The Honest Toddler by Bunmi Laditan

The Honest Toddler

The Honest Toddler

A Child’s Guide to Parenting

The toddler stage can be a real shock for some parents, when your cute, sweet little baby morphs overnight into a mini-monster who seems hell-bent on making even a simple trip to the shops a horrible humiliating experience for all concerned.
The Honest Toddler is a deliciously funny guide to parenting which aims to provide the answers every parent seeks. What are you supposed to do when your little one simply lies himself down on the supermarket floor screaming? Or what do you do when she simply doesn’t want to wear shoes today?

Play-Date Etiquette

Who better to teach parents about the needs of toddlers than a toddler himself? The Honest Toddler covers the big questions – How Can You Prevent Siblings?  Who Does Mummy Belong To?  Sleep and Weaning Your Parents Off It – and is packed full of general advice on play-date etiquette (don’t touch – just don’t!), preferred toddler foods (ice cream and toast), sleep training methods (hint: none) and the proper response to random aggression in the playground (embrace it! The Honest Toddler has everything every parent needs to know to keep their little angel/devil happy.

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The author, Bunmi Laditan lives in Canada and has two young children.  She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Mothering and, where her satirical pieces on parenting and politics often go viral.

Gifts For New Mums and Babies

Do you wish to spoil a new mum and her little bundle of joy with a gorgeous gift? Well below are a few special ideas for gifts for new mums and babies too!
bouquet of flowers
Your mum-to-be friend or relative’s due date is fast approaching and you still haven’t managed to find the perfect present, take a look here….

Gorgeous Hampers
A hamper packed with essentials is the perfect gift for a mum-to-be. Either make your own or buy a hamper already generously filled with must-have products including gorgeous garments and soft toys.
If you’d prefer to create your own hamper, why not include items that the future mummy has had her eye on. Perhaps she has seen an adorable soft fleece comforter which you could have personalised (once a name has been chosen of course) or maybe you could include a baby record book to track the baby’s progress. A new mum is certain to love this truly thoughtful gift.
Congratulatory Flowers
Send your congratulations with a beautiful arrangement of flowers for new babies. Whilst it’s only natural to want to shower the newborn with gifts, it’s important to spoil the new mummy too! Welcome a beautiful new baby with a stunning bouquet of flowers. A new mum will be overwhelmed by gorgeous scented garden roses in sumptuous pastel hues, hand tied with aromatic herbs and foliage. Beautiful blooms are the ultimate way to welcome a new arrival and are sure to make any new mum smile. Why not throw in a special message card to send a loving note to both mother and baby. The Real Flower Company online have a stunning range of flowers for new mothers and babies.
Thoughtful Gift Vouchers
Are you unsure about what’s been ticked off the newborn baby checklist? Why not buy some vouchers from mum’s favourite baby shop. Gift vouchers are the perfect way to allow the recipient to choose a gift whilst also showing more thought than simply shoving some cash into a congratulatory card. Give a new mum a special treat by allowing her to stock up on whatever she needs with a generous gift voucher.

Silver Birth Certificate Holder
A Silver Something
Mark the arrival of a newborn baby with a stunning silver gift. There are a number of silver keepsakes that new mums will love and cherish.
A silver plated birth certificate holder is the ideal way to celebrate a birth and means that the baby’s birth certificate will always belong in a special place.

An adorable silver plated photo frame is the perfect present too. Proud mums can select a picture of their choice (perhaps one from the hospital) to put in a beautiful frame that is sure to compliment any baby’s nursery.

