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A Contented House with Twins

A Contented House with Twins
TV presenter and mother of twins, Alice Beer, joins forces with Britain's bestselling childcare author, Gina Ford, to address the joys, difficulties and recommended routines for mothers of twins

This is all in a book, A Contented House with Twins.

Combining Alice's personal knowledge of bringing up her own twin girls - Phoebe and Dora - with Gina's twenty plus years of hands-on experience in childcare, the book gives sincere and frank advice to mothers with, or expecting, more than one baby that will help lead to calm and confident parenting.

A Contented House with Twins guides parents to understanding the needs of each individual child and helps them establish both simple feeding and sleeping routines, by providing hour-by-hour and week-by-week guidance based on a baby's age. It is through creating these routines - that match a growing baby's natural rhythms - that parents can prevent the hunger, overtiredness and colic that can cause excessive crying.

Detailed with prescriptive information on everything parents need to know to successfully help them through the twins' first year of life, the book is user-friendly, informative and reassuring. It is divided into eight sections, taking the parents by the hand to guide and advise them on every aspect of caring for their newborns; beginning with preparing for the twins arrival, continuing through to breast feeding, sleep routines and culminating in a chapter on introducing solid foods.

Alice writes both honestly and humorously about her own experiences of having her twin girls and her accounts are supplemented by Gina's invaluable and practical advice perfected from caring for over 300 babies - 16 sets of which were twins - during her time as a much sought after maternity nurse.

Alice herself followed Gina's The New Contented Little Baby Book and found it invaluable. She says: "Gina's unique strategy is both easy to follow and remarkably effective, and after several weeks of reading Gina 's original book I put it down and started putting the advice into practice. The origins of A Contented House with Twins are firmly based in Gina's guidance from her previous books, but adapted to take into account the demands of two babies rather than one! '

A Contented House with Twins is an intelligent and helpful companion to both new and experienced mothers of twins. Following the routines and advice given in the book is a lifestyle choice for parents resulting in not one, but two, very happy and contented babies.

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ALICE BEER has been a journalist and broadcaster for over 20 years and is best known for her consumer expertise, presenting programmes such as BBC 's Watchdog, Healthcheck and The Heaven & Earth Show. She regularly reports for holiday and current affairs programmes and contributes to a variety of newspapers and magazines whilst bringing up her three year old twin daughters.

GINA FORD's first book, THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK, published in 1999, was a runaway success that caught on through enthusiastic, word-of-mouth recommendation. Since then it has consistently been the bestselling parenting book in the UK, having sold over half a million copies to date.

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