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Laura Loves Sleepyhead Grand

Laura Loves Sleepyhead Grand
As a mother to a young baby we ended up co-sleeping. It was never my intention but with feeding on demand combined with Marley’s reluctance to sleep in her Moses basket, we fell into it. This wasn’t the first time we had adopted this ‘bad habit’ and in an attempt to previously co-sleep safely used to construct a makeshift nest from cushions, so discovering the Sleepyhead was fantastic for peace of mind and safety.

For Sleepyhead virgins, the Sleepyhead is in essence a mobile mattress and bumper structure. It hugs your baby in a comforting way so they feel secure, and in turn, assists in generating a better night’s sleep for baby (and hopefully you!)

Marley has successfully slept in a Sleepyhead Deluxe from a young age, which we nestled between my husband and I in our bed, before moving to her own room locating it within her cot with ease. Marley is now 11 months old and has outgrown the Deluxe version so we felt it time to discover what the Grande had in store and if it could continue to offer the same benefits.

The first thing that struck me with the Grand version is just quite how grand it is!!! It is suitable from nine months right the way to three plus years so inevitably, your child will grow a lot and the size clearly demonstrates the space in which to do so!

Fortunately, it fits perfectly in your average-sized cot/toddler bed. It is a softer cushioning than the smaller version - firstly I think because it is bigger so it wouldn’t be able to hold the weight in the same way, but secondly because my baby is slowly morphing in to a toddler, and she doesn’t need the same structuring and support she needed as a floppier baby.

When choosing your baby’s mattress, there’s always a lot of attention to the materials and structure, and this isn’t amiss with the Sleepyhead. The Grand pod offers a perfect microclimate, with anti-microbial properties and proven air-permeability all to promote a safe sleep environment.

Although Marley is unable to tell me, I envisage that the softness of the side padding and base make it a cosier bed too, and Marley is fond of sleeping on her side with her arm cuddled into the Sleepyhead.

While it is a large piece of kit to tote around, it’s no bigger than a travel cot, and if anything much lighter, so we have taken this for a sleepover at a friend’s house as it is basically Marley’s bed so it means despite being in a different environment she can still maintain the same sleep set up, which I am convinced has meant we have dodged potential issues.

For parents wondering what happens if your child gets out of the Sleepyhead in the night, I can vouch that it won’t cause any issues. My daughter still wakes regularly for milk feeds, I have closely watched on the baby monitor to see how she climbs over the cushioned parts of the Sleepyhead, and worried whether the padded sides would provide her with that leverage to fling herself over the cot sides. To date none of the above have caused any issues –the softness of the padding combined with weight of a small baby in a standing position (despite being in a sleeping bag!) hardly provide any additional height and I am safely in the conclusion that if she were to fling herself over the side of the cot, she would be set for a career as an Olympic gymnast. Only when she is taller and much stronger will she be able to do so, and I think this will be the case whether there is or isn’t a Sleepyhead offering an extra couple of cm height!

As for movement in the night, because of the size being so vast, she has plenty of room to move yet the side ‘bumpers’ prevent her moving out thus acting as a bed guard.

On the rare occasions that she has woken, pulled herself to stand, then gone back to sleep on her own accord, I have noted that sometimes she has slept with her head propped on top of the cushion. However, I have come to the conclusion that as a baby nearing toddler age, she has the control to mange her own comfort levels and that if she felt it uncomfortable would naturally move to a more comfortable positioning.

For the crème de la crème of Sleepyhead Grand bliss, we have the Mrs Mighetto Grand Night Night Cover. There are a number of covers available from Sleepyhead, but this one is exclusive to the one and only Harrods, and I have to admit, it is a dream to look at!

The original white cover is fully machine washable so always comes up looking clean time and time again, but to accessorise it with this beautifully illustrated cover takes the Grand to another level. Inspired by a dreamy night sky above the clouds, it makes it a focal point not just on Marley’s bed, but also within the room and is giving me some inspiration for future bedroom themes.

The Sleepyhead Grand is available from John Lewis, Buggy Baby.co.uk and other good retailers from £180.00. The Sleepyhead Grand Transport Bag is priced £70 and Mrs Mighetto Cover is priced £90 from Harrods

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