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Having kids makes Brits more environmentally responsible

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Healthy Living
• Brits with children are 9% more likely to recycle cans than those without

• Almost a third (29%) of parents strongly agree that being a parent has made them more concerned about the environment

• 1 in 5 get their kids involved in home composting

Becoming a parent has a direct impact on how environmentally friendly your actions are, new research has revealed.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Gocompare.com Energy, found that parents are 5% more likely to recycle than adults without children are. This equates to 270,000 tonnes* of recyclable materials being saved from landfills by families each year.

Particularly, cans (+9%) and clothing (+7%) were highlighted as the things that parents are more likely to recycle. Day-to-day, parents are also more likely to live by a number of eco-friendly
actions. Local produce is something that mums and dads support highly (40%), while only one in three (34%) of those without children would choose to buy products that are locally sourced.

The top three tasks that parents are actively more likely to do than people without children are:
1. Buy local produce (+6%)

2. Recycle (+5%)

3. Turn off all plugs & switches when not in use (+4%)

Putting the heating on is one thing that parents seem to be letting slip, however; those without children are 5% more likely than parents to reach for the jumpers before warming up the radiators.

62% of parents ‘agree’ to ‘strongly agree’ with the statement that ‘being a parent has made me more concerned about the environment’ - a result that Jen Gale from mymakedoandmendlife.com can support: “If we carry on as we are, the planet that my kids will have to live on will be vastly different. I want my future generations
to have a safe and habitable planet to live on.” “Explain to your kids why being eco-friendly is important, and how your actions as a family really can make a difference.
Lead by example, get them involved, and give them a job. Most kids would love nothing more than to be ’energy monitor’ and have the chance to maybe tell their parents off if they leave a light on!”

Parents are also ensuring these environmentally friendly values are also being
passed down to their children; nearly two thirds (65%) of parents encourage their children to recycle, while a surprising number (19%) get their kids involved in home composting.

The table below outlines which daily activities parents encourage their children to undertake in order to live a more environmentally friendly life.

Recycle 65%
Turn lights off when they leave the room 63%
Turn off all plugs and switches when not in use 51%
Travel efficiently e.g. cycling and walking 30%
Avoid putting the heating on 27%
Buy local produce 25%
Home composting 19%
Collect and reuse rainwater 17%
Buy organic food 9%

Gocompare.com Energy’s Ben Wilson, said: “The next generations are vital in ensuring that the future of energy is an efficient one, so it’s great to see that the vast majority of parents are encouraging their children to live in an environmentally friendly way.”

“From this, we can hope to see more and more eco-friendly values passed down through families. In the meantime, our guide should help parents find ways to get their kids involved in activities that can help reduce energy consumption in a fun way.”

To read the guide on getting kids involved in fun and eco-friendly activities at home, head to http://www.gocompare.com/gas-and-electricity/future-proofing-families/

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