Reduce Food Waste AND Save Money

The food waste debate has been a long time coming. With almost 15 million tonnes of edible food discarded from our homes every year, the team at have come up with a guide to help you preserve your leftovers so they don’t go to waste!

Around the country, food waste is costing households up to £700 a year… Have you ever considered what you could alternatively spend that money on? 

A simple shift in the way you think about your food can be all it takes to save you pennies; from mushrooms to mashed potato, you can actually freeze most of the excess food you don’t eat and you would otherwise throw away, to use in another meal.

Here’s an infographic brought to you by AO.COM.

The helpful infographic ABOVE includes some helpful tips on what can be stored in your freezer and for how long. For example,

-Soups are OK to freeze for 2-3 months
-Raw chicken can be frozen for 9-12 months
-Grated cheese can be frozen for up to 3 months and used straight from frozen

You can take a look at the guide here –

BBC Good Food

Win a Peppa Pig Holiday Bundle

Peppa Pig Holiday bundleWant to win a Peppa Pig Holiday Goody Bag? We have 3 up for grabs!

The holidays are here and this Peppa Pig Holiday bundle contains fantastic Peppa Pig products to help you enjoy them!

The Peppa Pig Holiday prize bundle includes a Peppa Pig Easter Egg and Ceramic Mug, Peppa Pig The Holiday DVD, Peppa Pig International Day DVD, a Peppa Pig Sticker Activity Book and a Peppa Pig Mini Activity Set

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Win a Trio of WELEDA Baby Products

We have a trio of new Baby Derma products from the original natural baby range, WELEDA, up for grabs in our latest competition.White mallow WELEDA

The WELEDA Baby products are specially formulated for babies with hypersensitive and dry skin prone to irritation and eczema. The range, which includes a protective nappy cream, nourishing body lotion and hydrating facial cream, is 100% natural (NATRUE certified), free from synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, colourants or artificial additives of any kind and entirely fragrance free.  The lead plant is organic White Mallow which is known for its skin-smoothing and calming, together with organic coconut oil and wild pansy extract to soothe and relieve itching.

WELEDA Baby Products

The White Mallow Body Lotion is a hydrating, Weleda logocooling lotion for dry, hyper-sensitive skin and it nourishes, soothes and relieves itching.  Coconut and sesame oil provide intensive moisturising to leave skin velvety soft. The certified-organic White Mallow Face Cream is a nourishing cream providing intensive care for dry, hyper-sensitive skin, strengthening the skin’s protective function. The cream soothes irritation, relieves itching and protects against the elements.  White Mallow Nappy Change Cream is also NATRUE-certified genuinely natural and is 88% organic (but contains fewer organic ingredients because mineral ingredients cannot be ‘grown’). White mallow extract calms hyper-sensitive skin and relieves itching, organic coconut and sesame oils nourish and replenish, and tried-and-trusted zinc oxide protects against dampness and helps prevent soreness in the nappy area.

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Dolphin Tale 2 Review

Dolphin Tale 2On the face of it, and at the start of this gentle tale, this film has a great deal to commend it to a family audience. The first film is based on the true story of Winter, a bottlenose dolphin who was rescued off the coast of Florida in 2005 after losing her tail to a crab trap. So far, all so heart-wringing. This sequel picks up where Dolphin Tale ends and focuses on the need to provide Winter with company. The death of her older dolphin friend, Panama, flings poor Winter into a bout of dangerous behaviour and so remedies are needed and needed fast. This relief comes in the very sweet shape of a young dolphin, renamed Hope, who was rescued at such a young age that she cannot be released to the wild and who would therefore provide the perfect companion for Winter.

Dolphin Tale 2As is the case with a film of this kind we see two distinct stories playing out: the animal and the human. On the human side we have a number of big hitters in Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr. These are joined by a couple of younger actors who play their roles with admirable seriousness and emotional punch. It’s all very believable and you do find yourself rooting for these characters as they struggle to find the best solution for Winter and juggle this with other commitments.

