Britain is Best for Family Breaks

Britain is Best for Family Breaks
New research carried out by Nick Jr, shows that despite our notoriously unpredictable weather, almost 50% of parents with kids under the age of five choose to stay here in the UK for their family holidays.

The study, which questioned over 1,000 parents, found that just under a third of respondents were enticed by the lure of Spain's siestas, sunshine and sangria, whilst France came out as the third most popular destination, with a quarter of parents opting to take their under fives there. Despite the ten-hour flight time, the USA beats Tenerife and Italy as a family holiday destination, with 1 in 5 parents taking their toddlers for a transatlantic break.

More exotic destinations such as Turkey and Africa also made it into the top ten family holiday destinations.

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The research also uncovered just how much the average family holiday costs, with a quarter of parents admitting they spend in excess of £2,000 on their annual holiday and 1 in 5 families spending a whopping £3,500. 'The results of this survey prove that Britain really is best when it comes to a family friendly break,' says Howard Litton, Managing Director of Nickelodeon UK. 'It seems that parents are prepared to splash out when it comes to holiday time together, to ensure it is full of fun whether they are in Bognor or Barcelona.'

The top ten destinations for families with pre-school children were as follows:

1st UK
2nd Spain
3rd France
4th America/USA
5th Tenerife
6th Italy
7th Ibiza
8th Caribbean
9th Turkey
10th Africa


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