Fussy Eaters

80% Of UK Parents Say Their Children Are Fussy Eaters!

feeding baby fruitNew research shows that fussy eating habits affect more than 8 in 10 families in the UK! A survey of over 1000 parents illustrates the scale of fussy eating in the UK.
• 90% of parents of fussy eaters say their child’s eating behaviour has a negative impact on their life.
• 69% of parents worry their child is not getting the nutrition they need
• 60% said fussy eating frustrated them
• 27% said that the fussy eating situation led to feelings of anxiety and feeling powerless
• 15% admitted they felt guilty
• 40% of parents with fussy eaters said that their child’s behaviour had turned mealtimes into a time of conflict and created tension with their partner
• Nearly 10% of parents said they can spend between 40 minutes and an hour every mealtime encouraging their child to eat

Tackling the Fussy Eating Problem

baby eatingMums and dads of fussy eaters will bribe children with dessert or sweets, hide vegetables in other foods and threaten to take away treats or fun activities. Netali Levi, a Clinical Psychologist who works with children who are fussy eaters and their parents, says: “Managing mealtimes to make them enjoyable, reducing stress (both yours and the child’s) and understanding your child’s hunger signals are all key to success….You need to find what works for you and your child but generally speaking, by involving them in the process of shopping, cooking and preparing food, gradually introducing new flavours and textures, and rewarding progress, it should be possible for you to navigate this tricky phase and get them back to healthy eating habits.

Abbott Nutrition, who commissioned the study, has developed a new website called, offering practical guidance to parentfussy eaterss to help them get their children back on track with healthy eating. The plan helps parents to:
• Identify and understand their child’s individual habits and hunger signals
• Follow a set meal and snack routine
• Introduce new foods and textures gradually and regularly
• Make mealtimes a positive experience for everyone
• Let their child take some of the control

This is a sponsored post.

Birth Trauma

baby being bornMy Birth Trauma Story by Jennie Harrison

There have been several articles published recently by midwives on the pressure that they are facing and what it means to the health of Mums and their Little Ones.

There is a huge staff shortage with no budget for more midwives and there is also a fear of litigation, which creates a system focused on reducing costs rather than the best outcome for Mum and her baby. Lots of women give birth with absolutely no complications and a straightforward, healthy birth is possible for most women. However for some this system will impact on both them and their baby as this defensive practice can lead to intervention after intervention and result in a traumatic birth.

When a birth becomes prolonged or more complicated, the stress on both Mum and Little One is increased and can affect sleep and anxiety levels. As a Mum you don’t have time to process this experience as you are thrust into the most amazingly exhausting time of your life, so the fear, guilt, sadness, newborn babyanxiety get tucked away only to come back and haunt us later. Little Ones are the same, they can’t process what they’ve just been through and this can cause anxiety and sleep issues, again for years to come.

I experienced a traumatic birth with my little boy, so I understand how it feels. I had a textbook pregnancy and felt very calm about the birth. I had planned a water birth with gentle music, dimmed lights and very few people there. Due to a cascade of intervention in hospital we ended up with an emergency forceps delivery in theatre, bright lights and 12 people. My stay in hospital was not a good experience and I was happy to get home. Although I was elated and being a mum came very naturally to me, I couldn’t ignore the underlying anxiety, flash backs and panic attacks that I experienced. I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), although according to my doctor I was just an anxious Mum that needed to get out without my baby. I was lucky that I had trained as a Reiki Practitioner prior to becoming pregnant, as it was these treatments that eased my anxiety and helped my Little One sleep.

mother and babyI didn’t return to my full time job as I couldn’t leave my little boy and couldn’t have coped with the corporate world. I made the decision to help other mums who had experienced birth trauma and set up my own company. I have since worked with lots of Mums and Little Ones who have experienced a traumatic birth, although this is not the reason they come to me. The majority of Mums I work with approach me because their Little One is not sleeping. Whether they are babies or 6 years old, they are still affected by their birth, still struggle to sleep and normally have some sort of anxiety as well. I help both Mum and Little One to move on from the birth, to feel safe again and to sleep!

“The Mind of Your Newborn Baby” is a fascinating book by Dr David Chamberlain, a psychologist who uses hypnotherapy to resolve trauma. He has found that many adults are still affected by the birth trauma that they experienced and when under hypnosis can recount the whole event. I had read this book so had some understanding about how babies form memories about their birth, however I still felt shocked when 3 months ago my little boy started talking to me about his birth. He is nearly 3 and was toddlerable to tell me how scary it was as well as act out the process of being born. He said he was scared for me and I was scared for him. I used Reiki Treatments, gentle conversation and lots of cuddles to help him move forward from this so that the nightmares have stopped, he is sleeping again and his anxiety has reduced.

