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The Digital Age Has Transformed The Way We Parent

The Digital Age Has Transformed The Way We Parent
With more parents heavily relying on parenting networks

• Almost half (49%) of mums use parenting networks to find new things to do and places to go with their children.
• Half of mums (51%) share hints and tips on parenting networks
• Mumsnet is the most popular choice
• Six out of ten UK mums with young kids (60%) use online parenting networks
Research released today has shown how important online parenting apps/social networks have become to UK parents looking for advice: a whopping 60% of mums with children under five – and a quarter (26%) of dads with equally young kids – now use them.
The most popular is Mumsnet, visited by two-thirds (67%) of the Brits who use these networks. In addition, 40% visit Emma’s Diary and a third (33%) use Babycenter.
More than three-quarters (78%) of mums with kids under five say parenting networks provide a brilliant support system. Meanwhile, more than half of mothers (51%) use them to share hints and tips with other new parents – and this rises to 63% among dads.
The study spoke with 2,500 UK adults and was carried out by media agency UM London. It forms part of the Momentous Book of Moments, an in-depth analysis of the UK’s online and social media habits.
It further revealed that 44% of mums with children under five – and two-thirds (67%) of dads – said that they felt more prepared for parenthood thanks to these specialist social networks. The stereotype that men are unwilling to ask for directions or read the manual seems to fall away when the potential for crying babies and soiled nappies is involved.
Around half (49%) of those mums also used them to find new places to go and things to do with their children. And one in seven (14%) admitted that they share things on parenting networks that they’d never share on other social media; 15%, for example, have posted photos of their baby bumps.
George McMahon, Insight Executive at UM London, comments: “Given how daunting parenthood can be, it’s no surprise that specialist parenting networks are an increasingly popular form of social media. They give new mums – and dads – the chance to connect and share tips with other people going through similar experiences. They also give brands a great place to reach parents and become part of their support system.
“Your childless friends on Facebook might ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over pictures of your baby, but they’ll be a lot less able to offer solid, first-hand advice on how to deal with colic. Whereas with dedicated websites, online forums and mobile apps, parenting networks are available 24/7 and you know everyone there has faced the same challenges.”

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