Tea Time Tension

Tea Time Tension
Under constant pressure to lead Instagram-perfect family lives, new research from Birds Eye and Mumsnet reveals that UK mums are feeling the mealtime pressure like never before. The research found that only 7% of UK mums breeze through mealtimes, while the vast majority experience some level of stress. 70% of UK mums turn to frozen food to relieve some of that pressure and make tea times easier. Other tea time hacks can be found below.

Top five mum hacks to make tea times calmer:
1. Using frozen food to save time (70%)
2. Getting children to help with the meal preparation (53%)
3. Disguising foods children don’t like (37%)
4. Make food more fun with shapes and faces (36%)
5. Offer a sweet treat to the kids only if they finish tea (35%)
Of the 70% of mums using frozen food at meal times, more than 30% feel guilty about the nutritional value of the choices they feed their family.
Addressing misconceptions about frozen:
Having just relaunched its entire chicken range, Birds Eye is on a mission to challenge common misconceptions about frozen food and take the guilt out of frozen food. Birds Eye chicken can offer a quick and nutritious tea time choice that:

• Is made with 100% chicken breast
• No artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
• Is packed with protein
• Quick & Easy to Prepare
Speaking about the relaunch of chicken and the new research, Steve Challouma from Birds Eye said:
“At Birds Eye we want to celebrate mums and dads across the country and share in the joys and trials of raising a family. It can be a competitive world in the media and online, where many mums are worried about being criticised for their parenting choices. Increasingly short on time, more & more parents are turning to frozen food. But almost a third feel guilty about the nutritional value of the meals they are feeding their little ones. We want to reassure all parents that frozen food can offer a well-balanced and nutritious tea time choice.”
Nutritious 20 Minute Meals with Birds Eye:
As an increasing number of UK mums spend more than 45 minutes preparing food for their family, Birds Eye partnered with the following influencers to create meals in just 20-minutes. This aimed to halve the amount of time parents would usually spend in the kitchen as well as to remind mums across the UK that Birds Eye frozen chicken can be used in a number of different nutritionally balanced meals removing the guilt often associated with using ingredients from the freezer.
Influencer recipes inspired by Birds Eye:
Toby and Roo
Someone’s Mum
Brummy Mummy of 2
Honest Mum
Not Another Mummy Blog
Slummy Single Mummy
The London Dad
In response to the recent survey findings and influencer inspired recipes, co- founder of Mumsnet, Carrie Longton says, 'Family tea-time can be a bit like Christmas: too much pressure, not enough time, and nothing looks as good as your friends' social media posts. Being able to conjure something up from the freezer that's both guilt-free and speedy means less stress and more time together, so it's great that Birds Eye are working hard to make mealtimes both fast and nutritious.'

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