Laura Loves - Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original Soft

Laura Loves - Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original Soft
Once upon a time way back when we were doing the whole ‘baby thing’ for the very first time, I owned a Babybjorn Original carrier.

It was one of those random purchases I wasn’t really sure I would need or even want but I liked the look of it and I think I saw it on a ‘must have’ list some place or another!

Well it turned out that carrier was definitely a must have for me. I used it faithfully for my daughter and son then gave it away when they reached the painful weight for me to have to slog on my front. Big mistake! I’ve since tested and worn some other carriers but none have come close to my experience with this particular make and model so to my delight I was chuffed when Babybjorn reached out to me to ask if I would like to review the newer version of the Original, the Original Soft.

If you’ve read some of my reviews you will know I have tested and rated the Babybjorn One, a two-way carrier that extends the longevity of the holder, however the Original for me is where it is at!
Babybjorn Original Soft

The Original Carrier set the standard for baby carriers and slings and it could simply be because it’s the first I stumbled across. It’s an ergonomic simple carrier cleverly constructed of some bold strapping that does exactly as it says on the box – helps you to carry your baby.

It takes a little investment in piecing it together for the first time, and mastering the straps to find the ultimate comfort for your body shape and size balanced alongside the weight of your baby so be prepared for various tried and tested along with the recommended settings provided by Babybjorn. However once you’re set, you don’t need to alter the settings until your baby really grows significantly so it’s worth the initial investment in getting it right as there’s nothing worse than an Ill-fitting carrier.

The Original carrier is suitable for babies from birth with adjustable head support, and like many carriers on the market, promotes that closeness with babies that parents really treasure. For the first couple of months, they are recommended to be forward facing but once they’re older and a little stronger then they can be turned and face outwards which is quite appealing for alert babies that love to see and take in all of their surroundings.

What I loved, and still do appreciate, with this carrier is the even way the baby/child’s weight is distributed. It can be used up to 11kg, which is quite a weight, and ultimately anything of this size will pull on your body, but it is one of the most comfortable carriers for spreading the weight that is quite an unnatural occurrence on your body.
BabyBjorn Original Rosa

I appreciate parents come in all different shapes and sizes with their own ailments and bodily strengths so what works for one won’t necessarily tick the box for all but with the wide choice and flexibility of settings the Babybjorn Original is one that will provide a good range of options to try and meet your needs. My husband, friends and I all have had such a positive experience testing the Original Soft with different size/weighted children over these past couple of months so I feel confident in its ability.

Ease of use also gets a big thumbs up – it is so simple to pop in your child and it allows you the rare opportunity of time to get yourself set up prior to placing baby in so you aren’t having to fidget with the settings while you have them placed inside.

Comparing the new and updated Soft version, you’ll struggle to really pull apart too many differences. I think it’s based on the feedback that if something works then stick with it. The jersey fabric is definitely a lot softer and smoother for parent and baby; it’s incredibly plush and has a more luxurious feeling that adds to the feeling of comfort for your baby and providing them with extra cosiness while out and about.

Babybjorn have often ventured into territory of limited edition bold prints or neutral tones largely made up of blacks, whites and greys, but for this model there’s also the opportunity to grab a pink, blue or more of a unisex grey carrier which just adds a little more fun and life to the carrier.

I am overjoyed to see the Babybjorn Original given a new form of life with the Soft version and highly recommend it to parents on the lookout for a baby carrier that perhaps aren’t sure where to start.

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Mum to two energetic toddlers with a third baby on the way. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance!

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