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Baby Born InteractiveWhat do you get the little girl who has everything?  A doll. Ah, but you say, surely she already has a doll.

I’ve seen your blogs old man, and your daughter Caitlin has 3,216 dolls in every shade, shape, size and something else beginning with ssss. True dat. But, she doesn’t have a Baby Born. These have been about for a while now and have a great reputation for lifelikeness. The one we’ve bought Caitlin for Christmas does a huge amount that should do one of two things for Caitlin. It will either send her natural maternal instincts into overdrive and she will become some sort of Über-mum who will probably take over the running of our family unit in three years’  time when she’s 5.  Alternatively, it’ll put her off dolls and babies for life.

The Baby Born Interactive we have plumped for has a variety of different functions allowing kids to feed her before she cries, give her a drink and watch as she wees on her potty. You can even take her in the bath to clean the little mite. The nice thing about the doll is the size, just 43cms, which means that Caitlin will be able to lug her around quite nicely. She comes with a sweet pink suit and has a mixture of Baby Born Bathaccessories like plates, spoons, potty, nappy etc.  Caitlin already has a very active imagination when it comes to playing with her ‘beebies’ but none of her dolls currently react to her various ridiculous shenanigans. I imagine that finding one that actually responds to her direct actions would send her over the edge in plastic-baby-Heaven. She’ll absolutely love it!

In the past these have been quite pricey but considering that this doll does so much you can find them onAmazon around the £30 mark. I don’t know, some of you might think that’s too pricey, and it has to be said that we’ve got some dolls for less than a quarter of that. All the same, we have several friends whose kids have grown up with these and they all love them to bits. Know what I’m guessing? It’s a safe bet Caitlin will be asleep on Christmas afternoon with only one toy cuddled in her chubby pink arms.

by Dave Fouracre aka Dave the Dad

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