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Annoying MonstersThese Annoying Monsters from 50 Fifty Toys really are infuriating and well …… annoying! They burp, they fart, you name it, they do it! Each of the bright, cheeky characters has its own name and has seriously irritating habits that will annoy the hell out of Mum & Dad and endear them forever to your little ones. These gobby Annoying Monsters are fun Christmas presents to give to kids and I would say if you gave one to say your 6 year old nephew you would be the World’s fave Aunty! Our reviewers’ children loved them too! Read what they think of Annoying Monsters.

Freya Design Sewing BoxLove this Sewing Box from Freya Design .  Let’s be fair, most of us have sewing stuff around the house but how many of us actually have a proper sewing box? I have an old Quality Street tin and my Mum has an old Roses tin. (There’s a theme here I think.) Freya has some really lovely boxes for all sorts of different occasions and the best thing is that they can all be personalised. Am considering getting a Jewellery Box for my niece from Freya!

Dinosaur ClockI love this Friendly Dinosaur Wall Clock from Kids’ Rooms . It doesn’t just look good but it’s useful too and us Mums love buying toys with a dual-purpose. It’s a lovely accessory for a boy’s bedroom although even as I type that I can hear how sexist that sounds. It’s hand-painted and as it’s got a silent mechanism, your little ones won’t moan about the ticking keeping them awake. And we all know how much children love any excuse not to go to sleep.

BrainBox Games have got so many brilliant games that it’s difficult to single one World History Brainbox Gamesout really. Their games tend to bring plenty of fun to learning and help teach vital skills along with a bit of healthy competition! Children love learning about stuff that happened in the ‘olden days’ and World History is a brilliant way for the kids to learn about everything from the Greeks capturing Troy to the first moon landing!

If you’re one of the many people tightening the pursestrings through necessity this year thPaolo Penguin Thorntonsen Wilkinsons  is a really good shop to try and visit. Whether you’re doing Xmas on a Budget or simply being sensible, then it’s worth taking a look. Some incredibly good value-for-money toddler toys in particular there!

Paolo ThePenguin from Thorntons would make a lovely little stocking filler. He’s a cute & cuddly penguin toy full of Thorntons milk chocolate penguins and not a bad price too.

Bjorn BearThe IKEA Soft Toy Campaign aims to raise funds for children’s educational programmes across the world. For every soft toy, kids meal and book bought in stores up until December 23rd, the IKEA Foundation will donate €1 to UNICEF and Save The Children!  The soft toy range has loads of really cute products including this year’s special bear, BJORN who even has his own Twitter feed – @Bjorn_Bear . Bjorn’s a snip at 99p!!!

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