Childbirth can have a huge impact in shaping you as a Mum and your baby as a person, but you don’t need to suffer in silence. The anxiety, fear and guilt do not have to stay tucked away and you can feel ‘normal’ again. I know, I’ve lived it and I’ve come through the other side of it.

As for the system that can create this type of experience, I have decided it is time to speak up, to raise awareness and push to change it so that fewer Mums and Little Ones suffer. If you would like to share your experience please take part in my Birth Trauma survey . The more voices we have, the bigger impact can be made.   If you feel you need help to deal with your experience my website is

by Jennie Harrison

Win Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery DVD

THomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery DVDJust a Quickie New Year Competition to give you the chance to Win a Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery DVD!

We need you to tell us which bit of TheBabyWebsite you like best. Have a browse around our site and be honest with us.

For example, if you think the Mums Section is your favourite part, then tell us. Or you may prefer the Recipes, Pregnancy Calendar, Baby Advice, Baby Names Finder or Competitions? Thereagain it could be articles such as the one about the Blue Jobs and Pink Jobs which you’ve enjoyed the most.

Just commeThoams and Frineds Blue Mountain Mystery DVDnt and/or Tweet saying which section/article you like best and include the link. Easy Peasy!

(If you want to tell us what else you’d like to see then add that too. We always like to know what you think about our site!)

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Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery

The Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery DVD looks fun and we’re sure your little ones will like it.

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Win a Christmas Stocking

Xmas StockingIf you’d like to Win a Christmas Stocking for your little one, there’s still time.  We’re only running this for 2 days so you’ll have to be quick!

You can even personalise this particular Christmas stocking by placing a pic of your little one into the little pocket on the front. Brilliant.

All you have to do to enter our Fab Xmas Stocking Competition, is Follow @TheBabyWebsite on Twitter & Retweet but if you comment and do any of the other things in the Rafflecopter form below, then you get more entries.

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Some Of My Christmas Shopping ……….

Minnie Mouse Fuzzy Felt

My Christmas present buying started way back in the Summer when I picked up this Minnie Mouse Fuzzy Felt Bow-Tique for my 3 and a half year old niece Caitlin. I remember loving Fuzzy Felt in all their different guises when I was little and I know she’ll love it to bits. She’s a very imaginative little girl so I’m sure she’ll be creating her own little scenes as well as following the many suggested patterns .

I also picked up an ‘I’m Going To A Princess Tea Party’ from the Think Pink website  – it’s a cute little tea-set which your little one can paint himself or herself and you can pop it in the oven once painted to make the designs permanent. A real keepsake and one to treasure for years with a bit of luck. TheBabyWebsite reviewers give it 5 Stars so it must be pretty special!

Doctor Who Board GameCaitlin has two older brothers so for them (well ok their dad too!) I’ve bought a Doctor Who DVD Board Game. The blurb on the box says ‘The world’s best loved Time Lord stars in this new DVD game featuring Doctor Who fun for fans of all ages’ so hopefully it’ll go down well. It’s a really good gift to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary and players journey through space and time with all 11 doctors and companions moving their own little Tardis around the board. I paid £24.95 for it from Amazon but you can buy it in most of the usual toy shops around.

My brother and his sons are getting ‘The Subbuteo Penalty Shoot Out’ .(Woah, that sounds a tad sexist in retrospect!) For footy fans this is a new addition to the range and contains the usual player, ball, net and keeper, The Penalty Shoot Out will add a bit of drama and excitement to Christmas Day and as it only cost me £9.95, I’m more than happy with it as will they be.

Flik Flak Watches

Flik Flak WatchesOk, so you may be wondering why Flik Flak  get their own special sub-heading, well it’s because you’re not just giving a brilliant present but you’re also giving something memorable which will be worn and worn every day. Giving a present which not only looks good but which is useful too has got to be a good thing surely. They do three sizes and my 3, 5 and 8 year old nieces and nephews will each be getting one!

