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Beaba Babycook

Beaba Babycook
Beaba Babycook
We are currently in the full throes of weaning. Marley is now eight months old and we are slowly moving away from the super blended purees to different textures and tastes.

I have been working with a mix of homemade DIY meals and shop-bought pouches, which is why it was a delight to test out this product.

The Beabab Babycook is a steamer and blender in one unit that assists in making baby food, or in our case steaming your Sunday veg for the whole family!

It’s a simple plug in and go once you get it out the box so 10/10 for construction. Once you’ve washed it, you just need to sterilise it, which is basically running a steam programme.

To use it, there’s a gauge ranging from 1-3 where you measure the water, pour it into the top and then push the button. The level of water you have inserted links to the time it will steam for and the guide book provides direction for different foods, however you get a good feel based on the food type whether it will need a shorter/longer time frame and common sense typically prevails.

We don’t own a steamer so I have previously boiled veg and watched over it pretty closely, whereas with this, I just press the button then can walk away for about 15 mins. There’s a flashing light and sound alarm once it’s done so I don’t need to stay too close.

If I want to blend the food, you then simply tip the food from the basket that sits within a larger plastic container, into the container and the blade at the bottom starts as soon as you press the pulsation button.

I really like that this then gives you the option to blend the food to your desired texture, best suited for baby.

In essence this is the Babycook – simple and easy! As much as I like the independence it affords me, my favourite element is the lack of mess. Instead of saucepans, hand blends/mashers and so on, I just throw the food into one little unit and it does it all for me. There is hardly no washing up and there are no fiddly little bits. It is small and compact on the work surface (I leave it out full time), but large enough for a decent amount of veg to be prepared as a batch load.

It is such a simple machine, one I wish I had had when I had baby no. 1, as it is just so effective, and the nice thing about steaming is that the nutrients from the food don’t escape or get boiled out so it’s a healthy way to cook. And the water that gathers at the bottom can be saved or used within the meal very easily as it has already collected separate to the food.

The Beaba Babycook is priced £119 from Jojo Maman Bebe. For more information, visit www.beaba.com/en

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