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Top 3 Parenting Struggles

Top 3 Parenting Struggles
A recent survey of 1000 parents commissioned by organic baby food brand Piccolo has revealed the top 3 struggles of parenthood.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, childbirth (39%) and teething (55%) were rated the most stressful, with weaning (29%) the third most difficult.

Almost half the parents surveyed thought difficulties in weaning their child was caused by them doing something wrong.

Half of parents give up on trying to feed their baby healthy meals and try to make life easier by caving to their children's unhealthy demands.

A whopping 75% of parents reckon they get ‘enough advice from their parents’, whilst over half (52%) would rather get advice from the internet, books and friends.

Infant nutrition specialist Alice Fotheringham said:

“Weaning can certainly be stressful for parents, however they shouldn’t beat themselves up. It’s important to remember that like adults, babies are individuals, with unique preferences and dislikes. We also shape our babies’ enjoyment of foods through repeated exposure. Certain foods, such as vegetables, which tend to have less sweet flavours, may take a few more times to be accepted. It can take up to twelve times to introduce a new flavour to your baby, so do not be put off re-introducing a food even if it has been rejected that third or fourth time.”

Cat Gazzoli, founder of organic baby food brand Piccolo said: “I am not surprised by the results; weaning is a daunting time for first time parents. It’s normal to worry your little one isn’t getting the right balance of nutrients. During my career, I have spoken to many parents about their anxiety about introducing solids, this has in fact been one of my biggest inspirations to create Piccolo. Our mission is to provide the right advice and guidance to get the perfect balance during the weaning phase.”

“We are passionate about expanding a child’s taste buds from day one. Our pouches have been inspired by my own family recipes and include a mixture of herbs and spices to introduce babies to truly delicious goodness from the very start!”

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