In The Night Garden live

When we saw the adverts for In The Night Garden Live several months ago, we knew we had to get tickets for Ella. At the time she loved Iggle Piggle. So we checked dates, times and prices and chose 24th September as I would be off work on the September weekend. It cost over £50 for the 3 of us, as we decided to opt for the premium seats – front 4 rows, to allow Ella to see.

In The Night Garden Live

However, as time passed, Ella became less and less interested in the programme. Regardless we were going, and all this week we have got Iggle Piggle dancing toy out, and put In the Night Garden on the TV to encourage her. Each time we were met with “NO NO NO” Oh dear we thought, this could be a disaster.
So yesterday, Neil came home from work early, only to find a very tired Ella who was refusing to sleep.
We headed into Glasgow, when she eventually fell asleep – just as we were heading for some dinner. SO instead of dinner, we bought crisps and juice to take with us, and thought we would have dinner after the show.
We arrived at Glasgow Green, but weren’t sure where the show would be. So decided it would be best to park in the “official” car park – which lets be honest was a dump! Having left the pram at home, we thought we would only have a very short walk to the arena. No! We had to cross a very busy part of the road, and then walk a fair distance. Still Neil was there to carry the heavy lump! hehehe.
Along the walk there were signs with the Pinky Ponk showing the direction. Ella clocked these signs, and began very excitedly chatting and pointing at them. It became a game to find the next sign.
As we arrived at the dome, she seemed really excited – we had spent the entire day / walk saying we were going to see Iggle Piggle so not sure if any of that had sunk in.
In the queue, there were loads of children dressed up, and this amused Ella no end! She pointed at each one shouting what we think was “daisy”.
As the doors opened, it was time to go in. As we arrived inside the dome, Ella became very animated. She honestly didn’t know what to look at first. As we walked to our seats, the place was all decorated just like the Garden. She was beside herself with excitement by now!. Every 10 mins or so, the voice over from the show would talk about how long to go, also make some comment about one of the characters. We choose to sit centre stage on the 2nd row, but Ella sat on the first row. Every time she looked around another shout of glee as she found images of Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and the Pontypines wee house.
Then the lights went down, and the show was ready to start. On the walls of the dome, they projected the initial scenes of the programme – including with the child’s hand and the starry sky. Then on came a puppet Iggle Piggle in his boat. The magic had began. All the characters came on as puppets and Ella was delighted.
Then in the background Iggle Piggle’s tune was played. The life size Iggle Piggle keeked out round from the back of the stage. Poor Ella nearly wet herself – well actually having felt how wet her nappy was about half way through the show was she probably did hehehehe.
For the rest of the show, a combination of life size characters, puppets and projections were available at all times. Ella was totally mesmerized. The only downside was that at an hour long – it was probably too long for a 19 month old. Although that said, she still sat mesmerized – better than many of the older children. However, she had moved from sitting on her own in the front row to our knees. Which is when the nappy became so full, that she pee’ed on my knee! ooooops.
At the end of the show, they followed the pattern of the show, and after the story each character was put to bed. Ella, knowing the show all too well, realised that this was clearly the end of the show and became quite hysterical. She was upset the show was over – because she had enjoyed it so much. However as Iggle Piggle came out to show he wasn’t in bed, she calmed down enough to wave goodbye to him. She even managed a smile and a wave to the staff on the way out the door.
So we have to say that despite having to pay an adult price for Ella, that was definately the best £50 we have ever spent! And now today, Mickey Mouse ( her new best pal) has been demoted once again in favour for, no not Iggle Piggle or Upsy Daisy, but in fact Makka Pakka. She has spent all day today shouting “Makka” and so we have a new word in her vocabulary as well.
I would completely recommend going to see the show if you have a small child – even those who liked the programme in the past would love it. Totally something for everyone. Well done the producers for putting together such a wonderfully entrancing show.

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