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We wanted to invest in an educational present for our 5 year old daughter, so we got the LeapPad2 Explorer (in pearlised purple) for her.

Technology is moving forward so fast these days, and we had heard so much about this, that when we read the target age was 3-9 years it seemed like the perfect gadget / tablet to make learning fun.

This tablet has an impressive 4 GB memory to store many applications but you can also purchase additional cartridges and manually insert them into the back of your LeadPad2 Explorer. There are many cartridges to choose from and this makes an ideal present to build up. Look out online for 3 for 2 deals too, as they all add up.

When our daughter opened the present she really wanted to play the games straight away but we weren’t prepared that you needed a computer and an internet connection to set up the tablet and all the free downloads. There is a USB Cable included to make things a little easier but this does take a little time. However it didn’t take the shine off the present for too long…..

The LeapPad2 Explorer is a tablet with many functions. It has 2 built in cameras (front & back) & video recorders to capture your life through your children’s eyes. There is also an art application loaded for your child to experiment by changing the colour, adding patterns, stretching, magnifying or even creating a mirror image with their own photos. My Daughter seems to have an artistic flare with this function and I do sometimes wonder how she’s managed to created them!leapfrog-leappad2-explorer-disney-princess-bundle-image-1

As she is learning to recognise and write letters of the alphabet the pet writing app is fantastic and one function that she really enjoys. A letter is written by joining the dots but you must follow the correct direction and within the shape boundaries which is great for promoting good practice.

Outside of the writing functions there are some catchy songs to learn which helps improve memory and prompt questions.

The stylus alone has been very important to us which has helped dexterity and fine motor skills by using the stylus like a pen between the fingers and moving it around the screen with each different application. I like the idea that this is also attached by a piece of string to the tablet which saves it from getting lost.

We have only purchased one cartridge so far and have equally been impressed by it. The theme was Disney Princesses, a favourite of my Daughters. By telling a story and asking you to do certain things throughout has helped improve a little more patience and initially got frustrated with this until we sat her down and went through it page by page copying the story teller and duplicating the questions. Now she seems to have the concept and listens instead of touching everything and say nothings happening….

Thankfully we have invested in a gel case for this LeapPad2 Explorer and I believe it’s been a worthwhile purchase protecting it from the many drops, although the zip up case will be next (holding all the spare cartridges safe and keeping everything protected and together).

This has been an ideal purchase and one that will be passed onto her younger sister in time. My Daughter feels important with her very own tablet / camera. It gets taken everywhere. It’s definitely something we can build on and has so many educational cartridges to follow.

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