The Father's Survival Guide to Mothers' Day

The Father's Survival Guide to Mothers' Day
So who doesnít struggle to find the perfect gift for their mother each and every Motherís Day?

Imagine how much harder it gets when you not only have to find an original gift for your mum but also for the mother of your children too?

Whether your safe bet is a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or a bottle of their favourite perfume, it is very easy to get stuck in your ways and become rather predictable in the present buying game. Plus, doesnít she deserve something a bit special for all those years of raising you or your kiddies?

During an 18 year period, a mother typically spends:

Bullet† 8,212 hours cooking

Bullet† 5,867 hours washing

Bullet† 15,834 hours child minding

Motherís Day stats

Bullet† £27.37 is the average amount spent on Motherís Day

Bullet† An average of 20% of mums with receive nothing on Motherís Day

Bullet† More than ⅓ of Brits say their mum is the most inspirational person in their life

Based on the above realities, consider thinking outside of the box. Maybe it doesn't need to be a present but just going the extra mile for them by planning a day our or a bit of quality time together. It doesn't have to be expensive or extraordinary just thoughtful and well planned.

Our infographic below will lend a helping hand to Fatherís (and sonís) in getting it right this Motherís Day, even if it is just a push in the right direction or a subtle hint! It is dedicated to making lives easier and winning brownie points with Mothers across the UK- you can thank us later!

The Fatherís Guide to Motherís Day

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