The new buggy organiser by BundleBean

The new buggy organiser by BundleBean

BundleBean has unveiled the new additions to the ever growing BundleBean family - a new range of buggy organisers to co-ordinate with their ever popular ranges of BundleBean covers.

Like the BundleBean hero products the Buggy Organisers will be available in Elephant, Penguin, Gecko and Flamingo. As with all BundleBean products the organisers will have a universal fit by using adjustable Velcro straps.

The Buggy Organiser fits neatly over the handlebars, fitting all two and one handed pushchairs / prams or strollers. This makes it perfect for keeping everyday essentials such as nappies, bottles and dummies (and no we don't mean Daddies!!!!) close to hand - within grabbing distance, thus preventing a mad scramble through a big nappy bag to find a bottle when the baby is howling.

The Buggy Organiser is taller than most organisers on the market giving more room and making it better for keeping bottles upright. It also has two neoprene bottle holders that stretch to fit all bottles, cups and beakers. It is also very easy to remove and take with you when you fold the pushchair or need to do a nappy change.

With a hidden secure close pocket for your phone or keys, a snap close top and semi rigid sides for easy access this Buggy Organiser is the perfect accessory for any busy parent on the go. It’s priced at just £14.99 and is available from

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