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Laura Loves - Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottles

Laura Loves - Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottles
As far as baby bottles go, they all provide milk for baby to suckle.

But the structure and make up of the bottle, and more importantly, the teat, can be very distinctive, which can make a real difference when it comes to feeding your baby. Having tried (and failed in some cases!) to mix breast and bottle feeding for my three children, I have again found myself in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the 'best' bottle to stick with. With anti-colic, anti-reflux, dual flow etc it's hard knowing where to start and that's before I even consider what to put in it!

I guess where I'm going with this is that there's no right or wrong bottle for a baby; it really is about finding what works for you. I was recently sent Chicco's new bottles, the NaturalFeeling range, to try out. The market is dominated by a select few bottle brands so I always like to test out the underdog to see how they compare. I really got on well with these.
Chicco NaturalFeeling Bottles

Opening the boxes they struck me as being akin to a breast with an off-centre nipple! Reading the leaflet, I discovered that the dome top and angled teat has been designed in this way to replicate a more natural feed, which seems to be the focus of design for the bottles.

The bottles are ever so simple to dismantle and clean, with an easy screw top and detachable teat. They're nice wide bottles, and pretty straight in shape, making it effortless to get your brush in to scrub the sides. Filling them up is easy too; clear markings make for little confusion, meaning you're good to go in next to no time. Once you pop them in baby's mouth, you can see the visible benefit, little one's head seems at a more comfortable angle, while allowing the teat to remain full. So no air is being sucked in, which reduces the chance of colic. This I can tell you from past experience, is a living nightmare!

I tried these bottles with the help of some obliging friends, one was a regular bottle feeder, another sole breastfed baby, a couple of mixed feeders and surprisingly to me, and their mums, all took to these bottles right away with relative ease. The babies all seemed to find their own position to nestle in to their parent while suckling, so thumbs up go for the flexibility in allowing babies to do this as some bottles put a strain on baby’s necks in order to get the best flow from the teat. They're a nice bottle to get a hold of when feeding baby - nice and chunky so you can give them a good grab and the arched middle means you can relax your hand in the ridge for comfort.

All in all it's a great bottle, practical and easy to use whilst providing some really good benefits to babies. The bottles come in a jazzy pale pink, baby blue or clear neutral design, and are available in 150ml and 250ml sizes with five teat flows - which I like as they provide one of the widest varieties of support, dependent on your baby's preference.

Available from Boots.com now priced at £6.50 for 150ml and £7.50 for 250ml. Multipacks are also available.


Mum to two energetic toddlers and a new baby. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance!

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