Then there are the dolphins. These are very cute giving a guaranteed anthropomorphic pull for young kids and yet the film somehow fails to hit the mark. The first problem is with the subject matter. Although you have a character in Winter who is engaging and sweet there is really not a great deal that you can Dolphin Tale 2do with him. The film suffers from a lack of any sense of danger, something shown by the fact that the biggest threat comes from the prospect of Winter having to move to a different aquarium. Also, the setting limits the action. Whenever we see the dolphins -other than one moving moment when one is released back into the ocean- they are firmly stuck inside the aquarium which means that any action and/or excitement is limited to very small sphere.

On the face of it this film appears to have all the ingredients for an engaging and interesting movie. However, it is just a little too serious and a little too limited to be anything other than a valiant effort at telling a true story and making it dramatic.

by Dave Fouracre aka Dave the Dad who watched the film with children Tom 9, Harry 6 and Caitlin 4.

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Win 1 of 3 Dennis The Menace Book Bundles

World Book Day this year is on March 5th and we have 3 Dennis the Menace book bundles to give away!

Dennis the Menace books

To celebrate the new Dennis the Menace World Book Day book, we’re giving you the chance to win a selection of fab Dennis the Menace books – two books from the The Diary of Dennis the Menace series plus the new World Book Title too!

3 Winners will each get:

· The Diary of Dennis the Menace

· The Diary of Dennis the Menace: Bash Street Bandit (Launched in February)

· The Diary of Dennis the Menace: World Menace Day

Win Dennis the Menace Book Bundles

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Crabtree and Evelyn Gift SetWith Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, Laura Mason aka Laura Loves, has come up with some great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for us and you…….

Mother’s Day is an opportune time to show just how much you appreciate the mother figures in your life.  While recognition doesn’t just need to be limited to the one special day, I personally take the occasion to make my mum feel special.  Take a look at some of the following gifts that I think would be lovely presents for mummies-to-be, mothers or girlfriends….

Mum's NotesThe Mum’s Notes journal is a stunning book available in a blackberry, raspberry, silver or peppermint shade with reptile-effect hardback cover.  This striking journal is carefully designed to record thoughts, daydreams, inspirations, words to remember, you name it.  A great keepsake for treasured memories.  Priced £12.95 from

Because mothers are the often the queen of hearts, the sentiment of Whittard’s Queen of Hearts biscuits is a genuinely adorable gift from one to another.  At just a fiver it’s a great gift for children to spend their pocket money.  Priced £5 from Whittards.

Protecting your phone is a key necessity whatever your kids or your age.  Proporta recently released the Ted Baker Audio SS15 Ted Baker iPhone Covercollection, meaning an iPad and iPhone can look stylish in a funky new case wile having the practicality of leaving it safe and protected from little hands.  Prices start from £24.95 from

Photobox has so many customisable gifts featuring images of your choice.  The personalised ‘Mum Book’ is an amazing gift that can bring to life the thanks for all the wonderful things they do.  It’s simple to do and can be treasured forever.  The books start from £16.99 with a range of finishes from

Foot SpaGive mum’s feet a break with the Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa.  Mood boosting LED lighting along with aromatherapy mist and oils make this the ultimate luxury when it comes to foot therapy. The innovative design allows for both integrated hydro and vibration massagers and acu-pressure nodes that stimulate reflexology points.  Priced £74.99 from

For a Mother’s Day gift with a difference the Lumie Bodyclock Starter could be the best gift a mum will ever receive!  It is a clever clock that helps sleep deprived mums to get back into a regular sleeping routine with the introduction to waking with light.  It’s a medical device clinically proven to promote a better sleep Photobox Photobookso once baby is in a routine it should improve mum’s sleep quality allowing her to wake brighter and feel more energised and productive throughout the day.  Priced £59.95 from

For time out for a new mum at home, the MamaBabyBliss Pamperng Gift Bag contains a few small essentials to help restore some inner peace.  The set comes with ‘Ooh…’ – a lush healing bath soak, ‘Bliss Stick…Uplifting Oil’ designed to give mums an instant boost, ‘Aaah…Soothing Mummy Baby Balm’, a natural rescue balm for mum and baby and a little book of hints and tips to help relax.  Priced £22.50 from

Many parents will be able to relate to the ever so popular Peppa Pig TV programme.   The good news is the merchandise doesn’t stop at little ones and with a wide range of Mummy Pig gifts you Best Mum Hamperare spoilt for choice.  The Mummy Pig ‘Mum in a Million’ Socks are a nice discreet nod to the pig family!  Priced a great value £2.50 from Asda.

