Marli Harwood and Her Baby

A particularly persistent PR blokey has been nagging us for months to ‘mention’ Marli Harwood but I’ve been deliberately digging my heels in and not playing the game. No way am I going to listen to a CD just because someone who is paid to big an artist up, asks me to!

More fool me, it turns out though as it looks like I’ve just been cutting my own nose off to spite my face. Stuck in the car on a longish journey on the weekend, I fed the Marli Harwood album into the slot and sat back to listen. I was determined not to like it but found myself intrigued and dare I say it, impressed! Woah, this is good, I reluctantly admitted to myself and the other half agreed.

Marli Harwood

Marli Harwood Album

There’s a track called ‘Clock With No Hands’ which most of us can identify with – a song about life going too fast and encouraging us to grab every opportunity going. And ‘Billy’ is one of those heartrending songs about unrequited love which made me feel quite tearful. Mind you, I cried at Waterloo Road last week so that’s not really much of a benchmark.

Marli has a genuinely interesting story behind her too as she’d been trying to make it in the world of music for 16 years and had given up to start a family. It was when she was 3 months pregnant that Radio 2 made one of her songs, ‘It’s Called a Heart’,  Record of the Week. This sparked off a flurry of recording contract offers and she eventually settled with Island Records who built a unique maternity clause into her contract – so now Marli looks like fulfilling 2 dreams.  She’s going to be a Mum and on the basis of her new album ‘Clocks And full Stops’, she’s obviously going to be a successful recording star. Buy the CD, Download or whatever – it really is well worth it!

Kathryn C

I have 3 sample CDs with 5 of the best tracks on to give away. Just comment here if you’d like it.

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  1. Chris Bull says:

    Would love one please 🙂 Always like to listen to new music.



  2. Galina V says:

    Hi! I love discovering new names in music, and would love to listen to Marli. Many thanks!

  3. lisa s says:

    Oh and would so like to win this. Great giveaway xx

  4. teresa maxwell says:

    I’m interested in hearing this, haven’t heard any new music for ages!

  5. Amber says:

    I’d love to give it a try! 🙂

  6. beverley kirwin says:

    id like a sample thanks x

  7. Gemma Spurling says:

    Sounds perfect! If theres a spare sample cd going I would totally love one x

  8. Heather Shaw says:

    I would love to give the CD a go. I need music in my life to make the ironing go faster!

  9. margaret says:

    I would love a copy of this for me and my little boy to chill out to.

    Thanks mags

  10. Lisa Stewart says:

    Would love to sample the CD, thanks very muchy! xxx

  11. Tracey Harris says:

    I love listening to new artists and I love music, this would be great to relax to after having my baby this week.

  12. Kerrie says:

    Oh how fab!, Please consider me for a copy. Thank you.

  13. Rebecca T says:

    my 22 month old loves to have a little dance to music in the evenings with me, and this music sounds ideal. she and I would really love to have one of these CDs to dance to.

  14. Kathryn says:

    Teresa Maxwell, Beverley Kirwin and Heather Shaw are the random winners of the sample Cd. It’ll be in the post tomorrow ladies. K x

  15. Karen Lancaster says:

    Very insperational story 🙂 Would love a copy and will write a review too if you wish.

  16. OLIVER BURNAGE says:

    would love to listen to this with my baby Cecilia