The new “Cute-Size” collection are especially for children aged 3 to 5 and include a mixture of little animals playing on the watch straps and an explosion of colour like zingy sweets! MUms and Dads love these watches as much as the kids.  Flik Flak watches are simple and easy to read, made in Switzerland and are resistant most stuff that little ones can expose them too!

The “Preschool” line for ages 5 to 7 care equally as stylish.  Boys and girls today Flik Flakwant to look ‘cool’and Flik Flak watches are most definitely that.

By 7 children nowadays are well aware of all the latest trends. Whetehr or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m not entirely sure to be honest. Girls generally prefer the more flashy colours, whereas boys prefer the simple but bright look. The new “Full-Size” line has all the bells and whistles like Mum’s and Dad’s watches and a strap made from the soft material TPU, which is soft to wear and touch.

Sugarhill Boutique Navy Stag JumperI bought this Navy Stag jumper from Sugarhill Boutique   You can buy this Must-Stag (groan!) Christmas jumper in a Christmassy forest-green colour too . Lots of the Christmas jumpers I looked at were quite bulky but this one is a slim fitting, lightweight sweater. It was £46 so not the cheapest but nowhere near the dearest either. I think my daughter will fall in love with it and it will no doubt be rolled out for many Christmases to come!

Chocolatety Gifts

Solving the puzzle of what to give and who to give it to has been made a bit easier for me this Christmas because of a wonderful company called Sent With A Loving Kiss . They specialise in personalised chocolate gifts of all kinds and I can personally vouch that the personalised christmas chocolatespersonalised christmas chocolateschocolate tastes as good as it looks as I bought one of my daughters a tin of personalised chocs for her last birthday. Everything is beautifully styled & hand-crafted in The UK by a team of award-winning chocolatiers, and comes in a decorative keepsake tin with a personal message. They deliver all over The UK too and their prices are very competitive.

I can’t imagine that anyone who received a gift from Sent With A Loving Kiss would ever be disappointed. There’s chocolate to please all tastes – dark, milk, white and mixed – something for everybody. In a nutshell buying a gift from them is a no-brainer!

Christmas Lolly Bouquet Sent With A Loving KissAnother chocolatey gift I picked up was a Ringtons Luxury Chocoholics Gift Box for the In-Laws for£17.99 . The box is bursting at the seams with all manner of delicious chocolatey treats -  luxurious hot chocolate and lots of different sorts of chocolate biscuits including Ringtons’ Caramel Wafers, Chocolate Mallows, Brazil Nut Biscuits and Triple Chocolate Cookies. I’m fairly sure the In-Laws will appreciate the gift and am hoping they’ll open one of the packs of biscuits on our next visit after Christmas!

A few female family members and friends will be getting MUM’s Notes from  MUMsOffice this year. It’s a beautiful journal where you can record anything and everything in your life: thoughts and Mums Notes Mums Officedaydreams, special projects in the home or garden, words to remember or even quotes of the day. If you think over all the times, your little ones have said something sweet or achieved something really important and you’d wished you’d written it down, it would be a fair few times. It’s a lovely, stylish journal and you can buy it in ‘Peppermint’, ‘Raspberry’, ‘Blackberry’ and metallic ‘Silver’: the hard back covers have a sort-of reptile-effect look, with ribbon detail and silver gilt page edges. It’s a lovely gift for mums of all ages and makes a great keepsake for personal memories.

Housey Gifts

Spotted Kettle ArgosOk, so buying a kettle doesn’t sound like the most inspiring of gifts but it’s ok when you’re buying for youngsters moving away from home for the first time or a couple setting up home together. Buying them ‘cute’ necessities rather than frippery tat for the sake of buyng makes sense. I kind of felt I had to buy this cute Spotted Kettle from the Argos ColourMatch collection. It’s a traditional style kettle covered in multi-coloured bright spots. And, well look at the picture, you tell me, what’s not to love about it?  Looking at the other ColourMatch bits and bobs in Argos, made me realise I could change the whole look of my own bathroom or kitchen really inexpensively. In fact, I might just buy myself a matching kettle and breadbin. Why not?