For a thoughtful gift of the chocolate variety the Best Mum Chocolate Hamper from Bath chocolatiers, Choc on Choc, is a must. This decadent hamper features a selection of finest Belgium boxes of chocolate including a ‘Best Mum’ pack as well as a selection of strawberry champagne truffles and the brand’s best-selling flower, cupcake and vintage teacup designs.  Priced £24 from

The Rose Tree Organic Relaxing Gift Set is a beautifully presented gift in a stunning box containing an organic hand poured candle and a bath treatment oil.  The brand specialises in luxurious all natural skincare products jam-packed with nurturing vitamins.   The luxury candles are made from 100% pure vegetable Rose Tree Organic Gift Setwax and are scented with pure essential oils and the uber indulgent bath treatment oil leaves skin subtly scented and silky soft, made with 98% organic ingredients.   The set is priced £50 from

There’s something special about personalising a gift so for a wide range of jewellery Love Silver has a choice of silver and gold items including pendants, key rings, initials, bracelets that can be adapted by their tem of craftsmen with a name or special message.  Prices start from £9.99 from

For anyone that craves some organisation within their crazy lives, British designer Victoria Green has some fabulous bags bursting with compartments and practical features.  The Love Hearts Traveller bag features vibrant red hearts for mums to wear with pride and comes with two roomy compartments, one for mum’s stuff and another for their child’s.  Priced £14.99 from Debenhams.

Being a mother is a celebration every day so share a toast with a glass of the finest Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne.  This delicious rosé is produced under a meticulous process called maceration, whereby it is aged for at least four years in the LaLaurent Perrier Cuvee Roseurent-Perrier cellars, creating a mature and fine Champagne.  Priced £42 from

Sometime as a mum you struggle to get out the house for your weekly shop let alone your nails so a nice DIY pick me up is the Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit.  The gel manicure kit provides a salon quality without the effort with a one step process to ensure shiny nails that last up to 14 days.  Priced £99.99 from Debenhams.

A really lovely gift is the new Crabtree and Evelyn Pear & Pink Magnolia Luxury Fragrance Gift Set.  This indulgent gift offers a selection of travel-sized fruity and floral fragrance Pear & Pink Magnolia treats, perfect for a pampering.  Priced 25 from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Mum to 2 Under 3 and just finished maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. ‘Continuously trying to get a ‘grip’ of motherhood and back to a size 10!’

Returning To Work After Having A Baby

mother and babyReturning to work after having a baby brings with it an abundance of feelings.  An emotional cocktail of excitement, liberation and energy merged with feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, guilt and fear!  You still want a career but you need flexibility; everything has changed, someone new has entered your life and frankly, they come first.

The truth is, change can be scary; but it is vital to remind yourself that the physical, mental and emotional change your body has gone through doesn’t suddenly mean that you have lost your motivation, capability and career experience. Quite the reverse, your motivation as a working mother is arguably stronger than before because you have made the conscious choice to combine motherhood with a career.

Becoming a mother is the most natural and important job on the planet.  But mothers and employers need to appreciate that they have, and are gaining skills respectively, they have not lost them.  Becoming a mother means that you are now richer and more Mum drinking coffeefulfilled as an individual and many of the skills you have developed in becoming a mother and those you will gain as you continue in your motherhood journey, can be effectively translated to the work place which is great news for your employer too.

There is clearly a great deal of dedication and commitment from mothers who want to work, they have made a conscious decision to juggle a career with their home life (whether that means working part-time or more flexibly) and they will put their life and soul into making that work.

But it does mean that you need to be really organised if you want to blend your home and work life together in a manageable way. Try breaking your day down into focused blocks of time.  Split these chunks of time into things you need to do for your career and those you need to focus your energies on as a ‘mother’.  It’s all about finding a way that works for you and your family.

What is fundamental when you are juggling work and motherhood is that your home is running smoothly.  So if you have taken time off to have a child don’t leave it to the last minute to sort out your childcare, instead make that investment and get those arrangements made at least two weeks before you return to work so that both you and your child are established in your new routine. That way you won’t return to work with a heavy heart but with one full of enthusiasm, safe in the knowledge that you are leaving behind a happy home.


