no harmful chemicals, making it ideal for the allergy sufferers among us.

Plus, as any time-strapped parent knows, it’s all about cleaning quick and thoroughly, and steam cleaners (as put to the test by Mumsnetters) do just that.

One thing’s for sure, children are messy and there’s no changing that. It is, however, possible to change your cleaning habits and reclaim those five hours a week for yourself.

Hire Expectations – Maternity Wear Rental

Hire ExpectationsYou’re pregnant! Having a baby is a wonderful time in any woman’s life but it can also be a daunting time. Added to all the physical changes in your body is the problem what to wear for the last 6 months when the bump gets bigger! I absolutely understand that many of you don’t really want to spend a small fortune on specialised maternity clothes that only last for such a short time.

I would recommend a selection of items that are your ‘must haves’ for this time which you can easily pick up from any of our great high street stores. All the garments I have selected will keep you looking modern and fresh during your pregnancy;

How To Style Your Bump!

Remember one thing…..your body needs structure to give it shape, wearing baggy will only make the area appear larger than it is – it’s all about the shape & style.

  • Don’t shy away from bold colours & print when you are pregnant
  • Maxi dresses are super for any mum to be and will continue to work for you after the baby is born, use them for daytime and evening looks.
  • A longer length jacket will accommodate your bump. Any single breasted or boyfriend blazer jacket with a low cut neckline will give the illusion of a longer, slimmer body
  • The empire line will work brilliantly both in tops and dresses. It will be tight under the bust then drapes over your tummy
  • Do buy a couple of pieces with an elasticated waist – these will not only bring you comfort but will look super teamed with an empire line tunic

As an Award Winning Fashion stylist, I wanted to be able to take the worry away from pregnant ladies and offer them the opportunity to look amazing for occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings and other major events……..Hire Expectations was born in May!

Hire Expectations is where you can rent both Maternity & Breastfeeding dresses perfect for special occasions! So why buy when you can rent?

  • Hire a dress for 5 or 10 days
  • Choose a back-up size for free
  • Dresses available in sizes 6 to 16
  • We take care of the cleaning

We stock fabulous brands such as Isabella Oliver, Keungzai, Crave, Butter by Nadia, Sweet Belly Couture and Picchu.


Lisa Talbot of


Plum Interactive Kitchens

Snowdrop interactive kicthenCooking Up Fun With Plum! Find out more about the must-have toy this Christmas

Stuck for ideas and not sure what to get your little one this Christmas? Well we’ve been speaking to Plum, who told us about their new range of interactive kitchens. Plum’s amazing new and unique Interactive Kitchen Range is the first of its kind and adds so much more play value. Listen to popcorn popping, see the delicious food cooking and watch the delight in your child’s eyes as they have fun cooking up a treat in the kitchen. Completely unique, they are certainly a must-buy!

What makes these kitchens so special? Plum’s new Interactive Kitchen Range perfectly blends tradition with modern technology to inspire your child’s imagination even further. Simply by inserting a tablet device into the kitchen’s secure compartment and downloading the free Plum app, the beautifully crafted wooden kitchen transforms into a fully interactive toy with lights, sounds, cooking ideas and animated fun.

Plum Interactive Kitchens

caraway interactive kitchen appPlum has spent years developing and researching this interactive kitchen range to make sure it is packed full of features that children will want to play with time and time again. Offering more than a sprinkle of imaginative play, it is jam-packed with lots of traditional key role play features that inspire the imagination – knobs that click and turn, taps that twist, removable sinks that can be filled with water, cupboards and even real chalkboards. Supplied with wooden accessories including pots, pans and cooking utensils, so little chefs can get cooking straight away! It really is packed full of features that mean your mini master-chefs can have hours of imaginative play fun.

The Plum app enhances the fun experience with mouth-watering graphics of food cooking and the exciting sounds such as popcorn popping. The compartment Plum logoadapts using four adjustable arms to hold the majority of tablet devices securely, turning play interactive. Children can select their food type from popcorn, chicken, cake and even baked beans, turn the dial to select the correct time and then watch and listen as their food cooks (or burns)! After they’ve removed the food from the microwave, children are able to enhance the experience by cleaning up the mess they may have made before they’re able to move on and cook another delicious dish.

It’s easy to see why children and parents are sizzling with excitement over this new range.

Watch this video and see it in action yourself – Nigella and Heston, watch out, there are new cookery kids on the block!

Starting from £99.99, Plum interactive kitchens are available in three designs and can be bought from Argos, Amazon, Tesco, The Entertainer, direct from Plum and from all major toy stores. For more information visit  and follow Plum on Facebook to join the fun.

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Blogger Laura’s Family Loved Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival …… from pre school to Old Skool!

Camp Bestival 2014It would appear that the so-called mini family festivals we enjoyed last year had been building up and preparing us for this year’s biggie – Camp Bestival.  Camp Bestival bills itself as the ‘Greatest Family Show on earth’and this pretty much summed it up for us.

Now one thing I should warn readers of is that I am most definitely NOT a camper.  If there’s another option going I will usually be the first to take it so I knew this would be an interesting experience, and with two toddlers even more so!  Anxiously studying the weather time and time again in the lead up to the festival, we packed everything we could squeeze into the car with us to cover every eventuality.  A long journey down to Lulworth Castle in Dorset on the Thursday and then it was all go to set about finding the flattest square of grass (on the rolling hills) to set up our temporary home.

As non-campers we own little to no camping equipment so after some research on the Camp Bestival website, we preordered a tent and all the essentials Camp Bestivalthrough Halfords to collect on arrival.  This was a fab idea that I cannot recommend enough.   The service meant we didn’t have to lug the equipment from the car all the way to the campsite, the tent, mattresses and sleeping bags were very reasonably priced making it good value for money (and equipment we can now use time and time again) and they had experts and equipment on hand in case you needed any advice or recommendations etc.

