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Chicco Trio StyleGo

Chicco Trio StyleGo
As many of my friends know that with me I just love a bargain. And when I say bargain I’m hesitant to refer to bargain as ‘cheap as chips’ as that implies it could be a purchase you don’t really need or a reflection on the poor quality, so my phrase of choice is more ‘value for money’.

So how does this fit into my review – well let’s just summarise before we get into the nitty gritty and say that the Chicco Trio StyleGo fits the ‘value for money’ box perfectly.

So, the StyleGo doesn’t actually tell you much in the name but it’s a three piece set from Chicco that comprises of a pushchair, carrycot and Group 0 baby car seat all in one box. My first observation – its one huge box and that is the understatement of the year! It’s a massive box!

Inside the box there’s clearly the three items and I’ll break it down focusing on each one separately.

For me, the star of this set is the pushchair. It’s very easy to set up and took less than 15 minutes following some of the easy to digest instructions. It looks smart with a black chassis and the chair lining material is thickly woven but has softness for little one’s comfort too.

It delivers on being a great all rounded pushchair, I am not convinced it excels in any particular remit but that’s not an issue as it features some great elements for wellbeing of both parents and baby including a one hand fold, front and rear suspension, spacious shopping basket and lockable wheels.

The seat features the option of parent or world facing with lots of flexibility in settings – adjustable leg rests and reclining options, which demonstrate some strong growth options for longevity, but also considerable comfort dependant upon your child’s shape and sizing.

I mentioned the suspension – it has a double approach as all four wheels feature shock absorbers and pushing it on a mix of smooth and rough terrains, it has a smooth continuity that is pleasant and doesn’t require too much onus on strength from a parent.

The pushchair itself is designed for babies from around six months of age, but thanks to the carrycot it can be used from birth. The lie flat carrycot clicks on to the frame with ease. It is largely enough for newborns to stretch out, but provides that much-needed cocoon and security. The sunshade is of decent depth and the apron is full with easy access thanks to a two-sided fastening that together provide plenty of shade from the elements. The addition of a three-point harness makes it an incredibly good carrycot that is easily comparable and on par with most luxury brands’ offering out there.

The last component of this set is the Oasys Group 0+ car seat. What I particularly liked is that Chicco have bundled together some of their most popular items into one package as opposed to filtering in sub standard products to sell as travel system. Fortunately the Oasys has garnered strong reviews since it’s foray to market some time ago. It’s a great baby car seat option that is sturdy, easily adjustable and features comfortable thick breathable padding.

It clicks onto the accompanying base for enhanced security, ease of use and general speed when fitting within a car. It drops easily onto the StyleGo frame and removes just as simply meaning you can usually transfer from car to the great outdoors during those times when baby falls asleep in the car without needing to disturb them.

Overall as a travel system what stood out for me was the size, it’s noticeably narrower and I believe it measures in at just 50cm wide, which is ideal for navigating round shops and tighter spaces. Travel systems have a habit of being big and bulky but this is niftier, slimmer and lighter. It is a great push and a rare feature is the fairly compact fold it features as a collapsed unit.

Coming back round to my opening exclamation - price has certainly got to factor in this review. The set is priced £600 from Mothercare – that’s amazing value for parents looking for some of the start up essentials for their newborn child. Better still, having a matching set from the same brand means that your car seat/pushchair are compatible and travel system ready so there’s no need to purchase additional adaptors or researching.

For more information on the Chicco Trio StyleGo, visit www.chicco.co.uk.

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