Hot Dogs and Pushchairs

Well, I’ve seen it all now!  I thought I’d been around a bit and that not much would throw me nowadays.

How wrong I could be.  On a recent holiday, while ambling through a shopping mall, I almost missed something, but then a little alarm bell rang in the far recesses of my mind just as I was about to pass it.  So I stepped back two or three paces and rubbed my eyes.

Pushchairs for dogs?That’s not…. surely can’t be… unbelievable… It certainly was, you know.  A shop selling pushchairs.  Yes, pushchairs! FOR DOGS!  For crying out loud, whatever next, and then my eyes gazed deeper into the shop and saw all sorts of outfits, coats, ribbons, CAKES!, snacks and all manner of other human decadences – custom built, and appropriately priced for those dog owners who are rich enough, and let’s face it, mental enough to spend their hard earned money on such things.

Now come on, a few hundred quid on a pushchair for one of the sprogs hurts the wallet, but can you imagine forking out the equivalent of over £400 on a pushchair for your mutt!  I had no option but to hang my head in despair and take a photo just to make sure that it wasn’t all a weird dream.

Can you top this? If so, let me know!

Nigel Crawford (14 Posts)

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  1. Lynn Butterworth says:

    Only in America!!!!