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Laura Loves Joie Stages Isofix

Laura Loves Joie Stages Isofix

The Joie Stages is Joie’s offering to the multi-group car seat market. It spans Group 0+, 1 and 2, taking babies from newborn right the way to a staggering seven years; it is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to multi level.

The previous Stages model didn’t incorporate the Isofix, but the base now comes with the Stages chair, which is a really key safety point and makes it simpler to set up.

To install, it’s a little niggly, you really want to ensure you get it right so I consulted the manual numerous times. It’s less of one you want to hump from car to car frequently due to size as opposed to weight, however the base makes it a lot simpler to transfer if you do need to.

The seat as a baby chair is rearward and can stay this way until they reach 18kg, so for extended use, then switches to forward facing with a push button.

Popping 16 month Marley in was really easy, the shape of the seat is spot on and the harness and buckle are pretty standard for a Group 1 seat so require no extra consultation.

For flexibility it has a pretty impressive seven adjustable positions – clearly a baby and seven year old will have different strengths, preferences and safety requirements, so it is good to see such breadth for optimum safety and consideration to your child’s comfort.

The variations of headrest and harness actually work in tandem, which is a really handy timesaver, and relieves parents of the need to re-thread and start calculating weight/size against even more fittings on the chair.

When it comes to the chair, the only downside I found was that in the rear facing position on more of a reclined setting, it takes up a decent amount of depth from the back seat perspective, which ultimately makes the front seat more limited on leg space, as it needs to be fairly far forward. Forward facing was less of an issue.

Unique to this chair is the Tri-Protect™ headrest. This comes with three layers of security including patented Intelli-Fit™, a type of memory foam that essentially means it is really padded, plush and comfortable, but behind this it is robustly built with safety in mind so more substance over the immediate style. It also features enhanced safety side impact wings that pull out to provide max safety for your child.

The harness is easy to tighten, by similarly pulling a tether to fix them in snugly. It feels secure and sits neatly on over the shoulder.

Marley sat very comfortably as I twisted, turned and tested out the chair. It moves smoothly from positions meaning transferring a sleeping baby is slightly easier, and the soft breathable padding, from elements such as the harness covers, validate that wellbeing is really at the forefront for babies. For newborns, there is also a removable cushion insert to nestle them in and ensure all the positionings align correctly over a smaller child.

The outer is great for washing – a must whenever a little one even spots a lone biscuit that they somehow devour into a million pieces while in their car seat!

For the older years, you remove all the harnesses and buckles and utilise the car seat belt so it has the elements of a booster but with the protection of a car seat. Testing it with my five year old, she looked at me a little strange when I said I needed her to test out the same chair as Marley, but she soon was on board and I really liked that she had plenty of supplementary protection compared to a simple booster seat.

Overall it’s a fantastic seat. Personally I feel it really excels around the Group 1 area (9 months to four year age range), taking in the best of safety practise that you expect from a newborn chair, but with the added support and growth capacity from an older chair so it has that extra structural support. It has been rigorously tested, above and beyond EU requirements coming out as one of the safest currently on the market so a great choice.

The Joie Stages Isofix is priced £300. For more information and stockist details, visit http://uk.joiebaby.com/product/stages-isofix/

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