Kidcampz Play Tent

Times have definitely become more sophisticated with this Kidcampz play tent set. I remember the days when we used the clothes horse and some blankets or even the kitchen chairs to create a den. This was always fantastic fun that I could share with my brother or even my teddies.The Kidcampz Play Tent

But now you can let your children’s imagination run free to create any type of structure and finish by sealing it with a fantastic robust ‘parachute’ cover (3.6m² square) that just clips on. This gives children satisfaction and confidence to make something spectacular to use all by themselves or to share.

We ordered this Kidcampz for our three children (4, 6 & 7) to promote sharing / team work and encourage their creative skills. Hopefully they would leave the electronic devices alone for a while too. I was a little put off at first by the price tag, but as it was a shared project / gift that suited all three children made this set more cost effective for us.

It was a hit from the start. First my youngest and I created a canopy to go over her bed (used with the straight connectors to give extra height) for her and her toys. Once the other two came home from school they just had to have a go too. We’ve already had towers, castles and houses and have moved their bedrooms around to create a new structure to hide their bedroom furniture (dolls and tea sets to battling forts).

Winter or summer this Kidcampz tent is ideal for imaginary play. From toddlers to big kids like me, this is great family fun. There are many poles and connectors which make a very robust frame. It can be used inside or out with tent pegs for your lawn and the cover is rip-stop nylon fabric that’s water resistant and UV stable. It can also be tidied away in a strong orange bag which actually fit everything inside.

This is a great set for all the family to use either as a group, or for the kids to play with individually. If I had one negative about this product, it would be that this set does not come in more neutral colours and with better insructions. However, it would not stop me recommending this as an ideal family gift.

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