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Laura Loves The Nuna Leaf Curv

Laura Loves The Nuna Leaf Curv
The Nuna Leaf Curv is a very different baby chair to anything else you could possibly find.

Itís a baby chair / baby swing distinctively shaped like a leaf that gently sways kinetically with a helping hand from a parent. While it looks the part itís worth noting that it isnít your all singing and dancing chair, the absence or music, toy bars and forced motion is something that adds to the appeal for me. It doesnít advertise itself as being too loud and is more of a muted design-led piece that will keep your baby at bay while you rush off to make that cuppa or jushttp://www.johnlewis.com/nuna-leaf-curv-rocker-cinder/p1163238t want to put your feet up and give your arms a break. The Nuna LEAF Curv is a special version of the popular Nuna Leaf chair and is exclusive to John Lewis. The ĎCurví element is a nod to the sleek base that has a unique curved shape adding a little more sass to its overall appearance.

To set it up, itís a case of clipping in the solid base to the seat piece and then youíre off. It doesnít have the different fiddly settings so there are no reclining/height features to mess with and no batteries/plugs to start fitting, so you are literally good to go. Testing it out with a friendís newborn baby, we found that the recline position was perfect, particularly as her son suffers from reflux; however another child aged six months was keener to sit more
Nuna Leaf Curv
upright and got fussy only when the swaying started to slow down.

A small push will ensure a couple of minuteís worth of swaying; a very gentile movement that simulates a falling leaf in the wind (very timely!) Itís quite mesmerising to watch as a parent and while the little testers were too young to feed back themselves I hoped that they had that same natural notion that allowed them to enjoy just taking in their surroundings and the natural quiet environment. Thereís also the option to lock the chair to prevent movement.

The chair will support from newborns right the way through to an amazing 60kg, so pretty much a big kid that is unheard of for other baby chairs. I have to admit, my toddlers were happy to take or leave it as a chair, itís nice for them to snuggle back in front of the TV with plenty of space, but I think itís something for when the mood takes them. Definitely a thumbs up for longevity.

The chair piece itself is very large, itís not too cocooned but the soft thick Velcro strapping will ensure theyíre kept in place without any worry of them falling. I really liked the softness, with an organic cotton insert made from an environmentally friendly OekoTex fabric, one of the snuggest Iíve come across. This can be carefully washed whole as well to keep it looking dribble free and at its best for longer.

Price wise, itís not the lower end of the market. At £170 it is one of the more expensive options. I think itís weighing up the pros and potential longevity with the initial outlay that is the deciding factor but for me I think it is a fabulous chair.

Priced £170 exclusively from John Lewis.


Mum to two energetic toddlers with a third baby on the way. Laura is a journalist and Mum and enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends, and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a grip of motherhood and maintaining a realistic life balance!

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