While hubby set up the tent the kids and I sat back and soaked up the atmosphere.  The first thing I noticed was the number of children, it is a family friendly festival but I never imagined there would be so many children, way outnumbering the adults.  The campsite was very clean and on first appearances seemed well organised with a good set up.

fun at Camp BestivalThe festival officially starts on the Friday running through to late Sunday so Thursday is all about settling in and gearing up for the madness ahead.  The 3-day festival takes a similar itinerary for each of the days – set across the beautifully manicured grounds of the Lulworth Castle, the festival is comprised of a mix of stages with acts, interactive areas and food stands.

Camp Bestival

First up I’ll mention the stage entertainment – the main stages are where the headline acts perform.  During the day headliners were artists such as Mr Tumble and Ben and Holly whereas during the evenings it was more of an adult environment with acts such as Sophie Ellis Bexter, Sinead O’Connor and Basement Jaxx.  The volume varied greatly depending on where you were standing which is perfect if parents are worried about smaller children, and far from my concerns of pushing and shoving in a mosh pit stylee, it was very civilised with families setting up plankets, enjoying picnics between acts and kids running about freely.

The lower meadow is predominantly aimed at kids and was the Mason’s haven for the weekend. Marquees and tents adorn the field filled with every possible craft activity you can imagine which alternated each day meaning you could Camp Bestivalreturn to the same tent and find a whole new range of activities.  Grace and Noah really enjoyed making flags for the parade, painting in Art Town and building towers with the Duplo.  Centred around a bandstand, various bands performed with inspiration from across the globe while roving music and dance acts would sporadically start morris dancing or jigging round a maypole which was fascinating to just stop in your tracks and watch.  There was also a number of rides to enjoy including a grand Victorian carousel, helter skelter slide and of course a Big Wheel which were all chargeable for parents and children and a bit of the hefty side for my liking.

As the theme of Camp Bestival for 2014 was ‘Circus’a separate field was dedicated to this.  From diablos, hula hoops, unicycles etc, parents and kids could try their hand at circus acts.  Older kids wanting to take it a bit further could get one on one tuition with trained professionals on things such as elevated hoops which looked a lot of fun.

One thing I love about festivals is the food.  Long gone are the burger vans and Camp Bestivalgreasy meals, it’s all about the local produce and quality.  A foodies heaven, the organic local food stands, exotic dishes and good quality family faves were in abundance.  Anyone that knows me knows how much I adore garlic so the garlic stand was a daily stop off for a garlic bread or garlic chilli (I am hungry thinking about it as I type!) I also have to give kudos to the Saucy Chips’chilli cheese fries (very calorific I know!) however I think many of the passers by were tantalised by all of the fantastic smells and adorning sights of the curries, mac and cheese, fish finger sandwiches, chocolate brownies… name it, it was there.  There was a good variety of food for adults and children with many stands offering child-sized portions and even some pop up restaurants set up especially for children.

The biggest question since my return has been about the facilities.  As a novice camper, being in unfamiliar surroundings was a big concern beforehand.  A potty proved to be useful but surprisingly not essential. Toilets are either portals – very clean and well kept, or long drop/composting toilets in adult and mini child sizes – also reasonably clean.  While Grace got in a panic about being able to view the waste in the long drops, older children seemed to enjoy the novelty of flushing their contents down with wood chippings.  For a little luxury there were the When Nature Calls posh toilets and at £2 a pop they guaranteed a clean Lauras Familyafter each use.  For washing we took along our flexibath for the kids and filled it with warmed water while the general shower facilities were very clean and again not half as unpleasant as expected.  Had the weather have been against us I am not sure they would have kept as clean but we were pretty lucky with the weather, something I am so thankful for.

We had an amazing fun filled weekend and there’s far too much for me to round up in this review so i’ll keep the best of the rest limited to a couple of key word sentences to hopefully provide you with a lasting flavour of our fantastic and exhausting long weekend.  Storytelling in the woods, bouncy castles, pom pom making, Laura Mvula, fireworks, massages, jousting, fancy dress, cocktails, big bear balloon disco, sun bathing, choirs….

For further information on Camp Bestival, visit  Early bird tickets are on sale for 2015 with the following costs:

Adult Weekend Ticket (inc camping) £195

Children under 4 are free, children aged 5-10 £20, 11-14 £88 and 15-17 £113

Mum to 2 Under 3 and just finished maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. ‘Continuously trying to get a ‘grip’ of motherhood and back to a size 10!’

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Elmer Competition

Elmer prizesTheBabyWebsite has some fab Elmer The Elephant Goodies on offer in our new Elmer Competition!

Elmer the adorable patchwork elephant, written and illustrated by the popular children’s author and artist David McKee, unbelievably has its 25th Anniversary at Andersen Press this summer. Elmer books have sold over 7 million copies all around the world and to this day Elmer is one of the most widely read children’s books in the UK. As part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations, Andersen Press has published a signed limited anniversary edition of the original Elmer story and a brand new hardback story book, Elmer and the Monster.

Elmer the ElephantSo, to celebrate, TheBabyWebsite is offering you the chance to win both the new hardback Elmer and the Monster book, the original Elmer book, as well as a fab Elmer children’s apron, an Elmer Learn the Alphabet poster and Elmer 25th Anniversary tote bag! What a prize!

We’d love you to tell your friends about this competition and share it on social media. It’s #elmer25 !

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning our new Elmer Competition, then enter below!

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