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For Advertisers

For Advertisers
TheBabyWebsite is one of the UK's favourite parenting websites.

Bullet TheBabyWebsite.com is a pregnancy, baby and parenting website offering mums and mums-to-be real practical solutions.
Bullet We like to think that we make mums' lives easier by providing friendly and honest advice.
Bullet TheBabyWebsite has lots of Expert Advice as well as tried and tested tips from real mums.

Advertising Rates

There are plenty of opportunities on TheBabyWebsite for branding, product awareness, direct response or lead generation.

Panels (120x120px), buttons(120x60), skyscrapers(120x600), leaderboards(728x90)and MPUs(300x250) can all be booked.

Display rates

Leader £13cpm
Mpu £18cpm
Banner on Mobile Site £13.50cpm
Expandable formats are also considered.

All advertising prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

cpm = cost per thousand page impressions so if you want your banner to be shown 50,000 times, it will cost (50 x 13) £650.

Ads can also be bought for a fixed price for a fixed time if you'd prefer. Please contact us directly for a quote.


Advertorial - Up to a 1000 word advertorial page with images, text links, logo and ad for £300 (advertorials available for new start-up companies from £200)


Competitions are a very popular option. We have a very high response to our competitions. Minimum prize value is £150 and this can be one prize or a combination of several prizes. All we need is one paragraph of copy, an image and a logo to get started! Competitions usually remain 'live' for 8 weeks.

The cost of running a competition is £195, which includes data capture and social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest as well as promotion via other sites to maximise impact.

Alternatively, a competition can be arranged for a £40 administration fee and a minimum prize value of £150. However this option will not include data capture.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of an entire area of TheBabyWebsite is possible.
Bullet Section, Channel and Forum sponsorship
Bullet Tool sponsorship: Ovulation calendar, Pregnancy Calendar

Sponsorship involves branding throughout the section - so a logo and link on every page of the section. For example in the Competition Section, there are generally around 20 new competitions , the Winners page and the 'Thank You for Entering' page. You would have a logo and link-through to one of your own advertorials on our site and to your own site. Payment is negotiated on an annual basis. Sponsorship is available from £250 to £10,000.

For all advertising and sponsorship queries please email us at info [at] thebabywebsite.com or call 02920 843786


TheBabyWebsite is happy to run surveys for clients. The survey results are generally a good basis from which to create interesting ‘stories’ and press releases. If you would like us to run a survey, then we suggest offering a prize of something like £200 of M&S or similar Gift Vouchers to motivate readers to click onto the survey and answer the questions.

You provide the questions then we create the survey and the competition page. We administer the whole thing and encourage people to take part via social media etc. At the end, we’ll send you the survey results and the competitions winner’s details. We will then host the resulting ‘story’ you create and hopefully many other websites and news outlets will do the same.

The cost is £700 and then of course the price of the prize offered. For an additional £250, we will also write the 'story' for you.

Product Reviews

Companies can send products out to members of TheBabyWebsite. Members will then post their reviews in the Product Review section. All we require from you is an image to create a dedicated review page for your company or product and you need to tell us how many reviewers you'd like to send to.

E-marketing Opportunities

Newsletter recipients: 38,000 but the newsletters are also linked-to from the top bar of every page of our site and shared across ALL Social Media
E-Newsletter sponsorship : Permanent banner, 50 words of text, logo & links @ £350. Click on some of the links here - NEWSLETTERS to see some of our most recent Newsletters.

User Profile

Average user is female and age 27.
Over 90% of our visitors are female.
77% of our visitors are aged between 25 and 35
30% are pregnant
Over 86% have more than one child under the age of 3
Over 90% also have more than one child aged 3-16 years

We have over 90,000 members
In 2015 we had 356,000 Unique Users

Most Visited Sections : Competitions, Baby Names, Pregnancy, Ovulation Calendar, Pregnancy Calendar, Trying For A Baby

For any other information please call 02920 843786 or email us at info [at] thebabywebsite.com .

Our full Media Pack (pdf) can be downloaded here.

All rates are exclusive of vat.

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