Summer Sandals

Star Wars Havaianas
Star Wars Havaianas
With the summer sun making a (semi!) regular appearance, in my household it has been time to fling out the winter wardrobe and welcome all things bright and summery.

The right sandals can be a tricky one to source for small growing feet so with three children of various shapes and sized feet and different needs, I have pinpointed three of my favourite picks with some great summer offers….

Great for Long Term Use - Bobux
For me Bobux has been establishing themselves as footwear of choice for my children with some excellent benefits to aid growing and developing feet. It’s a brand I trust and this confidence makes it so easy when it comes to choosing new styles as I am guaranteed the very best in quality when it comes to the material, maximum comfort and very best foot health, which basically leaves it down to me to choose new season’s footwear based wholly on personal preference of style.

This summer brings with it some fab new styles and colours. The girls range is pretty special and we decided to go for a flashy silver option that features a leather upper and lining material and robust double fastening which we found promotes great ankle support, but also makes them really well suited to not just leisurely summer walks but the hard-core stuff – runs around the field, long days at a theme park etc.

For the boys, there’s a lot of choice blending more traditional sandal styles with modern touches of details that take them from something you would ordinarily find on the high street to something that bit extra. The sandals all feature the soft quality leather/suede/canvas with complementary trim stitching and tight Velcro strapping for some full on stability and toughness.

Great for Mixed Weather - Crocs
Crocs are a kid’s staple shoe. For me, they won’t win any fashion statements but the familiar design and pretty impressive array of colour choices make them an ideal shoe that kids can easily slip on throughout the summer.

As a clog, they are incredibly stable and the holes provide breathability for the feet and good drainage for those surprise rainy days or just a run around a splash pad. The bumps on the upper soles provide a massage-like base for feet. Slipping feet in with ease, the back strap keeps the foot in a snug positioning, or if the strap is left up it provides more of a slip on open shoe.

There has recently been a lot of debate over whether Crocs are good or bad for your children’s feet. Research pretty much seems to claim that overall they are a good shoe with lots of seals of approval from official boards and doctors; however I think parents need to consider their own family set up – usage, time wearing them, comfort and so on. At the end of the day feet come in all shapes and sizes, and first and foremost for kids, they have to be comfortable as my kids clearly found them.

Great for Holidays - Havaianas
Havaianas scream summer and holidays! I have amassed a personal adult collection over the years, and the dinky sizes look a trend set to follow. For maximum exposure, they’re lightweight and are the next best thing to walking barefoot. Granted they don’t offer the same level of arch support or protection as other sandal options, but I think you tend to know that when you purchase them.

The rubber is actually incredibly soft, without any irritations or resistance, and the soles firm enough to provide adequate protection when stepping out.

There are some great designs for young children too, we loved the Disney Frozen Elsa/Anna flip flops and the Star Wards designs – it’s on the upper sole of the foot so the kids liked the hidden surprise element to show to their friends when they took the flip flops off!

I had some concerns that a flip-flop might be a struggle for my baby and pre-schoolers to walk in but they naturally walked with ease within minutes of trying them on. The baby Havaianas also come with a back strap for additional fitting, and I found Marley tottered about in these without fuss.

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