Christmas Shopping

Other things in amongst my Christmas Shopping this year, include:

Cuddly SnowmanFor the little ones -  books by the marvellous Patrick George,   a soft and very cuddly, strokeable Snowman  which has been brought out to celebrate The Snowman and The Snowdog, a fun and educational game called Bloco Robot Invasion and a brilliant memory game from Orchard Toys called Shopping List.

For the ladies in the family – an Escapology Candle from Ashleigh-Burwood, numerous ‘flavours’ of soap from THE Bakewell SOAP Co including a festive Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh,  a variety of divine-scented candles and diffusers from AromaWorks and TED BAKER toiletries from Boots.

Christmas Shopping For Little Ones

Toys, Gifts & Books for Babies and Pre-School Children

They say Christmas is just for Children, but I think that us big children enjoy it just as much. However, our enjoyment starts long before the big day, and simple pleasures like hunting for and buying the perfect present for babies and pre-school children are just as much fun. Here are some of the great ideas I have stumbled upon during my expeditions this year.

Y6965-laugh-and-learn-crawl-around-d-6This Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car puts baby in the driver seat of a fun-filled stationary vehicle with all-around learning and play. The interactive lights and sounds dashboard keep baby busy with a light-up baby “GPS”, horn to honk, gears to shift, and more. With over 75 sung songs, tunes and phrases, and three modes of play, there’s plenty of fuel for learning adventures and fun! Please note: The car is stationary. Recommended Age 6-36 months RRP £31

AT31033 One Man BandWhy not discover some noise with this One Man Band from Galt’s Ambi Toys collection? This cheeky little musician entertains with a drumstick in one hand, a double-ended whistle in the other, and a tummy drum filled with beads. The One Man Band’s head turns and makes a gentle ratchet sound and his little hat is a bell. Recommended Age 12 mnths + RRP £14.99

Read here what our reviewers think of the One Man Band.


LB3032 Ruby & Belle MainTreat your special princess to the gorgeous Ruby & Belle Rocking Horse. Ruby features stunning vintage printed fabric in vibrant pinks and comes with a scrunchy faux suede mane and tail. Ruby has an appliquéd pocket on her body in which she carries her cute companion Belle, an adorable rag doll that little ones can play with separately too. Recommended Age 12 months + RRP £125.00




81Ckjc5dzNL._SL1500_ Learn to ride the rails with TOMY Chuggington Wilson and the Wild Wind Storm Maker. Now you can join the young trainees on their adventures in the world of Chuggington with traintastic toys! As seen in the Episode, “Wilson and the Wild Wind” Wilson enters the storm maker machine where he is blown around by the wind. Pull the lever when Wilson enters to activate the lights, sounds and rumbling of the storm maker. Watch Wilson launch out of the storm maker and go down the 3 foot 360 spiral! At the bottom Wilson whips around the turntable! Includes new and improved track! Chuggington Diecast Engine Wilson also included. Recommended Age 3+ RRP £49.99

The HiveSlide down the slide, go up and down on the see-saw, swing back and forth on the swings or wind up the merry-go-round and watch it spin back magically. The Hive Playground Sets are the perfect toy for creative play. There are four set’s to collect which can all be linked together to create your very own playground. The rotating hands on the character figures can hold any item from the range. Recommended Age 3+ RRP £14.99


BrannonStrapCoversCan you imagine your little cherub all comfy & cosy with these adorable Strap Covers by MaByLand? These Cutie Strap Covers are a colourful and unique way to accessorize a car seat or pram, and make travelling around with your little one a little more fun!  As well as preventing the seat straps from chaffing on your child’s delicate skin, they make a great headrest for when they nod off! RRP £9.99


BabyDoll Group GirlsIcing on the Cake is the actual style name for some of these adorable baby shoes. Designed to comfortably cocoon your newborn’s unique triangular foot shape, the New-B range from Bobux Shoes supports natural development and movement. Made from 100% soft New Zealand leather these flexible soles allowing natural balance, coordination & posture. Recommended for New Born Feet 0+  RRP £26


