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Laura Loves the Quinny Moodd

Laura Loves the Quinny Moodd
My first ever pushchair, as a parent, was a Quinny Buzz.

I knew as soon as I was pregnant that that would be the pushchair I wanted, a fine three-wheeler that looked stylish and seemed pretty versatile. I wasnít wrong, it lasted me as long as I needed it and then a friend lovingly used it and still does to this day.

As for Quinny, they also moved on and a new kid hit the block, the Moodd. The Moodd is the cooler, edgier sibling to the Buzz Ė a much sleeker design with a lot of curb appeal. The Moodd fits quite nicely in the luxury pushchair market, somewhere I donít feel Quinny has previously entered so itís refreshing to see something new and quirky.

Design is very much at the forefront of this pushchair. Taking it out the box and assembling it is easy, however I stopped many times to look at the chassis and style that I hadnít appreciated previously. Iíve seen it from afar but was excited to really inspect all elements to this frame. Itís available in a wide variety of colourways Ė I opted for the white frame, itís a real distinguishable colour for a pushchair frame, and with the colours available to mix and match it to your preference, it can really pop and be a head turner.
Quinny Moodd grey

The real coup for me is the chair. Its super scooped egg seat is a chair that nestles the childís bottom into a round padded positioning. It is a little deceptive in that it looks smaller than it is, but popping three-year-old Noah in, it was fairly spacious with adequate room for growth. Itís reversible, reclines in each setting and has an adjustable footrest so is practical as well as stylish. The chairís canopy provides extended coverage, however it needs it because similarly to the Buzz I have found that the seat is quite exposed to the elements so it just provides a little additional protection.

The T-bar is an optional piece on the chair; aesthetically I think it looks great but isnít essential and wonít expose open points if you decide not to use it. Likewise the adjustable five point harness more than does its job so itís not a safety essential either, however it does add a further layer of protection, plus for older babies I have found that they like to hold it. Just be warned that it is not quite as handy as a full-length bumper bar for attaching toys. This pushchair has a better fold for me than the Buzz. It is smoother and easier and can be done one-handed once youíve got the knack, making life a bit easier. The automatic unfold has been replicated but this time with a stronger lock as I recall sometimes it would randomly unclip and try to unfold while in the boot of my car!

Iíve spoken a lot about the look and practicality highlighting its unique features and plus points but sometimes parents just want to know if it can take your child from A to B with ease and I can confirm thatís a big yes! To handle it, it has great manoeuvrability. Iíve always liked three-wheelers for their added ability to really hone in on turns and bends and this is great on your everyday terrains. It moves lightly on the ground and the 360-swivel wheels lock well for a good steer on rough terrains. If you do prefer four wheels, you can always purchase a separate piece to replace the front single wheel but I really donít think youíll need to consider it.

Quinny Moodd grey and white
Similarly to the Buzz, the Moodd adapts to be a travel system so you can utilise it with a Maxi Cosi car seat or carrycot, available as an extra that is suitable for newborns (along with the included seat piece in the lie back position.) There are a lot of Quinny extras to jazz up your Moodd, I donít think you really need them, especially at the price, but itís worth looking up the add-ons just in case something takes your fancy!

The downside for me is the weight; it is without doubt really heavy, although you donít feel this while in transit, so be prepared to use some muscle to transfer it in and out your car and picking it up etc. The basket is also a bit on the shallow side, and the front axis gets in the way a bit of being able to store anything too large underneath. Because it has a single-piece bar handle, a Buggy Buddy or similar product, can rectify this in allowing you to load up your shopping more efficiently.

I have loved trialling the Quinny Moodd, unashamedly it has overtaken my fondness for the Buzz. It features all the great features from the Buzz in a more stylish format. Itís worth keeping your eyes peeled for some of the limited edition prints and patterns in addition to the standard colours too.

Priced £600 from Mothercare. For more information and details, visit www.quinny.com.

Mum to two energetic toddlers and a new baby. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance!

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