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The Belly Bandit

The Belly Bandit
I am mum to two sets of twin boys!

My first pregnancy taught me a thing or two about what to expect of my body second time around (like just how unsettlingly squishy your stomach is once the squatter(s) have moved out) so I was excited to try Belly Bandit which claims to help shrink, tighten and control your post baby belly.

I'm all for appreciating the marvels of motherhood and it goes without saying that the little human(s) you grew are far more
Katy post twins
deserving of your attention than a tape measure, but somewhere between the biscuit tin and the treadmill is a healthy post baby body balance to be struck and caring for your baby while wearing a Belly Bandit seems liked a good place to start.

Unlike most of the oversized post partum treats that await you on your return from the hospital the Couture Black Lace Belly Bandit is rather stylish, as you would expect given that the print was designed by none other than Kourtney Kardashian.

The band of medical grade elastic can be adjusted (with Velcro) around the belly, waist and hips and, uncomfortable as binding your belly after abdominal surgery may sound, offers fantastically comfortable and reassuring support post c section- and can of course be worn after a vaginal delivery too.

The Belly Bandit
I had a slightly rocky recovery from my C Section so wasn't up and about and wearing the product immediately but, vanity aside, after a few post op weeks the Belly Bandit was a great reminder to tighten my core muscles and maintain good posture; especially important when you can't afford for your back to go from carrying babies around all day.

It also stopped me from breastfeeding in awkward positions; it was these benefits as much as the desire to return to a less wibbly wobbly version of myself that I most rated though as it happens I was lucky enough to wriggle back into my jeans within a couple of months, was this all credit to the Belly Bandit or a combination of that and life dashing around looking after the little twins and their big twin brothers? Probably a bit of both, but being reminded to have good posture while dashing around can only be a good thing.

Katy Walton - Mum to 5 year old twin boys and newborn twin boys

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