A Twin Christmas

With only 6 days till Christmas, it is even more hectic than usual in our house. Ella is nearly 3 now, and very aware of the implications of Christmas. The twins are 9 months old.

My tree resembles half a card shop with all the personalised decorations – first Christmas for each of the girls, and 2 different kinds of name ones each. Am running out of room for my normal decorations. My special cards are currently double the amount of normal Christmas cards.

The twins have very different personalities forming already. Abbie the boss, and Katie seems to be the more placid one. Abbie is regularly known to hit, slap, or bite Katie to get what she wants – Katie’s dummy even though she has her own, a toy Katie is playing with etc. While teething Abbie is smart enough to know that biting her hand with teeth hurts, so she gnaws on Katie’s instead. Katie takes all of this for so long, and then retaliates.

Other differences in their personalities are the sleeping habits. Katie is almost impossible to get to sleep, but if you achieve it, she will happily sleep for several hours at a time. Abbie however goes to sleep really easily, but will only catnap for a few minutes. Also Katie will babble away to everyone in a 3 foot vicinity. Abbie won’t! Abbie much prefers to scream and shout for attention!

So when buying toys for my 2, make sure there is 2 of everything. Otherwise they fight. Yes they have very different personalities, but still want whatever the other has. Thankfully they haven’t started wanting to choose their own clothes yet, or I could be in big trouble.

People still ask me how I tell them apart. They aren’t even that similar facially. My answer:- Abbie has much much more hair than Katie, also Katie has big brown eyes and Abbie has blue.

I do feel as if I am always apologising to people who pick them up. They both have a fascination for pulling hair, fiddling with necklaces, playing with glasses and examining teeth. My mum is like all their Christmas’ have come at once – glasses, necklace, hair long enough to pull.

We have moved them up to forward-facing car seats and with Ella in the middle of them on her booster seat so car journeys are fun again. Baths are great too. All 3 of them in the same bath does mean lots of splashing.

Roll on 6 days time when the fun of Christmas takes over my house – tonnes of wrapping paper, empty boxes and of course lots and lots of new toys. Need to make sure don’t throw any children out with all the wrapping paper….

Happy Christmas Everyone
Fee xxx

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