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New Product to Remedy the Symptoms of Reflux & Colic

New Product to Remedy the Symptoms of Reflux & Colic

Reflux and colic are two terms with which parents of newborn babies become very accustomed.  For many they can be the cause of great anxiety and stress.  There is however a solution at hand that can help remedy these problems…

Designed by experts, Babymoov’s NEW Cosydream+ is the first sleep positioner to include a 15-degree incline, gently elevating baby’s body at the head, to aid digestion and to keep airways clear.

Using the Cosydream+ after feeds and during supervised naps can help baby settle and rest peacefully without disturbance and discomfort, naturally preventing any stomach content from moving up towards the baby's throat.

Like the multi-award-winning Cosydream, the Cosydream+ delivers the ideal anatomical position for newborn babies.  The breathable memory foam design adapts perfectly to baby’s body shape, reducing musculoskeletal stress, whilst keeping the back well supported.  The anti-slip, adjustable positioning bolster helps keep baby in a semi-foetal position, working in tandem with the incline to decrease symptoms of reflux and colic, whilst the specially shaped headrest works to prevent the Flat-Head Syndrome.  The womb-like environment created by the Cosydream+ helps soothe and reassure baby, preventing the startle reflex which may cause baby to wake.

The Cosydream+ (£69.99 RRP) is suitable from birth to three-months, comes with a lifetime warranty and is available to purchase at: www.babymoov.co.uk

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