Plod Ons - Cow PrintPlod Ons are the latest addition to the Sock Ons family of simple yet brilliant baby gadgets, and are designed to protect baby’s knees as they crawl around on hard floors or scratchy surfaces. Made from a lovely soft and stretchy cotton, they fit snugly over tiny knees without restricting movement and are ideal for any time of the year when delicate knees might otherwise be bare. Plod Ons come in different funky designs from cow print, spots to stripes. RRP From £6.98


511BHX-vBWLThe Sophie La Girafe – Peekaboo Sophie has been a huge hit with our review panel. Watch as your Baby will learn in a stimulating and fun way with touch and feel elements and lift-the-flap surprises. Under an apple flap, Sophie finds Josephine the Mouse and Kiwi the Bird with fabric details. And what’s under the flowery flap? It’s Lazare the cat with a soft textured body to pat! The simple read-aloud text encourages interaction between you and your baby and is guaranteed to have them giggling ‘Peekaboo!’ in no time. Recommended Age 0+ RRP £4.38

41Kf348uBtLImagine rummaging in the dressing-up box and coming across an eye patch. Put it on and become a pirate. In this book ‘When I Grow Up’, a simple accessory on the acetate page magically transforms a child into an astronaut, zoo keeper, a superhero…(a boat becomes an eye patch, a paint brush an artist’s beret). At such a young age, anything seems possible! Let your imagination flow with this fun, colourful and interactive book. Simple yet deceptively clever! Why not let your child control the action in this fun and innovative book! Look what our reviewers thought of this book When I Grow Up..



Be quick if you want this Limited Edition Tractor Ted Christmas Activity Book which has 32 pages of Christmas fun, colour, count, spot the difference and cook, great festive recipes including Christmas pud crispies – yum, yum!    It’s a perfect Christmas stocking filler and a great addition to the existing book series. Recommended Age Range 2 – 6 Years. RRP £4.99



HUE Animation Studio


The HUE Animation Studio – Stop Motion Film Making Kit

The HUE Animation Studio is a gadget which caught my eye while looking for a Christmas gift for my son (7). I wanted something new that could feed his creative skills & imagination and chose the newest animation product: Moshi Movies!  You can create your own animated movies with the Moshi Monsters characters or any other small figurines you like. Making your arts and craft sessions come alive.

Hue Animation Studio simplifies stop-motion film-making on a budget. The fully-featured animation software is easy for kids to use, and has been designed for education. So as long as you have a pc with Microsoft Windows / Mac OS X & a child that loves to create (even enjoys battling with figurines) I can’t recommend this product enough…  You never know you could be encouraging the new film maker of the future!

Your new motion picture can be shared with family & friends and you can even add sound. Always read the instructions booklet to improve the many options available. Imagine your children’s confidence after completing their very own movie.

Hue Animation Studio is advertised at the reduced price of £49.95. The complete stop motion animation kit, including the Hue HD camera, animation software and clay. The HUE Animation Studio is recommended for children 5+…. to BIG KIDS.

Check out my arts & crafts attempt at testing this product while the kids were in bed – rude not to!

Lullabies Do Help Baby Sleep, Proven at Last!

mother holding crying babyAll parents experience the dreaded baby can’t sleep / won’t sleep phase at some point or another. This usually leads to relentless sleepless nights for both baby, mum & dad, with pacing round and round the bedroom floor, or more drastically, driving around the block being the only solution.  Many of us play music or sing to our babies too of course

So it’s good news for us that it was reported in the Times newspaper recently that scientists have now  proven that singing or playing lullabies does calm babies, sending them peacefully off to sleep.


Researchers at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Central London, carried out the tests on babies and young children ranging from just a week old to four years old and proved categorically that lullabies do help babies sleep.

TheBabyWebsite has teamed up with online baby gifts boutique Lullaby Babies to Lullaby Babiesgive you the opportunity to try the above theory for yourself, with your very own personalised lullaby for baby, or alternatively with a beautifully relaxing lullaby album.

All you have to do is use Discount Code TheBabyWebsite1 at the checkout to get £1 off the usual download price of £5 for a personalised baby lullaby, or £6 for any lullaby album.

More Baby Sleep Help Here!