Juliet Turnbull from


Win Family Ticket to VIP Premiere of Peppa Pig’s ‘The Golden Boots’

For the first time EVER, Peppa Pig is heading onto the big screen for a whole hour of Peppa fun! Guaranteed to entertain the whole family throughout February half-term, fans can enjoy the first ever Peppa special episode ‘The Golden Boots’ alongside favourite ‘Peppasodes’ and lots of on-screen entertainment, including singing and dancing from Channel 5’s Milkshake! presenters.

Join Peppa and follow her quest across land, sea, and even into space to find her missing golden boots before the big Puddle Jump Competition! Will she find them?  Book your tickets to find out!

The Golden Boots

The Golden Boots Peppa Pig logoThis amazing Peppa Pig cinema experience will debut in Odeon, Vue, Empire, Cineworld, Showcase and Picturehouse cinemas across the country during February half term week (from February 14th). For more information and to book advance tickets, please visit the official Peppa Pig facebook page,

To celebrate Peppa’s big screen debut, we’re giving one lucky family the chance to attend the special premiere of the ‘The Golden Boots’ cinema experience. The event will be held at Odeon Leicester Square London on Sunday 1st February 2015 where there will be a pink carpet, costume characters and live entertainment from the Milkshake! presenters.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&C’s :

The promoter of this competition is Entertainment One  

The prize is Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children) to the premiere event of Peppa Pig’s ‘The Golden Boots’ at the Odeon Leicester Square in London

Tickets/prizes are non-transferable

Tickets to be collected at venue

The prize does not include any travel, accommodation or any additional expenses Surprise Some Christmas Heroes

What better way to say thank you to one of your heroes than by a special gift delivered straight to their door.

November saw the launch of the Surprise Surprise campaign, where customers are given a chance to nominate someone who they thought is deserving of a special treat.  This could be for anything from charitable work, staying positive through adversary or even going the extra mile to help others.

The video shows three of the nominated heroes: David Witherington, who was nominated by his daughter-in-law for all the hard work he does volunteering for the Red Cross; Joel Collins, who was nominated by his Mum Alison for his strength in dealing with his diabetes and finally Linzi Gunter, who was nominated by her friend Sarah for for going above and beyond for her as a friend, despite having been through some very difficult Logo

Dan Mountain, CEO of says:

“At Buyagift our aim is to create amazing memories with the gift experiences we provide, and we wanted to give our customers the chance to give something back to someone they know- the unsung heroes, the people that go the extra mile for others without a second thought and people that deserve a treat, by giving them a gift experience that will create special memories as a token of appreciation that others feel for them.

We were truly overwhelmed with the number of nominations we had and we know there are so many people out there that deserve some recognition for what they have been through or what they do for others, and if we can help provide that moment of happiness for them with one of our experiences, we are proud to help.”

This is a sponsored post for

The Nut Job

The Nut JobI think I work pretty damned hard with my kids but I’m always looking for a great reason to spend a portion of Sunday afternoon on the sofa. So with popcorn at the ready we curled up this week to watch The Nut Job dvd which is out on Monday 8th. It started brilliantly with some exciting and hilarious set-pieces and Harry felt an immediate connection with Surly Squirrel the main character. Along with his best mate Buddy, a silent 3 Stooges-type rat, he is banished from the park early doors and his subsequent search for food leads finally to his reformation and salvation for his erstwhile banishers. There are some great slapstick moments, starting with the opening scene where Surly, Buddy, Grayson (a wannabe hero) and Andie (the pretty female squirrel who knows that Surly really has a heart of gold) all set the plot in motion.

There’s flatulence along the way, a surprise baddy in the mould of Lotso from Toy Story 3 and some touching, self-sacrificing moments later on before closing credits which are delivered Gangnam Style! We loved the animal characters and although the human characters are not quite as interesting or as funny there’s a good connection between the two via Precious, a loveable mutt who bridges both worlds. At under 80 minutes this film rattles along and has some really fun laugh-out-loud scenes. The characters are memorable and I could easily see this spawning a sequel in a couple of years. If it does then I’m sure I’ll embrace the opportunity to spend another fun 80 minutes with my feet up on a wet Sunday with the kids giggling madly on either side. Great fun.

You can Win a Blu-ray of ‘The Nut Job’ Here!