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Laura Loves the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep

Laura Loves the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep
When it comes to feeding your baby, itís such a personal choice.

With my first I felt a little disappointed that I mix fed for six months and then determined to do it Ďwellí with Noah seemed to set myself up for 13 months of feeding on demand which backfired tremendously when I had to return to work at nine months and then struggled to be the parent I wanted to be with toddler Grace at the time.

Therefore, with Baby 3 fast approaching I have adopted a very open approach to my planned approach for feeding. Wanting to take elements of my previous two experiences I am hoping to exclusively breastfeed and slowly introduce mix feeding when I feel the timing is right so therefore in my OCD for organisation I am armed and prepped up with the entire kit for bottle-feeding. My utility room has transformed into a baby-feeding haven of bottles, sterilisers, bottle warmer and my proudest addition, the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep.

The Perfect Prep machine is pitched as a machine that will make your babyís milk in two minutes from start to finish. This is quite a revolution as a parent that has previously struggled with the rules and safety guidelines when it comes to making up fresh milk. I still have nightmares of midnight feeds making up fresh powdered milk with boiling water then painstakingly waiting for it to cool down to the desired temperature.

So the big question is how does it work? You can use whichever formula you prefer so the nice thing is that you arenít tied into any specific brand, you just measure out the formula. The science behind the technology is that it features an in-built filter system which filters the water killing any harmful bacteria to baby. A shot of boiling water then kills any bacteria in the formula and helps with the dissolving process before it tops up to the set amount resulting in a bottle of milk ready to drink for baby.

Giving it a try I was really excited, this could just be the
lifesaver Iíve craved for so long! The machine can be used with any make and style of bottles so again you arenít tied in with the TT brand, which is good. As far as set up goes, itís fairly simple - step-by-step instructions with clear pictures walk you through the initial clean and then simple steps to work the machine. The main thing I would stress here is to really read and digest the instructions thoroughly to ensure you are confident in the process and your input of measuring and inserting the formula to your desired size.

We went through it a couple of times and then it was time to go. You simply choose your feed size, start the machine, manually add in your formula, return your bottle to the machine and then wait for it to complete the cycle. In an ideal world the powder insertion would be managed by the machine freeing you up to tend to your hungry baby while you are waiting but I am realistic, itís still amazing to end up with a bottle of perfect-temperature milk in such a short time frame.
black Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep
There is a bit of maintenance required. Similarly to a water filter, the filter does need changing roughly every three months or so, it will need descaling every now and again. You also need to remember to run the clean cycle periodically but itís all pretty low maintenance stuff, no more care to a general sterilisation mode than you would go through with your babyís toys and equipment.

Overall I love this machine! Itís one of those products that parents have been crying out for and I just know it is going to be such a time saver for me, especially when you just donít have time to pre-plan those spontaneous demanding hunger spurts. Better still I really like that the Perfect Prep comes in a super sleek black finish or the even newer funky bright post box red. I am not saying you can call it as sophisticated as a desirable Nespresso machine, but it doesnít look too far from a funky coffee machine proudly displayed on your kitchen countertops.

The Perfect Prep machine is priced £120 and is available from Babies R Us or Amazon.


Mum to two energetic toddlers with a third baby on the way. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance.

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