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A Birthday at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

A Birthday at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort
Eight is a tricky age for a lad. When planning his birthday party do you go shoot people with lasers, have a man with snakes turn up to your house or get a woman who can make rabbits disappear?

It’s made immediately more difficult if you live (as we do) in Brighton where competition amongst parents can often be more acute than that displayed by the Russian Athletics Federation. I’d like to say we’re immune to those sort of pressures and that our birthday parties revolve around home-made fairy cakes and lashings of recycled cardboard. Alas, no. We want a fantastic party for our eight year old son, and we want it now. Ergo…LEGOLAND.

We couldn’t take everyone from Harry’s class for obvious reasons but with a seven seater we could squeeze in three, plus Harry, plus mum
birthday fun at legoland
and dad and little sister Caitlin. Two adults/five children is a good ratio and as you move across the park there are always new, amazing things to see/do/ride on/touch/experience. Suffice to say that we arrived at 10.30am and left over nine hours later at 8.10pm and not once during the day did any of our charges complain. Florence said it was the ‘best day ever’ and there were more than a few ‘awesome’s bandied about. There was a moment, at 5.30, sitting down with some chicken rolls, where we thought we might get out by 6 when -BLAM!- we noticed Drench Towers and they were off again. This is a superb water park, replete with slides, waterfalls, water guns and a great deal of laughing! Got to say, the biggest disappointment for me was that I’d forgotten to bring my own costume!

So, what did we do? Being LEGOLAND it’s only right that it all starts
Lego dinosaur
with LEGO. And what LEGO! The Star Wars saga from I through to VI, including (and this is new) a monstrous Death Star guarded by Darth himself. Ok, I’m a fan of Star Wars but I think anyone would be hard pressed not to be blown away by the time and love that has gone into this. The kids were beside themselves.

From there, via the train, to the Pirate Falls Treasure Quest and the Vikings’ River Splash. These were amazing, and the new LEGOLAND app has a handy Queue Time section that is updated regularly and helped inform our choices. From there to Mini-land, a superbly-realised potted version of the world, across to the submarine journey on Atlantis Submarine Voyage and then L-Drivers to allow the kids to pass their driving test by driving LEGO cars. I like to think of myself as a good dad but the excitement on the five kids’ faces as they spotted rays and sharks and LEGO Nemos helped cement my standing in the father-who’s-giving-you-great-memories category. And then, just as the kids were starting to flag, we found ourselves at The LEGO 4D Movie Theatre and a thrilling adventure with LEGO’s latest band of brothers, the NEXO KNIGHTS!

Whilst the five of them ran around excitedly in Drench Towers Sarah
Star Wars Legoland
and I had time to sit down and look at the map, only to realised that we’d still only experienced a very small percentage of what is a humongous site. In all there are eleven theme parks, each with a variety of rides and experiences with its own temptations. To do the resort justice you’re probably looking at four full days, all of which means that there is little time or inclination to ever find yourself tired or bored. Ever!

Forget your snake-man, your magic-rabbit-woman and your lasers between your eyes; if you want your kids to have a superb day then look no further than Windsor. LEGOLAND is why eight year olds were made!
Dave Fouracre

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