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Laura Loves Halfords Bikes

Laura Loves Halfords Bikes
Although winter isn’t exactly the time of year for an outdoor adventure, it is the season of gift giving and a bike is a fantastic present!

Halfords has really been working to establish itself as more than your average bike retailer. I know that some people, aka bike snobs, scoff at owning a Halfords bike, however for us non-competitive cyclists, they provide fantastic options and have launched some new ranges with Olympic cyclists who are clearly more than happy to put their name to the brand.

First up for little ones is the Wiggins Pau Balance Bike made in collaboration with one of our most successful Olympians, Bradley Wiggins. We’ve had our fair share of balance bikes and collecting this one from store, I think we were all excited to put it into action. The good thing is that the store fitted it and set it all up for us (this service is available for free!) so there was no waiting, and with it being a balance bike Noah was able to hop right on and go.
Wiggins Pau balance bike

The bike itself is super lightweight, handy for parents to carry as this ultimately ends up happening at some stage (and the carry handle is much appreciated!), and also provides focus for kids to be able to work on the balance element easier with a lighter load to control.

From an Olympic cyclist and major bike retailer you’d hope they would give some thought to children’s needs within the design and I really think they have – there’s a limiter on the handlebars that prevents the dreaded toppling when going downhill, the rear brake has been fitted in such a way that small feet cannot get trapped easily, and there’s a pinch-free brake lever. Style wise, this bike gets top marks. The brushed aluminium frame is a sleek silver hue with accents of black and red that gives it a simple yet smart design. The signature ‘Wiggins’ curved fork also adds to the unique design.

The Wiggins Pau Balance bike is a great starter bike for those aged from 2 years, it is ideal for building up confidence and ultimately progressing on to riding a bike without stabilisers.

The second bike we had to test was the Pendleton Ashbury Bike. Grace, aged five, has outgrown her ‘first’ bike so this is a good second option. It’s aimed at those from six years but we wanted to push Grace a little more and without stabilisers felt this would have the longevity and challenge she was ready for.

I absolutely fell in love with this bike; to me it was the perfect ‘big girls bike’. No tassels,
Pendleton Ashbury bike
baskets or baby carriers for the dolly, it’s a serious bike with clean, neat lines, style and charisma. In saying that it’s not what you may expect from Victoria Pendleton who is known for more competitive riding on aggressive high tech bikes, but the range is more classic girly style with contemporary inspiration.

Ultimately going from stabilisers to a 16” bike we had a number of challenges, from managing the increased size to the obvious stumbling block of riding two wheels! I won’t go on too much about the bumps, scrapes and coaxing other than to say we finally got there! The single speed bike is a good intermediary from junior bike as it has some of the features you need but nothing too advanced that will flummox a child.

The bike itself is beautifully made, the angles and chassis are perfect for my little girl and it’s not too heavy for Grace to manage. It’s a good all rounder that rides comfortably on your everyday terrains. The combination of a simple baby blue frame against the spotty accents of the mudguard and chainguard paired with leatheresque grips and accessories make it a stand-out elegant bike. I have to say I love this bike so much I am tempted to get myself one from the Pendleton adults range!

The Wiggins Pau bike is priced £100 and the Pendleton Asbury is £165 from www.halfords.com. It’s worth noting that Halfords do free fittings to save you the aches and pains of putting it together, plus a free six-week check!

Mum to two energetic toddlers and a new baby. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance!

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