British Red Cross – First Aid For Baby and Child

British Red Cross First Aid CPRI’ve recently been looking around for first aid courses to attend as my first aid knowledge was a bit rusty and having three young children made me question my ability to act in an emergency.

Accidents & incidents happen when you least expect them and I thought I needed to be more prepared so I decided on the British Red Cross – First Aid for Baby and Child course, as among other things, this first aid course is fully certificated. Secondly, I would have struggled to take this on a week day, but the option of a Saturday course meant I had child care, as I would one of the evening courses. This course would suit any expectant couples and baby & child carers (parents, grand parents, foster parents, baby sitters etc) 18 years+.

When I was booking this course I had a letter & email detailing the course date, time and venue with good written directions & a map. It also mentioned wearing loose fitting clothes and flat shoes which was ideal when doing practical role plays.

child with broken armI arrived early not to get refused entry as the course details were very clear that late entrants would not be accepted. The facilities were easy to find, parking was easy, and the facilities were very clean. We were also offered complimentary hot & cold drinks throughout the day during our regular breaks.

The teacher was very friendly and approachable which put me at ease when asking questions, and as there were nine of us on the course (including three expectant Mums) there was a good atmosphere.

The course itself was mainly on the big screen but we covered many practical situations which definitely helped as we were able to put into practice what we’ve learnt. We covered many common & important topics from raised temperatures, choking, burns, bleeding & allergic reactions to unconscious babies and children (to name but a few). I was most interested in the CPR and was really glad I did the course as it had changed since the last time I covered it! I know first aid is updated regularly and quite often changes so I think I’ll do an update this time next year to keep me up to date on all practices.

I would highly recommend this First Aid Course to anyone caring for babies & children. For a cost of approximately £37.50, it is a small price to pay when you find yourself needing this knowledge at home, in the playground or anywhere with your children or others.


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