Laura Loves Halfords Camping

Laura Loves Halfords Camping
My family holidays are made of trips camping, whether it be in the tent or caravan, my parents used to take the opportune weekends to hit the road on a Friday night for our own mini adventure and we absolutely adored it!

As a parent, I really enjoy the flexibility that comes with being able to pitch up at a place of your choice, whether it’s pre planned or not. The closer to nature and outdoors definitely appeals to the kids now that they’re getting older as well (maybe ever so slightly less for me but hey ho!)

So we decided to deck ourselves out with some proper kit and picked up some great buys from Halfords. The nice thing is that Halfords is a super handy one stop shop when it comes to camping – there’s pretty much one in every town, it has everything you need from pegs to family tents; and to top it off, I’ve found the staff so knowledgeable that they can easily put the confidence in the most novice of camper.

So…our shopping list comprised of:

Urban Escape Four Man Dome Tent, £60 – Pop up tents are my kind of tent – it’s so simple and easy to set up, and takes away all the aggravation that more complex structures bring meaning you spend more time enjoying your time away than prep for it. It took us about 15-20 minutes the first time, but now we know how to do it, I feel we could easily knock that down to ten minutes. It does feature poles, but they’re integrated so it is more of an intuitive simple and straightforward structure that works with you to build.

Space wise it’s adequate for two adults, and two children but don’t expect much storage space. It isn’t the highest of tents so be prepared for some knee bending on a regular basis. It’s good quality – strong and lightweight and although it didn’t rain during our stay, it is suitable for use during heavy rain. For a bargain price of £60 it’s perfect for the infrequent weekend camping family.

Sleeping Bags – Halfords have a good range of sleeping bags. The kids picked out some colourful floral and spotty designs, which are a bit more interesting than your average block colour options. Excitedly snuggling in, they’re not too heavy so perfect for the warmer months and open up with easy access side zip for simple breathability. Hubby and I shared a double envelope sleeping bag, a comfortable summer bag – just watch out that your co-sleeper is sharing the covers fairly!

There’s a lot more to our camping trip and I would love to say we just shoved in a tent and sleeping bags and were on our way, but we were very much the epitome of a family taking everything bar the kitchen sink with the car loaded to maximum capacity. Our Halfords haul extended to camping chairs – check out the cute mini structures; tartan picnic blanket – essential for al fresco dining and air beds – a must have if you want a comfortable night sleep.

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