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Laura Loves Wendy and Peter Pan

Laura Loves Wendy and Peter Pan
On the very rare occasion we manage to get to the theatre, I always leave wanting more. And this time was no exception.

Taking things to another level, Grace and I recently went to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon to see the latest production currently running - Wendy and Peter Pan. Wendy and Peter Pan is pitched as a family show, ideally I’d say for older toddlers and upwards, however Grace aged 4 sat beautifully throughout without any fuss which was down to the action-packed entertainment that kept her on the edge of her seat throughout.

Many parents will be familiar with the loveable characters and child-like nature of the original story and film, however this is more of a twist and new interpretation as the tale of Wendy and Peter Pan follows Wendy Darling and her brothers on her journey to Neverland to discover what has happened to their lost brother encountering Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Tink and other characters along the way. Ella Hickson’s interpretation is clever - it targets youngsters and adults alike with differing levels of a thought-provoking narrative that challenges young and old minds ensuring all ages are captivated from the opening scene.

Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s old stomping ground, features a striking theatre next to the river. The current theatre is the result of a major investment back in 2010 and produces some amazing productions. The theatre itself seats over 1,000 but has a surprisingly intimate feel and you struggle to get your head around the figure that it can hold.
Peter Pan and Wendy RSC
This in turn ensures you feel really engaged with the show and as the seats tend to go up as opposed to back, looking round I recalled that there really isn’t a ‘bad’ seat in the house.

Excitable Grace and I arrived for an evening performance early December, I was worried by the lack of children however sense should have said that an evening start of 7pm is probably not ideal for the majority of youngsters, particularly as it finished after 10pm however Grace was far too thrilled for sleep so it really felt like a treat for her! There are daytime performances too for choice.

The show is a fast paced story featuring an amazingly captivating small leading cast with stunning sets and a narrative, which as I mentioned, works on two very different levels. Grace giggled along, clapped and gasped along as the characters flew in the air, fireworks exploded and the ‘naughty’ characters crept onto stage; whereas I (in my pregnant state!) empathised with the main character, Wendy, as she struggled to accept her brother had died, and in reality provided the basis for the tearful side of the tale.

Unlike some of the more family friendly shows on a lower budget production, this has to be one of the top levels of family theatrical experiences. No expenses was spared when it came to the evolving sets that constantly changed as time went on, likewise the special effects were second to none and the costumes were amazing.

I often pause when opportunities like this arise – the expenses crossed with the unknown experience. When it comes to children it can be a gamble and the last thing you want is for a moaning
RSC Theatre Peter Pan
toddler to ruin it for others resulting in you having to leave, but I honestly think that all the elements of this magical production made this a gripping action-packed show that children would just find too hard to not focus on. That goes for the adults too.

Wendy and Peter Pan is currently playing at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon until 31 January 2016. Tickets start from £16. For further information and to book tickets, call 01789 403493 or visit www.rsc.org.uk


Mum to two energetic toddlers with a third baby on the way. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance!

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