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Pram Envy - A New Phenomenon

Pram Envy - A New Phenomenon
'Great off road', 'handles like a dream', 'nice bodywork' - once reserved for men describing their motors, these phrases are now as likely to be used by new dads extolling the virtues of their baby's wheels, according to recent research.

Research of nearly 350 new dads identifies a new trend dubbed 'Pram Envy', where men faced with fatherhood live out their motoring aspirations through their new pram purchase. Over a quarter of men admit to envying another man's pram while almost the same number boast about their own buggy to friends and family.

The survey also revealed:

Bullet  Nearly a third (30 per cent) of all men chose their pram because of the special features - and more than a quarter (28 per cent) chose theirs for its handling and manoeuvrability.
Bullet  Dream special features include an electric cover, a DVD player, live football scores, satellite navigation, power steering and even a speedometer
Bullet  More than a quarter (27 per cent) of new dads have given their pram a weekend wash and polish
Bullet  Seven per cent would compare their pram to a Porsche 911

With 28 per cent of new dads saying they had to trade in their beloved motor for something more 'baby friendly', the new pram has become a vehicle for their car aspirations. While a comfortable seat and four wheels may have been good enough in years gone by, 21st century dads now want something a little extra to make them stand out from the crowds.

Asked what features they'd most like added to their pram, one in five (21 per cent) dads want to go convertible with an electric buggy cover while 14 per cent crave the addition of a live football scores service and 11 per cent want their pram trips spiced up with the addition of a built in DVD player.

The boy racer spirit often survives well beyond the teen years but it now seems that even the absence of a motor vehicle fails to curb a dad's need for speed. One in 14 (7 per cent) of those surveyed openly admit to racing their pram against other dads and the same number (7 per cent) want to clock their top speeds through the introduction of a speedometer.

My other pram's a Porsche....

Driving an unfashionable car has long been a major 'no no' for the self respecting male and it appears the same is now true when it comes to being seen pushing a pram on the streets. Of all the top high street brands, Mamas & Papas prams were found to be the most envied on the pavements with Silvercross and Graco ranking second and third respectively.

When asked to compare their pram to a car, over a fifth (21 per cent) likened it to a functional Ford Mondeo, one in seven (14 per cent) like to think they were handling the king of off-roaders the Land Rover, and seven per cent feel the power of the Porsche 911 as they push their pram around.

Richard Duggleby, head of external relations at Yell, publisher of Yellow Pages directories said: "Perhaps, in the future, someone wishing to transform their pram will be looking up directory entries under a 'Pram Customising' classification.'

This is what Mamas & Papas have come up with as a prototype of the ultimate "man-pram" of the future....


December 2006

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