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Top Tips for Drama Free Nappy Changing

Top Tips for Drama Free Nappy Changing
Don’t let nappy changing leave you feeling stressed or anxious – there’s really no right or wrong way as long as baby is clean, happy and changed at the end.

These are some easy points to remember to help you to feel more in control of ‘nappy duty’ – and when nothing seems to be going as planned – just remember, you’ve got this.

Your Guide to Drama-Free Nappy Changing;

1. Have everything ready before you start – from fresh nappies to wipes – chemical-free wipes are ideal if your baby has sensitive skin
Water Wipes dad changing nappy

2. Don’t be scared to ask a midwife in hospital to show you how to change a nappy, especially if you’ve never changed one before or are used to the opposite gender. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed, and by doing this, it will build your confidence! After all, practice makes perfect.

3. To help create a calm and positive environment during challenging nappy changes, talk to your baby and make eye contact. Studies have shown that even newborn babies feel assured by their mother’s voice, so this can help to sooth them during the nappy change. Even though your baby may not stop crying, try to remember crying is their way of communicating with you, it does not mean they’re upset with you.

4. If the nappy change is upsetting your baby, picking them up for cuddles half way through will just prolong the period they are upset for. Aim to get through the change as quickly as possible and once a dry nappy is on, pick them up for big cuddles.

5. As your baby grows, they will start to notice the world around them, which you can use to your advantage. Give them something to hold and play with as a distraction from the nappy changing.
Water Wipes Dad
Your baby can then relate the nappy change with something positive and you can undergo the process in record-timing.

6. No matter how hard you try to keep your baby clean, some clothes are just destined for the bin after a nappy explosion, and it’s usually the most expensive outfit! If you buy multipacks of basics, there is no need to worry if something can’t be saved.

7. Always remember, you’re not on your own! Don’t hesitate to ask any willing volunteers to help as some nappy changes can be complete disasters. If you are by yourself during an explosion, make sure baby is clean, dry and safe in a fresh nappy before anything else.
Lisa Clegg, Parenting Expert and Author of The Blissful Baby Expert and The Blissful Toddler Expert in association with WaterWipes

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