Nappy Rash

Nappy Rash
There are very few babies that escape this skin problem and most will encounter it at some point during their nappy period

There are literally thousands of products available on the market to treat this problem, of which some are effective and others just a waste of time and money. There are also many that create an image of being natural but if you read the ingredients list you'll find something quite different. There are currently very relaxed labelling laws in the UK and many companies use the words 'Natural or Organic' on their packaging giving a gentle natural image. The reality often is very different. Organic does not only mean natural and chemical free but also means anything that contains carbon, which is basically everything that exists on the earth - including synthetic chemicals! It is a scientific name meaning that the ingredient comes from the earth. This is very misleading and quite unfair particularly when dealing with babies and children. Please try to learn as much as you can to help yourself to read product labels.


Nappy rash is a simple disorder of the skin that requires just a few simple ingredients to protect the skin and reduce the inflammation.

The cause of this problem is an accumulation of toxins in the skin generally coming from the stool or urine as it makes contact with the skin. This causes irritation and reddening which shows that there is heat building up in the skin. This heat leads to a burning sensation, chapping of the skin and eventually the skin becomes damaged and in severe cases infected.

Herbal medicine can be used externally to release the heat from the skin, soothe the irritation and protect the skin from further damage. The best way to use herbs is in a ready made product that can be left on.

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